Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mrs. T and the Daleks.

Girls can't resist a blue-eyed boy.

Picture timeshifted from - bizarrely enough - here.

I was a big fan of Dr. Who. The grumpy, self-interested first Doc played by William Hartnell has never been surpassed although the earlier versions, Patrick Troughton, Worzel Gummidge (who also played Jon Pertwee when not busy with his own show) and Grinning Tom Baker were pretty good. Somewhere after that was a fuzzy-haired git who tried the William Hartnell approach but just came over as pompous.

Oh, and that bloke who played a vet and looked a bit like Tim Brooke-Taylor but who wasn't in the Goodies.

Then there was Sylveste McCoy. About then, I gave up on the show. It was just getting silly. It wasn't that McCoy was particularly bad - the fuzzy-haired one was far worse - but the stories were just pointless and uninteresting. I didn't know why at the time, but it's all coming out now.

The BBC turned it into a party political broadcast for the Labour party.

That's why it dropped into the depths of dullness, and that's why the show went off the air for so long. It was Touched by the Socialists and turned into a propaganda machine. All imagination was eradicated in order to get the message across. It was no longer light entertainment, it was deep and miserable socialist claptrap with the sole aim of attacking Mrs. T and presumably of installing Davros in her place. Which has, at last, come to pass with the elevation to King of the Drones of the one-eyed old freak, but without the cool chair. So the BBC could let the show get back to real monsters (with only occasional duff storylines) at last.

If anything really good suddenly and inexplicably becomes dreary and worthless, look for the socialist behind the scenes. They cannot resist twisting everything to suit their agenda. They even hijacked a kids' programme to make snide remarks about the government of the day, and destroyed it in the process. Everything they touch turns to crap. There are some things that are just not supposed to be political at all.

They are the only ones who can't see it.

(I still want that Davros chair. I'll have to get a mobility cart and modify it.)


View from the Solent said...

You'd better not read this then.

Anonymous said...

I remember the old joke from then: Whats the difference betwen Davros and Mrs Thatcher? One's an evil megalomaniac with a claw for a hand and the other one is a fictional character.


Angry Exile said...

It wasn't that McCoy was particularly bad... but the stories were just pointless and uninteresting.

For me it was that Sylvester McCoy was particularly bad and the stories were pointless and uninteresting.

Leg-iron said...

View from the Solent, I picked up a Beano a few years back to reminisce. The rot was well advanced even at that stage. I'm surprised any kids are still bothering with it.

Anon - Fictional character? Davros? He drinks in our local along with his new breed of Daleks who are cunningly disguised as little old ladies on go-karts. They're still deadly. Some still carry sink plungers but most have moved on to prodding people with umbrellas.

Angry Exile - McCoy didn't get much of a chance with me. I think I gave up after two shows. The article makes clear that it was his own fault. He was involved in politicising the show.

labour luvvies at the beeb said...

I used to watch Newsnight Review ( yes sorry) but it's now just 5 Labour luvvies slagging off anything British or anything that celebrates our culture.
This weeks was the worst so far. They don't even attempt to hide their blatant bias...

PT Barnum said...

@ Labour Luvvies

I gradually realised that the edition of Newsnight Review was a coded and subliminal election broadcast for the BNP, who were namechecked repeatedly and spoken of as if they were self-evidently wrong. Coming from the mouths of those tired old hacks flogging some product or other, we were supposed to think the opposite. Werent we?

hangemall said...

A chap in my local buys retro editions of the Beano somehow or other for his grandson. The little sprog much prefers these to the modern stuff.

This must mean something. Probably that "naughtiness" is something natural and attractive to younger (and not so younger) minds, but with a proper upbringing we can identify the difference between fact and fantasy.

Controlled (in a personal sense) fantasy is a required quality for the sciences, and to a certain degree the arts. It leads to originality.

The humourless incantations of modern teaching do much to harm the young mind and society and the the prospects of scientific and even spiritual (sorry to use that word) advancement.

(If the above seems a bit disjointed it's because I'm at the Talisker again.)

hangemall said...

PS Bring back the original Tom and Jerry And Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons.

Vladimir said...

Interesting... and you can see how proud they all were of it, too.

In the meantime, nothing much has changed. If you've seen any of the recent Dr Who, you'll know how shamelessly New Labour it is. No surprise that the most recent Doctor actually said that Gordon Brown is the smartest man in the room (what room? a padded cell?), and that he's afraid of what Cameron will do (what? nothing at all? me too.). It proves that the Doctor actually is from another planet.

Leg-iron said...

Hangemall - the old Beano was fun and exciting. the sanitised version is like reading a version of 'Dracula' where he lives off donations.

I notice Ren and Stimpy have vanished from the screens too. As has anything else remotely worth watching.

Historians will call this the Age of Blandness.

Leg-iron said...

Vladimir - it's a Beeb show so it's only ever going to employ lefties. At least they managed to keep the blatant politics to a minimum on the actual programme.

One day that Doctor will reincarnate as me. I'll look around the Tardis and say 'Something's missing. I know! Ashtrays. And a bar.'

Then I'll park up near Alpha Centauri for an entire series of monologues like this.

I won't have an assistant. I'll have bar staff.

Anonymous said...

Talking of Dr Who and Political Correctness, take a look at this:

A bet you don't remember that episode of Doctor Who do you?

Ahhh, how I miss those innocent times...

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