Friday, 19 February 2010


Tomorrow night is smoky-drinky night, which is why tonight is another statistics-and-report night. No real drinking again. I only have a half bottle of Glenfiddich 12-year-old just to oil the cogs. The other half bottle is downstairs (Morrisons have the half-bottles on sale so two half-bottles are £6 cheaper than one whole one).

As I've mentioned in the past, one of the smoky-drinkers is the grandfather of a completely non-abused child with several congenital flaws and a mother who, while a calm and pleasant enough woman, could most kindly be described as 'not Professorial material'. This child has been taken by the SS.

Having read this, and having followed it up through several other sources since, the following dilemma presents itself.

Do I tell him about this stuff? Do I load those videos onto my laptop and take it along? Or do I keep silent?

We are, after all, in Aberdeenshire. And if I did tell him, there's not a hell of a lot he could really do other than lose a lot of sleep.


Captain Ranty said...

It's a tough one Leggy.

I say tell the man the truth and shame the devil.

If he doesn't find out from you, his friend, some other sap may not be able to help him through it.

My 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Somewhat off the current topic: The Righteous are on the move in my area.

This was on the front page of the Telegraph today, too. Immediately upon reading it, I wondered what the parents could have done to attract Righteous attention. 1% outside the norm? That can just be attributed to puppy fat, she's five for God's sake.

Look at the diseases mentioned. Heart disease. Cancer. High blood pressure.

I bet you cash money that one or both of the parents a) likes the occasional puff or a tipple and b) has done something to piss off the Righteous. Now, because they have not Obeyed the Edict given to them, I am sure that they will be paid a few visits. Just to make sure that everything is okay at home, you understand.
For the sake of the cheeeldren.

PT Barnum said...

Read Anna Raccoon's blog piece on the same story and you'll be left with another dilemma: how much of the story that OH gives is smoke, mirrors and politicking (not by him, I hasten to add).

Evidence, rather than conspiracy mongering, suggests that there is much less to the story than meets the eye, although what is there is plenty vile enough, it's "domestic" rather than "externally organised" abuse.

subrosa said...

Difficult one LI. Has he been through the councillor/MSP/MP process? What was the result?

I'd keep this from him, after all it hasn't been verified and I think rather hyped. It will only upset him more.

It would be better if he goes through the usual channels and keeps all replies. Hopefully he's emailing or writing and not phoning when he won't have a record.

My pal Anna does have a good post on this. She's very qualified in this type of case.

RantinRab said...

Keep shopping at Morrisons Leggy. Hoping for a decent bonus next month!

Anonymous said...

@ subrosa, i read acs blog and to me it seemed she suggests that six year old girls with downs syndrome are highly sexed, i can't compute that insinuation with someone who professes being qualified unless its the typical bigoted type of qualification that has no use and is positiivlly harmful to the clients such people profess to care or have cared for. i should actually go and post this on her site but i know she locks out comments she doesn't like, especially ones that don't make her look holy i think.
well, she's well within that right but it means i'm abusing someones else's blog now to say what i thought when i read her utter shit. which isn't right either.

well,whatever, i didn't actually open the comments box to write any of that but it's turned out like that, sorry legiron.

Junican said...

I would say nothing, LI, because the reports from Scotland may or may not be true and, in any case, do not necessarily transfer to other places. You also do not necessarily know all the facts regarding the situation that your friend describes. The best advice that you can give your friend is to play the situation long term (meaning a few months, perhaps).
I assume that he is willing to take care of the child himself. He should maybe write to the SS by recorded delivery asking them to release the child to him – and, of course, keep a copy and ensure that other people (like you) know what he has done. He should not expect any immediate result. He should keep pressing gentlely.

I can't believe that you've doubled your drinking said...

I'm sure for official stats purposes you are now admitting to drinking two bottles instead of one.

As it suits their stats, I'm sure the fact that they're half the size won't be bothered with.

Best of luck to your mate. I'd prefer to know the truth, but that doesn't mean he'd be able to handle it.

You're his friend, this decision comes with the territory, I'm afraid. I think it's in good hands

The Kusabi said...

@ PT Barnam

Or you could say Anna's blog itself is an attempt at smoke and mirrors, you'll find that several commentators (including myself) have raised the point that the police didn't bother to interview all of the alleged abuse victims which she blithely ignores as it doesn't suit her 'smear Robert Green' agenda.

An agenda which is understandable in a certain way, imagine if you became aware of the possibility that high-up authority figures were abusing children, and were very possibly even committing murder to cover their tracks. I imagine the very thought of standing up for any of those abuse victims, with all the consequences you might face, would scare the shit out of you.

It's much more comfortable, isn't it, to decry anyone with more courage than yourself as a crank and a nut, comfortable yes but also the most disgusting cowardice. Such as Anna is displaying in her blog.

Amusing Bunni said...

THis is a dilemma, Leg Iron.
I would tend to be with the group that says, just wait, he'll be very upset, and if it isn't official yet, you might jeopardize the friendship. Let us know what you decided.

Leg-iron said...

Smoky Drinky time and therefore decision time.

I have decided to keep silent for tonight. It's not something that should be brought up in smoky-drinky company.

Junican - he would be happy to take care of his grandson but he has arthritis. Some days he can barely move so looking after a two-year-old who needs more attention than average isn't a viable option for him.

PT Barnum said...

@ The Kusabi

"Several commentators (including myself) have raised the point that the police didn't bother to interview all of the alleged abuse victims which she blithely ignores as it doesn't suit her 'smear Robert Green' agenda."

So, in other words, no one knows the truth?

If you think I'm someone who refuses to believe in such activities as you describe, you'd be entirely wrong. But there is such opacity and vested interest competing here that none of us who were not there can possibly know. Leaping one way or the other on the basis of hearsay, rumour and grinding axes is foolish as well as not likely to be in the interests of the (now) young woman. Will this bring her justice? Or merely render her a pawn in yet other adults' games?

The Kusabi said...

@ PT Barnum

Maybe if the police HAD spoken to some of the other victims they would know MORE about what was going on.

There's definitely a vested interest in keeping Green silenced...what could you possibly mean by the supposed 'vested interest' of Green or Hollie Greig herself? That their interest in having the truth come out is somehow disreputable?

Again, it's obvious that you and Anna are far more comfortable attacking those whom you've identified as being the most vulnerable, least powerful parties in this situation (which might just be your sole motive in commenting on it at all). Which makes you disgusting human beings.

Leg-iron said...

Kusabi - I read the Anna Raccoon viewpoint. It's not a viewpoint I agree with but based on the limited information available, it is a valid alternative view.

It is possible that the Green bloke is hyping it up. Then again, I've seen recordings of his talks and this isn't an isolated case, not by a long way. There are many other similar cases he has not been involved with. There is also my personal knowledge of the stolen child who was taken for no valid reason.

If Green is making it up, why the injunctions, yet no attempt at a libel case, in a country where the 'libelled' usually win? Doesn't seem right.

Currently I think Green is on the level. However, I have to accept the possibility he could be wrong, even if that possibility is less than one percent.

So the Raccoon's point must be taken into consideration along with all of the evidence, because that view cannot be utterly disproved.

I don't do 'black and white'. Few things fit that description. Most are shades of grey.

This one is veering towards the nastier end of the scale.

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