Sunday, 26 September 2010

Moribund Minor - not the people's choice.

The Battle of the Moribunds is over, so Ronnie and Reggie can get back to the family business of being Marxist and therefore more equal than the rest of us. The interesting thing is that they come from a family who fled exactly the kind of regime they want to set up here, and who, on arrival in the UK, immediately started rebuilding the horror they had escaped.

No wonder they're so friendly with radical Islam. Captain Hook can't be deported because if he went back to that regime he wants to set up here, they'd kill him. So he wants to make here the same as there, which means we'll then kill him and he can't escape back to there because they'll still kill him. Don't any of them ever see that?

However, Mr. Ed, the incredible talking horse's arse (oh what a gift, even better than the Brown Gorgon), wasn't the favourite of the MP part of the vote, nor the Party membership component of the vote. No, he is solely the choice of the Unions and all those inside the party know it.

All those outside know it too. So when the unions decide to strike all over the place, guess who their new frontman is?

It's Moribund the Strawb!

(The reference might be lost on younger readers, you sprightly young thirty-year-olds might need a refresher).

Yes indeed, even the Labour party members will know who to blame when their bins aren't collected and their dead are piled up alongside. Oh, that is going to sting. No matter what the party members want, no matter what the MPs want, the Unions have decided who's in charge of them now.

There is nothing they can do about it. There is no Labour party now, there is only the Union Puppet Party. Nothing else remains. No policy other than 'do what the Unions say', no future other than bleak Communist greyness, no aspiration permitted, no advancement allowed. A Toynbee dystopia is all they can offer the voters now. Oh, and a whole series of new bans.

It gets better. Moribund Minor won by the slimmest possible margin so at least half of the Labour party is disgruntled this evening. A split might even be on the cards. Certainly he will face leading a party that didn't want him in charge and who will, even now, be wondering why the Unions can override the wishes of party members and MPs. They will wonder why the talking horse's arse beat Bananaman even though they didn't vote for him. Interesting times lie ahead.

It's hard to resist bursting out laughing.

So I won't.


Anonymous said...

It made me laugh, talk about self inflicted injury.

JuliaM said...

"Certainly he will face leading a party that didn't want him in charge..."

He could ask the last guy for some tips on how to deal with that...

David Davis said...

Perhaps the "Labour Party" will break up, into "The Party" and the "Labour Part".

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Strawbs link LI, fair took me back. I was 21 in 73 and the world was a very different place in the eyes of a 21 year old.

Dave H said...

R4 is serialising the dying days of the last Labour leadership. The title for the series amusingly is:

'The Brown Years'

Somehow, now that the weirder-looking of the two VHF wavelengths has been elected, they're still up to their necks in Brown. Fortunately it's no longer our problem as well.

Pugh said...

He who pays the Piper...

Indyanhat said...

Trouble at'mill, methinks, I'm laughing too mate but worry that it's too soon to do so!!!

Anonymous said...

"even the Labour party members will know who to blame when their bins aren't collected and their dead are piled up alongside"

They had started already.

MPs urged to vote for total smoking ban
"Unions and public health officers are urging MPs to back a total ban on smoking in public places, including pubs and clubs.

The TUC has already called for a ban without exceptions."

Which is why the elderly and sick have to stand outside.


Matt said...

VOICE 1: "Good evening. This is a partly political broadcast from the new old Labour Party. Help! Help! Oh, God! We are doomed! Can nobody save us?"

VOICE 2: "Yes, Ed Miliband, the plaything, sorry of course I mean close confidante of the union leadership cabal, has been elected leader of our party."

VOICE 1: "I'll repeat my message of earlier: Help! Help! Oh, God! We are doomed! Can nobody save us?"

Anonymous said...

The glass can be half empty or half full...

Anonymous said...

I don't give a fuck which of the Adolphe brothers pass the winning post by a nose, they've all been in the political classes since they could suckle on a tit.

Never had a real job in their lives and never fucking will.

Fuck em all.

timbone said...

What can I say. Three things.

1. Under Neil Kinnock they managed to scrap Clause 4 (Union Block Voting system) but where there is a will there is a way.

2. At great risk I will say that a certain people are in the habit of escaping inhuman victimisation, then taking power elsewhere through inhuman victimisation.

3. The White Bear in Hounslow. 1969. Thursday night was Folk night, and the Strawbs appeared once a month. (I was 19). They added a piano, Rick Wakeman. He bought me a pint, will he remember?

4. Sorry, there is a no.4. The Strawbs first single was in 1970, "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus". It was about a guy in London called Jesus who got banned and victimised because of his name. The single was banned after complaints from the Salvation Army.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - glass half empty or half full?

In my mind, the glass is always too small.

Leg-iron said...

Indyanhat - too soon maybe, but let's laugh before it's too late.

Leg-iron said...

Timbone - it's odd, but if a Muslim names a child Muhammed, it's considered a compliment to the prophet. If a Christian names their child Jesus, it's considered an insult.

Except in South America where half the population seems to be called Jesus.

There's a lot of wine about too, oddly enough.

Anonymous said...

They're imploding already with milima's supporters calling foul and the spin in place that he might leave 'government' because his presence will cause continuing awkwardness for milimi.


Indyanhat said...

We can live in hope Jay!

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