Monday, 13 September 2010

Comment meddling

I hadn't realised that Blogger had an automatic spam filter for comments. It puts them in a little folder. When I checked, there were non-spam comments in there but no spam ones. So it doesn't work very well.

Those comments have now been released onto the blog. Sorry about that. Now I know where it is, I'll check in there more often.

I have moderation on for older posts, which I am not too efficient at monitoring either. So some comments have been released into the wild from there too.

One day I'll get the hang of this.


Petr said...

Welcome back, LI
But when are you going to post your holiday snaps?

Captain Ranty said...

Welcome back from moi auch, LI.

I just found the same spamtab at my gaff and released a few comments.

They looked no different to the others that got through the net though.

A mystery wrapped up in a puzzle...


Leg-iron said...

Petr - there are a few up now.

CR - it's weird, the moderation on old posts caught a few spam comments but the spam filter caught none.

I'm looking for a way to turn that thing off.

The Grim Reaper said...

Better solution - ditch Blogger comments altogether.

Try the Intense Debate system, for example. Much, much better at catching out spam and stuff.

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