Saturday, 4 September 2010

Uh-oh, procrastination time.

I didn't get to watch that film last night. Fell asleep and woke up in my chair (again) with a neck that felt as if it had been broken then repaired by a committee made up of people with no necks, no experience of necks, and who had never even read a book about necks. I spent most of the morning looking like Dr. Frankenstein's assistant.

Tonight I need to work on a report that's worth a bundle, so it wasn't a good time to read (here and here) about a whole new video channel that, unlike YouTube, won't cave in and delete things because someone bleats 'Oh, I am offended'. EyeTube is going to cost me a lot of time. I suspect it'll be worth it.

In the brave new world of the Cleggeron Coagulation, which is looking more and more like the sad old world of the Brown Gorgon and still pretty similar to the mad old world of the Tiny Blur, we are not allowed to make jokes about things that are likely to upset some idiot somewhere. Since there are idiots who are upset by the sun rising in the morning, that means no jokes about anything, ever.

One day all the main political parties will coagulate into one. They're nearly there. Voting will be compulsory, we might have a choice of candidate but the only party represented on the form will be the Coagulation Party.

Their rosette colour will be grey.

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