Friday, 12 February 2010

True Face of the Gorgon.

You might not want to look.

It's not pretty.

The more you look, the worse it gets. Our leader seems to have been taught politics by Alan B'Stard.

(Going offline for a few hours. Have to get something finished and no, it's not a bottle.)


Anonymous said...

You need to call for voting fraud or Alien intervention if the British people re-elect this ‘man’…

Dungeekin said...

Thanks for the link.


Cynarae said...

Is it Herself?

Dave H said...

At least B'stard was fully aware of his own nature.

Brown is horrifyingly convinced he's on the side of the angels.

Gareth said...

Brown has used his children as props since he started having them.

He even allowed Tom Watson to use them when the failed putsch against Blair fell apart.

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