Monday, 27 September 2010

Not so funny for the Bunni.

Amusing Bunni, she who failed to appreciate the Socialist view of Barry O'Blimey's acolytes, has vanished.

I hear via Email that it started with her connection to a particular site (which I will not name since the site owner has no wish to make things worse for her, and neither do I) and then when she responded to a Twitter thingy that revealed her Email address. From there, the loonies found her house.

Now, my Email is in the sidebar. It is possible to trace me through that if you can get through the series of Emails that set it up. None of which have my address. So if you did trace me through that, you are not working as a swivel-eyed Socialist drone. You had help. Big help. Perhaps from someone who would ban you from their entire country for insulting them. Kim Jong-Il, perhaps.

Or Barry O'Blimey.

Amusing Bunni is scared because Barry O'Blimey's wild thugs are after her. One insult is enough for them to demand she lose her head. Behead those who insult O'Blimey! Freedom go to hell!

Sounding familiar?

And we wonder why the Socialists are so keen to accommodate radical Islam.

They are the same.

Good luck, Bunni, and be thankful you didn't post any cartoons. The Islamobamas would have exploded.


Barking Spider said...

Thanks for posting, Leggy, I'm really concerned now as I haven't heard from her since Friday.

JuliaM said...

"Amusing Bunni is scared because Barry O'Blimey's wild thugs are after her. One insult is enough for them to demand she lose her head."

They are going to be awfully busy, then. Most of those currently insulting the Obamassaiah are Democrats!

Indyanhat said...

Hell on a bike! LI, thats terrible news!!!

Bunni if you are reading this stay safe love and take care of yourself,you have given me many smiles and are a good friend to have out here in the blogosphere!

LI, if you have any tips on security that would be useful would you drop me an e.mail please mate.

This is a sad bit of news to wake up to this morning!

Unknown said...

Cyber terrorism at it's worse. Stay safe Bunni, you are in the hearts and minds of all decent libertarian bloggers.

microdave said...

I wondered if the O'Blimey connection was behind this - I can hardly imagine someone taking offense (note the US spelling) at pictures of fluffy pets.

A sad reflection of the world we live in, and I hope all works out well for her.

V4V said...

My Bunni lies over the ocean,
My Bunni lies over the sea,
Stay safe my dearest Bunni,
You'll always have a freind in me.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for quite a while (and many other blogs, as well). You, Frank Davis, and Dick Puddlecote are my first reads of the day.

I consider the better bloggers out there in cyberspace to be the G K Chestertons of our time.

You would be doing your readers in particular and society in general a great service if you could find a way to make your current and past ramblings easily downloadable.

I would hate the thought that this literature might be lost to posterity because some righteous asshole statistician determined that blog-reading increases the risk of cataracts by .0025%.

This is a serious suggestion/request!


hangemall said...

@Mesmer, try a programme called (I think) WinHTTrack. You can download whole websites with it.

PS I also am sad that Bunni has disappeared.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for posting this, we are all concerned for Bunnis' well-being.

p.s., Found you through 'Dazed & Confused'

Lawson said...

You're a good man Leg Iron. Well said and well put.

Bunni we miss you and your heart warming posts. We are all 100% behind you.

robot said...

Thanks for sharing this news. There are many of us concerned for Bunni's safety. Now I'm even more concerned. This is outrageous at the very least. Those SOB's need to pick on someone their own size. Freaking cowards.

Anonymous said...

"if you can get through the series of Emails that set it up. None of which have my address."
Any chance you can show me how , im about to publish something that maybe a bit raw for some people .


Opus #6 said...

Bunni has decided to take a break from blogging. That is the message she wants to send to her friends on the internet.

LL said...

Hang in there, Bunni.

You're a hero to the good guys.

David Davis said...

The bastards have been very thorough. There is nothing even in the Googlecache.

Someone should keep a list of these attacks.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that a lot of the American bloggers aren't as safety conscious as we Brits......Well.....Yet...... Pertaining to E-Mail addresses etc. but then again they haven't gone through a decade and more of Socialist interference, of every damned thing we do (and did)...

But U.S.A?.....It's a coming......

In fact, just as some of us told you it would. Perhaps you thought we were being over dramatic?

You'll learn!........Quickly one hopes....

Unknown said...

The more I hear about Bunni the madder I get. I have started writing about this on my laptop but because I have had a rum or two I'll wait till tomorrow to think whether I should blog about this or not.

Since I started blogging I have thought of the blogger community as a sort of family, yes, we dissagree to the nth degree sometimes but that is as far as it goes, threatening us just makes us more determined to route out the scum that pervades our society, and you scum know who you are, hell, we fucking know who you are, and we will not be cowed!

Bunnie is one of us, a libertarian that will not see the town of her birth, Chicago, go down the pan due to corrupt people in power, she will say her peice, is that so wounding that she should be hounded off the internet?

We bloggers have an idea who is doing this to you Bunni and we will not stand for it. You have your contacts but if you need to talk to me, despite what you know, I'm here for you bunni, just email me if you wish to chat just email me through the website, the address is on the right hand side of the blog.

Be safe and take care.


banned said...

Woodsterman reports a bunni sighting and that she is safe and well.

@Mesmer, go to "Page" on your toolbar, click 'save page as', simples.

Lawson said...

TBY, that is it in a nutshell.

It's something that the Dark Lords will never understand, a bond that can never be broken. Whilst they only exist to knife others in the back, searching for that which they can never enjoy or cherish, in a futile pursuit of power, we have forged a true community. Long may it last. Barry's is falling apart at the seams, faster even the the Gorgon's did.

Anonymous said...

I never read Bunni’s blog, mainly because being quite new to this computer lark I often don’t hear about the good ones until something like this crops up and then they’re gone!! So I don’t know what she posted about O’Blimey which so rattled the cages of the powers that be. But it must have been something which, no matter how innocuous-sounding, touched a raw nerve somewhere. She might not even have known herself how close to the mark she was. But there must be absolutely loads of bloggers who have criticised the New Messiah, just as previously I guess there were loads criticising the old one. So what did she say which got them so upset? Surely not just the usual “that policy won’t work” type comment?

Leg-iron said...

The Email chain is easy. Start with one you can set up without giving details (or at least, real details), use that one to set up another that requires 'validation' from an existing Email, and then another and so on.

The older ones can be left to deactivate. You only need the current one and the one before it (in case you ever need a password reminder).

The great thing about most free Email accounts is that they disappear if you don't use them. If someone else comes along later and takes the name, even better. It's like leaving a trail across a muddy field - easy to follow, as long as your trackers get there before the rugby team use the field for practice.

However, the things I do are more to play with Righteous minds than to hide. I'm not seriously hiding, I'm playing hide-and-seek. My real name has even appeared on this blog. For me, the hiding part is a game of Righteous mindfuckerry and it's a lot of fun.

I don't care if they find me. I know that the authorities already have. They have nothing to threaten me with. I can't be fired because my boss is me. I have never worked with children and never will. I have no employees of any race, creed, gender or sexual preference. There is one parking ticket in my past and that is it. No skeletons to de-closet, nothing to blackmail or bully me with, no way to silence me other than a visit to the woods. Even my penniless days are no secret, I documented them on the old blog.

I work for multiple companies, all over the place. To shut me down they would have to resort to worldwide libel. That could turn very profitable for me if they did.

There are no children here for them to steal. No car for random stops. No bank loans to call in. Threaten violence? I've experienced that before and have the missing teeth to prove it. I'm not going to curl up and just let them hit me. And I am not hampered by Queensbury rules. Send me thugs with piercings and guess what I'm going for first.

The only way to be Righteous-proof is to have nothing they can use. My turnover is too small to interest the taxman and my business expenses are low and well documented. If I don't have the receipt, it doesn't go on the form.

I haven't been audited yet but it will be a simple matter for them to do so. There is no claim for my home office at all, only the lab. No claim for internet or phone use. Nothing to find. Nothing even to argue about. The nature of my business means cash sales are impossible. It's all cheques and bank transfers and all documented.

Ever since my experiences in a soup kitchen, years ago, my life has been designed to frustrate the Righteous. Deliberately.

On the Internet, anonymity is futile. You can use proxy servers and all manner of hiding places but if a determined expert wants to find you, they will. No matter how anonymous you are, be careful about saying things that could make it worthwhile for the authorities to pay the really good internet wizards to seek you out. As for commenting on blogs as 'anonymous' - Sitemeter tells me your IP address, which country, and even which town you are in. It tells me which browser you use and who your ISP is. It tells me all kinds of things about your computer that I don't see any need to know. And I only have the free version.

The big boys would have had no trouble finding me - they just need to look at Iain Dale's lists to see who they need to watch - but that was the point. They see me and I see them, so the game is in the open.

Their little Righteous drones have a harder time of it because they are idiots, and I can't help goading idiots.

To them, I'm a book in a library and I'm laughing every time they pass my shelf.

I love this game.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leg-Iron and All, Bunni here.
Thanks for the concern. I"m ok for the time being.
I'm laying low until after the elections, and
I won't be writing critical politics anymore, these goons aren't playing, and I don't even know what I did to upset them.

I need a crash course in security stuff, as you brits have said, you've been dealing w/it longer than we have, and I know know it's serious stuff.
Thanks for the concern, of my real true friends (which is harder to discern every day, let me tell you)

Unknown said...

Hi Bunni, it's nice to see that you are safe and well. It goes beyond the pail that you are persecuted like this. All the percieved worries we abroad have about America and underhandedness seem to be borne out by what is happening to you.

What has happened in your case makes me seeth and want to buck against this type of tyranny!

You have done nothing wrong, said nothing that should cause you stress as a political commentator, fluffy bunni's and fluffy dogs and cats and all.

The world has gone mad!

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