Thursday, 16 September 2010

Real talent.

I wish I had some like this.

on YouTube is Mrweebl, and whatever he smokes and drinks, I want some.

The line that cracked me up here was 'I know you've got a big heart, I've seen you wheel it around'.

Those are his more sane offerings. How much did he have to drink to come up with this one?

I have not delved into the real depths of this man's wonderful madness as yet. If you feel like exploring, try 'Owls', 'Scampi' and 'Crabs'.

Mrweebl, please tell us where you buy your booze and smokes.


Amusing Bunni said...

These are very funny! He must be smoking some really fine ciggies, Leg-Iron ;-)

joe said...

I have come across Japanese girl before,i found it just by chance.I won't go into detail what i was actualy searching for at the time?

Anyway he is certainly on another planet.Good stuff

Anonymous said...

Mister Stabby.

Nuff said.

Leg-iron said...

Fraser... if you were searching for Japanese cartoons we'd better say no more ;)

Anonymous said...

Try Amazing Horse...

joe said...

It was definatly cartoons,L.I.?

we'll say no more.

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