Saturday, 6 February 2010

Early tonight.

Home early tonight. I have to work tomorrow. That's the thing about self employment - your working hours are 'when you're awake'. It does mean that I can do things like shopping on a Tuesday when the shops are quiet, so it's not all bad. It also means occasional midweek smoky drinkies, depending on the timing of work matters.

Anyway, I managed to terrify myself in the last five minutes. Captain Ranty pointed out his Sitemeter gadget and I thought 'Oooo, I haven't got one of those'. So I signed up for the free one which does more than I care about. I won't need the bells and whistles one.

Then I edited the HTML on Blogspot to add in the gadget. Just as I clicked on 'save template' I realised how much damage a whisky-drenched brain could have done in there. I didn't breathe until the blog came back on screen.

Note to self: Don't worry about smoking or drinking causing heart attacks. Meddling with HTML when you don't know what you're doing is a much higher risk.

But then, so is this.


subrosa said...

Yer an awfy man. Get Stat Counter free. Copy the code. Go into your settings and 'add a gadget' on the RHS. Add HTML gadget. Paste code into it. Place it where you want. Click save. Done.

Now if I can do it quite honestly anyone can. I have proved it's idiot proof.

subrosa said...

Ah I've just noticed you've got sitemeter. Don't know that one.

Leg-iron said...

This one needed a bit of code copied and pasted into the bare HTML, right at the bottom. I managed to do it without breaking anything, but it's a bit like changing a lightswitch without turning the power off.

Makes your hair stand on end just the same, too!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the link.

I have tried many times to add stuff but it usually goes horribly wrong.

Just adding my new Wikio badge took me 30 minutes and six attempts. Without whisky.

Maybe I should drink more...


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