Sunday, 28 February 2010

Other people's stuff.

Not much from me tonight. I hope to have this report in the post before Tuesday when the next one starts. If I can. I'll only be two behind and this one earns enough that I won't need more income in this tax year so I can hold back some bills. Sure, I could put the excess into my remaining ISA allowance but, one percent interest or twenty percent tax plus NI... it's not a difficult sum.

Next year's income will also be restrained to the bare minimum and that will continue until we get a government with a brain. I am not working harder than necessary just to have it snatched away. I have absolutely no incentive to earn a penny more than I actually need and if that means the cure for the diseases I am working on is delayed, well tough. The stuff I'm working with now can already reduce Campylobacter in poultry guts and could, potentially, remove it completely without using any antibiotics. If the government really want that, and the Clostridium difficile cure and the Salmonella eradication program in any kind of hurry, give me a bloody reason.

So tonight I'm report-writing, the last one that's going out in this tax year, and I've been invited to send a short story to an anthology too, therefore I don't have time to rant this evening.

I commend to the reading eye these, from a quick blog-browse;

Old Holborn has a 'donate' button to help pay the fines imposed on Nick Hogan, the landlord jailed for allowing people to engage in a legal activity within his private premises. I have just received payment for an article in an online mag, it's not a fortune but it's getting donated.

Obnoxio makes a very good case for not voting Conservative. I won't vote Labour to keep them out but that's not a problem for me. The biggest challengers here would be SNP and while it might cause physical sickness and severe emotional distress, I might consider it. Although I'd rather there was a party that wasn't just the same as Labour.

If you're still thinking of voting Labour, why not vote BNP instead? There doesn't seem to be much of a difference any more. Well, there's one difference. The BNP aren't cowardly about expressing their intentions. Labour have deliberately flooded the country with immigrants and are now blaming them for the country's problems. If anything, that's worse than the BNP's proposals. At least they don't propose to import people to blame.

As to which of the variations of authoritarian socialism are likely to win the next election, it's getting to the coin-toss stage now. The Snowolf is impressed by the complete and utter failure of either Tories or Lib Dems to sound better than the current bunch of deranged misfits.

An entertaining video series on Captain Ranty goes some way to explaining how the people of this country - and others - have been turned into drones. It might also explain why few of them understand what is happening to their country. A country where we are all so mistrusted that anyone wanting a bit of canine companionship will need a dog driving licence. Watch out for packs of abandoned dogs when the owners find out how much it will cost.

Finally, a bit of good news.

Iceland is selling 22 units of cider for £2.75. There's one just down the road. I think I'll visit tomorrow. It might be crap cider but at that price for three litres it's worth a try. As the commenters say, just because it's a weeks' allowance in one bottle doesn't mean you are obliged to drink it all at once.

I certainly won't. Three litres? I'd need to fit a catheter to get any sleep at all.

Normal service will be resumed once the report is done.


View from the Solent said...

Cheapo cider? Add orange juice.

Anonymous said...

Nick Hogan goes to jail, while smoking is caught on video at the Palace of Westminster - no censure. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the government is losing humongous amounts of tax by more and more people just shrugging their shoulders and refusing to earn wages beyond the tax threshold, particularly the self-employed.

Nothing they can do about it? I bet it's only a matter of time before they try. Google "imputed income". So far I only ever heard about this in divorce cases, but as we all know, if they can do this for one reason today, there'll be three reasons tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Iceland cider has it anything to do with this?

オテモヤン said...
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Leg-iron said...

That last one was a sex-site spammer. I hope I'm not going to have to join Obo and put the moderation on.

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