Monday, 15 February 2010

Something rotten in the state of Grampian.

I've met Grampian police a few times. Mostly involving photography. I have a current plan to convert a 1/24 scale truck model into a skip lorry for which no commercial model exists, I have built flatbeds, box vans and cattle trucks along the same lines so I photograph a lot of trucks. I also build models of other things and rarely stick to the picture on the box.

Once I met them when reporting an attempted scam and once about a fatal accident I was neither involved in nor the cause of, but was there to support a witness. They were always courteous and careful with their words. I have never found anything in their manner to complain about. They have never arrested me and have never taken my DNA. Oh, and I have never permitted them to delete a single photograph on the grounds - which they agree with - that if there was a crime committed and they deleted the photo, they would be guilty of destroying evidence. So, no problem. Not even when photographing ships at the docks. We get some really impressive ones here. In recent encounters they even seemed wary of me which I thought odd, considering they are almost all twice my size and five times my level of fitness.

So I don't think the police are behind this. Someone higher up is running the show here. The police are being fed dodgy information from someone higher up the chain. The police are, in fact, being as duped as the rest of us by someone.

Someone with an awful lot of influence.


Anonymous said...

If you watched the videos linked on OH's site I think you might find out you're wrong. Goes from top to bottom. Dozens involved and includes murder.( allegedly)

Anonymous said...

We live in an age where people see conspiracy around every corner I'm afraid. Since Robert Green has named these people he alleges are responsible for the abuse. Then surely they will see him on court and sue him for defamation of character? Assuming of course that they are innocent. It seems we keep having stuff crop up that implicates the Scottish judiciary in unpleasantness.

JuliaM said...

A 'D' notice? I thought that was reserved for state secrets and the like!

Or is the Scottish system a bit more flexible?

RantinRab said...

I wish I checked my e mail during the weekend, I was tipped off and could have had the blogosphere 'scoop'. Damned work!!

Anyway, there is a whole lot more to come out. It will blow your socks off.

Anonymous said...

I note from the P&J that Mr Green appeared in (closed) court in Stonehaven yesterday.

I also note that he was represented by one Dennis Daun - not known for being the most robust defence counsel in the parish...dare say he wasn't Mr Green's first choice!

Leg-iron said...

I'm now wondering whether there's any connection with Labour's plan to teach five-year-olds about sex.

Five-year-olds have absolutely no need to know.

There's an unhealthy obsession with children and sex right through the system these days. Something is going to go 'bang', sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

The Police are nothing more than ACPO'd bitches who would fit up a granny if it secured them a bonus.

They cannot be trusted any more. Along with the Judiciary. Too much rot and the only solution is to scrap the ACPO and purge (and I'm not too bothered if that needs rope) of all Common Purpose graduates that infest their ranks.

And regarding the 'SexEd for Kids', all part of the plan to 'Brave New World' the place.

Frankfurt School of Corruption 101

Rob said...

An actual, real journalist. I didn't know there were any of those left.

There is something very, very smelly here. I doubt even that the Scottish establishment mafia can keep this quiet in the Internet Age.

Perhaps the looming General Election is part of the reason?

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