Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Electrofag is spreading.

Dick Puddlecote has joined the digital age of smoking. Like Frank and myself, he hasn't abandoned tobacco but is experimenting with the new gadget that is Electrofag.

Some will try it and prefer it, some won't like it at all, some will go half-and-half and even nonsmokers can give it a go with the zero-nicotine options.

Oh, I can imagine the puckering of a million Righteous anuses (ani?) with that statement. I told it to someone once and was close enough to hear the annular muscle squeak.

With no nicotine, it's flavoured steam. If you have sinus problems, it's like a portable version of that bowl of hot water with Vicks in it that you lean over with a towel over your head. It is no different to vegetarian burgers and sausages - looks like the real thing but with none of the stuff you object to included. There is no smoke, there is nothing to 'cling to clothes and hair', there isn't even nicotine if you don't want it.

Currently you can try one cheap because TECC are closing down and selling everything at half price. If you have a Titan, get some stock in.

This closure is disturbing. Electrofags are on the rise. I still meet smokers who have never even heard of them. Word is spreading - they won't take all of our tobacco away but this new form of smoking is a new and interesting thing. It's completely harmless too, despite the pronouncements of the despicable Duncan Banningtime.

It's especially disturbing because TECC were the ones who sided with ASH against tobacco.

Have they been tipped off? There's something in the wind, and it smells like second hand steam.


PT Barnum said...

TECC say they're not closing down but consolidating three ecig businesses under one umbrella. Why that would mean offloading stock at barely cost price is a mystery, though.

I am Stan said...

Mmmm there not for me Leggy,

Inbetween chain smoking roll ups,tailor made`s at the weekend`s, Montecristo cigars and my "magic cheroots" I dont see where I can fit an electro thingy in.

Frank Davis said...


... the Latin plural of 'anus' is indeed 'ani'. However, as is the case with almost all Latin words that we use directly in English, it has been anglicized. Therefore, while the Latin plural of 'anus' is 'ani', the English plural of 'anus' is 'anuses'.

Fun fact: in Latin there are two 'anus' words, the first is 2nd dec. masc. and means "anus, rectum, ring". The other 'anus' is 4th dec. fem. and means "old woman, hag".

westcoast2 said...

A discussion on the demise of TECC here --> TECC Closing

Includes some comments by the owner of TECC and TW.

On TECC and ASH. The MHRA consultation document seemed to give no choice other than to back option 1/2 effectively medicalizing ejuice. This was because the 3rd option was very badly worded and gave the impression ejuice/e-cigs were not regulated at all. There is much discussion of the (flawed) MHRA consultation at UKVapers.

Since Option 3 (The status quo - regulation as a consumer product and covered by the poisons act) has been shown to be a viable option, there was a change of tack (from TW) and Option 3 was viagourously persued. TW have made many youtube videos explaining the position.

The MHRA have indicated that there will be an anouncement this month.

Rick S said...

I'm disturbed by the closure of TECC as well - it seems to be a sure sign that a ban is on the way.

After all, what's to be said in the favour of ecigs? They're pleasurable and fun (so that's right out), they allow smokers to enjoy being in the pub again (and we can't have that: smokers must be punished at all times), they don't benefit the pharmaceutical companies and, worst of all, using them looks like smoking, thereby "renormalising" the sight of smoking indoors.

As we know from Bloomberg, the new agenda is not so much to protect the cheeeeldren from SHS as to protect them from even seeing smokers and becoming corrupted - and of course they wouldn't be expected to be able to tell the difference between an ecig and a real one.

Pete said...

Bit of scaremongering going on here!

The owner of TECC (Jason Cropper) also owns Toatally Wicked and Totally Wicked USA. One of his founder co-directors (who ran TECC for him) has recentky resigned so he is consolidating - although both companies were his, they were separately branded hence the sale of stock. He has categorically stated that the closure has nothing to do with any impending legal decision but everything to do with his available time.

There's a forum:



Monty Cristo said...

They will be banned shortly. ASH will whip up a storm and and the Westminster ordure will respond with a jerk of the knee.
Of, course it will have nothing to do with the fact that they raise very little by way of duty.

Dave H. said...

(Just to help out: if I remember my O level Latin correctly, I'm pretty sure that the correct plural form of Anus is Parliament.)

Giolla said...

Shared an e-cig round with smoking friends at a BBQ the other week, went down really rather well. Gave one of them a 5 quid disposable job to try - they're now looking at e-cigs as an addition to their normal fags for when they can't have a proper smoke.

The first experiment in more recreational home produced flavours also went very well

Anonymous said...

The only thing that pisses me off with the e-fag is that the spineless publicans are still getting smokers in their pubs with these devices.
No smoker really prefers them to the 'real thing' and they are obviously not as satisfying.
The impact of the ban is lessened by these products and the full economic force of banning ALL smokers from pubs is not such an economical disaster. Resulting in the ban staying.

Leg-iron said...

Stan - they're not for everyone. i don't find the Titan tobacco flavour convincing although the Njoy one is pretty good. Then again, the Titan is the fun one, I use it to smoke coffee and absinthe.

At the moment you can try one for £12.50 - one battery, one atomiser, a small supply of juice and a USB charger for (I think) about the price of two packs of readymades. Now, it has to be worth a go just for a laugh.

As Dick Puddlecote said, it's not so much a smoking substitute as a whole new way to annoy the pompous.

That's why I'm buying more.

Leg-iron said...

Pete - not scaremongering, but genuine concern.

Electrofag has the potential to normalise the sight of smoking indoors, which is the only possible reason for the Righteous to oppose it so strongly. There are no health risks, no secondary anythings, no smell and nothing to attach to clothes or hair.

On the plus side, by banning it they admit to their Puritan agenda. There is no other reason.

On the minus side, if they do ban it, it makes the idea of smoking indoors harder to re-normalise.

Electrofag isn't just a new way of smoking, it could be a way to reveal the real reasons behind this ban. It was never about health.

Leg-iron said...

Giolla - you use zero-nicotine, right? Did anyone notice?

Leg-iron said...

Anon - no, they aren't. Hardened smokers won't look at Electrofag. Many publicans and many smokers don't even know it exists. It will not save the pubs.

There are pubs that will let me use Electrofag and there are those that don't. I no longer visit either. Sure, there were horrible-weather nights when I could sit inside with Electrofag but eventually I realised...

I like a smoke, a burning tobacco smoke, with my whisky at least once in a while. Electrofag is a substitute but in a pub I am paying premium prices and only have that substitute as an optional accompaniment. Those pubs who claim I am not supporting them now, did little to nothing to support me last winter.

Electrofag will not noticeably reduce the effect of the smoking ban on pubs. It can help us deal with slow public transport and delayed flights but if the pubs still want me to go out into the cold to smoke, well no thanks.

Even with Oily Al's minimum pricing, even if he makes it cost the same or more to drink at home than in the pub, he won't save the pubs.

He's missed the point. They all have.

It was nothing to do with the price.

Giolla said...

Leg-Iron: yep I use zero-nicotine and no one noticed, though to be fair we had been drinking for a while by then.

The disposable one I gave my friend to try wasn't zero-nicotine but one of these:

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