Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Colour blind.

Yes, you can still make these posters. Long may that site continue.

Late to the story on this one. It's one of such rage-inducing insanity that it's everywhere now. It has even stirred the slumbering Kynon. The general population? They are so brainwashed and controlled that they raise no objection at all.

I realise that the government isn't the government any more. It's just the local office of the EU. I realise that only the emasculated and the feeble have any chance of wielding 'power' because they will be more concerned with holding their positions than with holding the EU to account.

The Cleggeron Coagulation, before they officially melded into one party, were useless in opposition to Labour and the reason is obvious. They couldn't oppose anything. They are under the same masters as Labour and they are doing the same job. There was really nothing for them to oppose.

What I did not expect from an allegedly Tory government (maybe from the Yellow Peril, but not from the Blue B'stards) was such a blatant attempt to introduce a socialist technique so extreme that even the USSR didn't impose it on its serfs. They plan to take your pay cheque, deduct as much tax as they feel like and possibly give you what's left - if there is any. You won't get a payslip. Neither your employer nor you will know how much tax you've paid. You earn the money, the Coagulation takes the money, and they give you a few pennies pocket money so you can eat enough to give you the strength to work some more.

Socialism always fails because when you reach the point where everyone gets the same whether they try or not, there is no reason for anyone to try.

Forget all the 'left/right' garbage. They are all the same. The elite get rich, the serfs pay for it. We have not really progressed beyond feudalism, we have just given the surface a coat of paint. Instead of handing over tithes to a hereditary Lord, we now vote for the Lord. Nothing else has changed.

The 'equality' spouted by socialists is nothing of the kind. It is nothing more than rhetoric to hide the same old 'we are in charge, you plebs can have what we allow you to have' system of government that has been in place since Caesar. How can the Tiny Blur pretend to be a socialist? He amasses millions, is immune from arrest and if anyone tries to hold him to account, they are arrested. Equality?

The Toynbee spouts 'equality' from her holiday home in Tuscany. Does she allow the homeless to lodge there? Perhaps when she's not using it?

That true face of socialism, Diane Abbott, spouts 'equality' while sending her children to private school. The Labour party don't like her very much. She's no different to the rest of them, she just makes no effort to hide it. She is what Socialism is really like. All the time. She is the mirror they dare not look into.

They get rich, we get pocket money. Those who work hard get no more than those who don't work at all. It doesn't take long for that system to fail because it doesn't take long for everyone who is working to notice that those who are doing nothing get the same as them. Then the workers stop working. Then it all falls apart. Every time.

Well, perhaps if those workers didn't realise they were being used as slave labour, it might work. How to achieve this? One look at that payslip and they can see how much they are paying to the Socialist Gentry and the Anti-Elitist Elite. So, hide the payslips.

You work, and money appears in your bank account. You don't work, and money appears in your bank account. You pay taxes but you aren't going to have a fit of blind rage at the end of the month because you have no idea how much tax you've paid. You can't compare your payslip with your co-workers because nobody has one. The only way to find out what's happening is to compare bank statements. Nobody will be keen to share information so private.

So there you are, working away, imagining you're getting more in your bank account than Drooling Jim McSofa who hasn't so much as picked up his own mail from the front door in thirty years (the social worker brings it in on her monthly visits) while in reality, he's richer than you. He isn't paying his rent or council tax. You are.

This idea is pure Socialism. Oh, it will fail, it will be uncovered and the Mail will be full of commenters shouting 'It's me rights, innit' while the Grauniad will fill with horrified comments along the lines of 'Is that all we're taxing them? They still have two percent left!' In the meantime it will represent a level of population control that makes even the smoking ban and its associated vicious enforcers look like a little old lady going 'Tut'.

Remember, the Prime Monster is now allegedly Tory. The deputy Prime Monster is, well, I don't know what he is because I've never worked out what that party stands for other than ignoring the public and lining their pockets. Yet here we are, seeing policies more Socialist than the Brown Gorgon's.

Tiny Blur was never a Socialist. He was always the wide-boy used-car salesman he resembled. He didn't care about people, he cared about their money. The Brown Gorgon was a proper Socialist. he didn't care about people, he cared about their money. The Cleggeron Coagulation are the logical end point of this evolutionary process. They care only about money. They don't even pretend to care about people. People are there to generate money for them. They don't even mask it in fine words any more.

Blue, yellow, red. Mix them together and you get a filthy, sludgy brown. That will be the only rosette at the next election - vote for the Coagulation Party, there isn't anyone else. The old colours are gone in the name of Equality. You can't tell red from blue or yellow or green any more. And over this faecal-hued world will rise a circle of stars, one last gleam of colour before all the lights go out for good. Bow your head, citizen, do as you are told. Work eight hours, sleep eight hours, play eight hours. Big Brother will make the decisions for you. He knows best.

All this talk of dumbing down, of infantilising the population, of the Nanny state and the patronising attitude of the Great Righteous Ones has reached its conclusion.

They are going to give us pocket money.


Pugh said...

The story isn't true.

Sadly, it's yet another illustration that, under the Barclay Bros, the DT is attempting to become the broadsheet Daily Mail.

The problem lies with incorrect notices of coding, which the Telegraph article plays down. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of spreadsheets can knock up a basic payroll programme in 5 minutes, so the actual calculation isn't a problem.

The actual consultation paper on which the fairy story is based suggests a real time link between HMRC notices of coding on their databases and employers payroll programmes.

There are scare-mongers and sensationalists on both sides of the divide.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was about time I started posting again... ;-)

@Pugh - can you supply a link/copy of this consultation paper to substantiate what you are stating?

Incidentally, I agree about it being a piece of cake to set up a tax calculation spreadsheet - I've done that myself.

However, I object to the possibility of HMRC becoming effectively judge, jury, and executioner for individuals' income tax - since they can't even send out correct tax codings to millions of people, who's to say they'll get the amounts correct, and send out the right amount to anyone? Cynical - maybe. Realistic view - most definitely.

@Leggy - Tiny Blur is/was a very talented actor, with a pathological need to be liked by people - once said by someone to be just about capable of charming the knickers off a nun. If he'd married a Tory, then he'd have been leader of the Tories instead.

He's also a cunt.

Leg-iron said...

Pugh - I doubt it would ever be implemented but the mere existence of such a suggestion under a Tory-ish government is bizarre.

Besides, linking to notices of coding in real time won't help unless they get the codes right.

As you say, it's the tax codes that were wrong. Linking directly to them (presumably obviating the need to distribute the wrong code to people who might notice) won't solve the problem.

It might, however, hide it.

Leg-iron said...

Kynon - good to see your keyboard in action again.

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