Friday, 12 February 2010

Banning Naughtiness.

I never visit sex shops or lapdancing clubs or nightclubs. Their existence does not offend me. I pay them no more heed than lingerie shops or ornament shops or any other shops that stock stuff I don't want to buy. Other people want to buy the stuff they sell, which is why those shops are still open. I don't want to buy it, so I don't go in. It's a simple solution and it works for me. I can't see any point in watching what other people buy. It's not affecting me at all. Unless they buy bullets with 'Leg-iron' written on them, I'm not going to worry about it.

Many people, it seems, take an awful lot of interest in what other people buy. Rather than simply passing shops that sell stuff they don't want, they feel the need to be outraged and offended and complain and bleat until they manage to close a premises they never had any intention of entering. Just for spite. Spite causes high blood pressure, you know.

I would never enter a shop selling legal highs and funny drug-smoking pipes because I don't want any of that. It is, however, perfectly legal to sell the things they sell and perfectly legal to buy them. So it's no concern of mine, I simply don't go in the shop. One such shop has opened near Rab's castle and the professionally offended are out in force. The idea of 'just pass it by and don't buy what you don't want to buy' seems not to occur to them. The council and the police have announced their intention to harass this legal business until it is destroyed. For the cheeeldren - who wouldn't be served in there even if they went in, because much of the stuff is age restricted and the shopkeepers know that there are those who would just love to use the cheeeldren as an excuse to shut them down.

Lapdancing is considered a bit naughty, just like those head shops. It happens behind closed doors. The only way you'll ever see it in action is to go inside. Therefore it can't offend anyone other than those who go there specifically to be offended. Oh, and those who are so highly professional at being offended that they have no need to go inside. They can be offended without even seeing or hearing the offensive thing. Without even meeting anyone who has seen or heard the offensive thing. The name of the offensive thing is all they need.

Letters from a Tory describes the latest move to shut down lapdancing clubs unless they pay protection money to the councils. The Krays had a racket like that. The cost of the protection will go up every year because the council gangsters will also be needling local people into constant complaints about the invisible offensive thing. They will then bow to this manufactured public pressure to increase the protection money until the club goes out of business.

They will then move on to the next offensive thing. One nobody has noticed yet.

I have no idea whether there's a lapdancing club near me and I don't care. I know there's a shop selling bongs, but I don't care because I don't want one. The reason I know about the bongs is because the shop sells cheap rolling papers, which I do want. It also sells a lot of stuff of interest to non-smokers as well as smokers, such as low-priced tools, kitchen stuff, general household gubbins, paint, etc. It's just like those old general stores from the Wild West.

If you don't want it, don't buy it. It's not complicated. If you spend all your time worrying about what other people want to buy and how other people live their lives, you will die faster than a smoker with a serious Buckfast habit.

Constant stress causes heart disease and cancer. Leave everyone else alone and you'll feel better and live longer.

Some people like the naughty stuff. It's not compulsory to join in. Just pass it by.


Pingu in Portugal said...

hehe, the word verification is myron. I was about to call the over-offened morons, i shall now be calling them myrons. They can get offended at that.

These myrons would probably get offended at shop and its management if their hop was graffitied on.

"They should have stopped vandals from graffitiing the shop in the first place"

These people are the Margo Leadbetter's from The Good Life.

Silly myrons are gonna get cancer.

watching said...

Britain has become a nation of Mary Whitehouse's thanks entirely to NuLbour policies.
Anyone would think it was deliberate!

J said...

My father is a councillor somewhere in London and as soon as a old pub that had shut down was sold to some people that wanted to turn it into a lapdancing club there was an uproar. Only from women. The women in the council wanted it banned too. A textbook knee jerk reaction. When questioned, the only real answer they could come up with was that it would bring the wrong sort of people into the area or that the kind of (degenerate) men who would go to such a house of low morals are the kind that like to place rubbish in people's front gardens.

Stewart Cowan said...

I think there's more to it than that. We were due to get one of New Labour's regional casinos. It would have brought jobs to what is a bit of an unemployment black spot, however, the majority is against it because of the impact it will have on society as a whole, e.g. an increase in problem gamblers and hence crime and family breakdown.

One scenario that comes to mind, especially for a small town like this, is if sex shops and lap-dancing clubs started opening then you'd be getting all the perverts from miles around coming into town and maybe fancying a bit more than what had a price tag attached, if you get my drift.

Rob said...

20 years ago the Righteous would have been overwhelmingly against those who opposed this shop.

Now they have completely flipped and are supporting those who oppose it.

Righteous opinion swings between extremes every generation - Prohibition in the thirties, extreme license in the sixties, Prohibition thirty years later.

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