Wednesday, 8 September 2010


There are some very, very nasty videos going around. Unfortunately they are not billed as fiction.

First there is a child who is wrapped for winter but insists 'adults are causing global warming'. Hey, kid, I don't have a Playstation or an iPhone or one of those little music box things. I don't have a car (which you will have, oh yes you will). I don't have an oil-guzzling Greenpeace ship either. I can grow vegetables and snare rabbits and swat a pigeon from the air. Can you? You want war, you revolting little piece of town trash, bring it on. You'll starve to death in a week if you don't freeze to death overnight.

The other is extremely nasty. Heed the warnings associated with it. It shows what those darlings of Labour, those preferred pets of Righteousness, are really capable of. Seriously, it is very unpleasant viewing indeed. It should not be viewed by children, nor by those of a nervous disposition and just for once I am not being flippant. Don't let children view it.

Except hoodie green kid, who has a right to know what the adults he threatens can do to him.


Barking Spider said...

Thanks for spreading the word, LI, people really need to see this.

Leg-iron said...

I'm still wondering if I needed to see it. Since I have so far taken a conciliatory tone with such people, perhaps I did.

The guy who pulled her dress into place to preserve her modesty while another dropped the brick... that is a whole new definition of 'moral' I have never seen before.

Leg-iron said...

And another thing. As a lover sf smoking, drinking and bacon sandwiches, these same people regard me as subhuman while filming a brutal murder on their mobiles so they can enjoy it later.

If I am subhuman, what are they? Come on Socialists, explain your preference.

Chris said...

First film: nasty and spiteful propaganda, but easy to dismiss as the work of the manipulative wankers who did the Barnardos and NSPCC ads.

Second film: downright F-ed up barbarism. Once upon a time we used to hang by the neck until dead men who did such things to women.

Indyanhat said...

Nice juxtaposition of pieces there LI, like your style!

Blog rolling you now!

Barking Spider said...

I hesitated for a while, before I could bring myself to watch it, LI, but now I'm glad that I decided to go ahead. Even animals are more civilised and trustworthy than these "people" - they disgust me.

The silence from the Lefties is deafening!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

To an extent, I'd agree with Chris. The shitty little hoodie in the first video is easy to put out of mind when you imagine how he'd cope if any of his propaganda did actually come to pass (tenner says he'll never find out, although I'd love to be wrong).

I've watched the second video once. And once it shall remain. No shrieks of "theeeeeeenk of the cheeeeeldren" from the Righteous there. Evidently it's OK for a mob of grown men to smash teenage girls' skulls into the dust with a breezeblock (and film it, and put it on the internet) after a good kicking/stoning, just so long as nobody ever smokes near them beforehand.

Fascist Hippy said...

This Iranian video will cheer you all up!

Loki said...

Fuck, that was bad. Really bad. No, really fucking bad. If this is their idea of morality we are all fucked.

Fuck. Fucking fuckedy fuck.


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