Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's oh, so quiet...

Don't panic. You are not about to be subjected to a shrieking Icelandic elf with a voice that can shatter a tank. I wouldn't dare put up such a video. Bills for replacement speakers and tinnitis treatment would pour in.

It's dull season in the political world. Snowolf pretty much covers everything available in this post, while Subrosa has the Big Book of Blair Banality summed up with a couple of reviews. Despite B&D's insistence we all get fired up, there isn't much to get fired up about. Besides, the pomposity of government is currently muted because they haven't turned up to work for quite some time. They get paid holidays. I don't. If they worked for me they'd be signing on by now.

Tom Harris has experienced being unfairly labelled 'racist' but that has now happened so often and to so many people that there can be no response other than derisive laughter. Which the toothy clown has already done.

What else is there? I have endless material on the smoking ban because more appears every day, but politics is otherwise quiet. Even that young lad Clegg is quiet, he who believes that the smoking ban is a 'done deal' and we are all happy with it. I'm currently in a Lib Dem constituency and I will be putting considerable effort into changing that before the next election. I don't care if the BNP win the seat as long as the Lib Dems and rest of the one-party monstrosity are out.

Aside from that, I suppose we could talk about the weather. It's not an appealing subject. This is the first year I can remember having to turn on the heating in August. There has been little to no sunshine, lots of rain, ideal for slugs but lousy for veg. The excuses of the Climatologists are simply yawn-inducing now and they will no doubt still be telling us it's warming when we're catching the dog-sled to work. They have nothing interesting to say and anything they come up with can be countered by looking out of the window.

There are wasps, a topical one at this time of year as they seek out anything with sugar to keep themselves going. Next door have a wasp's nest in their attic and I know I shouldn't laugh. Nor should I have spilled that honey beside the fence. But well, accidents happen and the rain will eventually break through the plastic cover I put over it and wash it all away. Hey, I feed the birds too. I'm kind to animals. People, not so much.

It's not surprising that the blogs are quiet on politics at the moment. Things will liven up once the Coagulation get back to the business of making our lives hell and charging us for it.

Rab has closed down entirely, as has Mummylonglegs. They might be back, they might not. Only time will tell. Dioclese has retired to a Greek island and might come back with news of the Smoke Riots because unlike the British, the Greeks don't shrug and say 'Well, if that's the rules, that's the rules'.

There's always the police, who are increasingly looking more dangerously unpredictable to deal with than Hamish 'Stabber' McBastard and his gang, who resemble something you'd expect to see in an anthropological museum. They have part-time jobs modelling for Australopithecus exhibits. If you have a run-in with him, and you call the police, it could well become a choice as to whether you prefer to be beaten insensible with a broken bottle or a baton.

Not all police are like that, in fact most are just doing their jobs and doing it well, but the public's perception of such incidents is skewed by the news that they are 'suspended on full pay'. Anyone else behaving in that way would be summarily dismissed and taken off to chokey at once.

Well, I have taken a long time to conclude that there's not much to say. Now I'd better get back to work.

I might have nothing to say again later.


microdave said...

I swore blind I would never visit Gadgets blog again some time ago, but I forced myself to make an exception to see what he had to say about the deranged custody officer.

He was (surprisingly) apologetic, but one of his followers pointed out ideas that "Anyone else behaving in that way would be summarily dismissed and taken off to chokey at once" would be impossible in this day and age.

Although why it should take 2 years to come to court is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

LI. I'm worried. This is the second time you've posted early since the flood. What has come over you? Can't you sleep? Try later when your inspiration to rant returns.
Signed: Horrified to be twinned with Sandwell.

Leg-iron said...

Microdave - I gave up on Gadget when he defended arrest targets. I couldn't persuade him that the targets make the police dependent on crime, not the preventers of it. If there is no crime (which is the point of having police) then they can't make the targets. So they have to arrest someone for something by the end of the month.

That's why the smart drivers around here are all within the speed limit in the last week of the month. That's why there are mobile speed cameras everywhere in that last week. That's why, when the first of the month rolls around, everyone forgets about speed limits.

It's why the police ignore crimes that might take time to solve in favour of on-the-spot quick box-ticking arrests.

If there were no targets, the law might not be held in such utter contempt.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - yeah, sober too. Disgusting isn't it?

I'm better now. Work is complete for the moment so I can let both hairs down.

microdave said...

I gave up with Gadget after I made some rather critical remarks about a police operation. Not surprisingly I received a torrent of abuse. That was one thing, but when my attempt to reply to those abusers was simply "moderated" I realised the truth.

Dialogue?? - Yes, but only if it's favourable to his ears....

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