Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Oh, right...

One thing I noticed on Amusing Bunni's blog, and others, was 'Rule 5', which involved pictures of attractive women for no reason other than 'Rule 5'.

Finally, I know what it means. Via the Mind-Numbed Robot, Rule 5 is to be found in the list of rules here.

And so, in compliance with the rules...

(Picture seduced from its hiding place here)

You know, I'm not sure I have the hang of this just yet. Should I set my sights a tad higher, do you think? Or should I stay realistic in my expectations? If I did that you'd get Bella Emberg pictures.

And I'd get depressed.

Hattie Jacques.... phwoar!


Gendeau said...

That's an old picture of Sarah Jessica Parker.

As the great, and missed, Frankie Boyle said, "She's either a very ugly woman, or a magical sea horse"

(or something like that)

microdave said...

"Should I set my sights a tad higher, do you think?" - Definitely!

Shania Twain on mindnumbedrobot's site is well fit (as da yooof would say these days).

I can dream, can't I??

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


Wot about us girlies? Aren't we allowed a glimpse of some bright boys pecks?

wv: brons

Well, there ya go.

robot said...

Heh, thanks much for the mighty linkage! Frau Blucher is um, shall we say, "anti" Rule 5 to some of us. Although I did hear once that Cloris Leachman used to be a beauty queen.
Wait. Ok, here you go...

Nice place you've got here. Thanks again for the link!
If you want to be included in T.O.M.'s Sunday Rule 5 roundup, I believe it is customary to link to the Rule 5 rules in the post and to email Smitty the link.

Leg-iron said...

Frau Blucher - all woman and part man too.

And she frightens the horses. What more could anyone ask?

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