Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I am knackered. I had two hours sleep last night and don't know why. I went to bed, reasonably sober (just some beer in the shape of Hobgoblin), at a perfectly normal and unremarkable 5 am, woke from a delightfully surreal dream at 7 am and have been awake since. Pity. Some perfectly respectable and staid scientists of my acquaintance were dancing on a beach and eating fish straight from the hook. I was building houses by folding sticks together and springing them loose. One of my better flights of fancy and one I didn't want to wake from so early. Cinemascope, too.

Almost as good as the time I dreamed an entire zombie story in technicolour. I'm still writing that one.

I'm not ill or worried or depressed, just knackered.

Therefore I am self-medicating with a light elixir known as Ledaig (which is £29 in Tesco but £16 in the Morrisons that's less than a mile away for no reason I have ever managed to determine) and hoping to drug myself into catch-up sleep. It could be a combination of the intense work-related brain activity of the last few days and the absence of booze that wrecked sleep. It didn't damage the deams though.

I might visit your blog and make a comment. If it makes no sense it's because at the moment the barrier that separates dream-real from real-real is very thin indeed.

Early night tonight, I think. No later than two.


Anonymous said...

Know how you feel. Taking lots of opiates and diazapam, but still can't sleep

Can't drink either, but that's another story.

Too much brain work done and still required, so even though I'm so drugged I can't drive, or even walk in a straight line, I still can't sleep

Amusing Bunni said...

Take Care of yourself, Leg Iron!
I have a cute rant from foamy the squirrel, and below that a cat circus...if that doesn't get you dreaming, nothing will. I know how it is to not sleep well. Take care and get some rest.

Mrs Rigby said...

I imagined you'd be writing about something else entirely.

Concerned Citizen said...

So you're following a possible LSD - type experience with drinking alcohol?!? Shame on you!

I hope you're at least following the very scientifically based government guidelines on consumption of alcohol units. If not, then don't be surprised if the State (Praise Be Unto It!) intervenes for the sake of the poor children who might be exposed to your second-hand drinking.

Why should anyone else be exposed to your liquor fumes? I know for a fact that I'm allergic to alcohol, even though I don't drink the dirty stuff - for example, I sneeze in the presence of people wearing strong perfume or aftershave. That stuff's full of alcohol!

I won't get started on your smoking habit however, as I don't really like hectoring people. And anyway, it's late and the quorn is getting cold...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-Iron

This may be of interest:


Mac the Knife said...

"No later than two"


Leg-iron said...

Well, it worked. Ledaig has a very low hangover quotient, in fact half a bottle leaves no hangover at all. Could be to do with it being a very light-coloured whisky. Perhaps someone knows?

The alcohol isn't what causes hangovers. That just leaves you dehydrated. It's the other stuff - the secondary metabolites of fermentation - that make you feel as if someone's opened your head and mashed your brain with a spoon. I don't know whether the colour of whisky is related to the secondary contents, but it seems likely.

Ledaig doesn't have the number of units printed on the bottle. Therefore there are none in it. Certainly, if asked how many units, I have no number to report.

Man with Many Chins said...

Hmmmm, Hobgoblin.....a very fine tipple

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