Friday, 12 February 2010

Labour Crumble.

A quick one because others have already done the hard work.

Labour are skint. Everyone knows it but Labour. Their main non-union source of funds is even thinking about ditching his place in the house of Lords because he might actually have to pay tax like the rest of us. That leaves the unions with almost total control of the Labour party and that means they're back to being effectively communists.

The gender equality on pay now extends to equal pay for totally different jobs. On the road to State pocket money, where everyone gets the same no matter what job they do and any incentive to work harder, or at all, is finally eradicated. Stalin would be so proud.

Finally, a precedent is set. Mrs R, in the comments, points to the tale of Norwich City Council, whose elections for this year have been cancelled. Not a murmur from the other parties and no public uprising in response. A trial run?

Labour's facade of caring and competence has been crumbling for years. It is now dust and they have nothing left but malice and petty posturing.

If they get one vote in the next election, it will be one too many. Perhaps that's why they are testing the public response to cancelled elections in Norwich.

They might find that the public response in Norwich is not indicative of the whole country.


Shaun Pilkington said...

I know that you believe smoking is the tip of the Righteous spear but in reality, Cannabis use is. First illegalised in the US because it made white women have sex with negroes, and not at all because commercial hemp was destroying the growing, politcally connected, cotton industry.

Where you see pipes, bongs and bob marley stash tins today, you will see ashtrays, cigarette lighters and rolling papers tomorrow. It's all about criminalising people who do something you don't like in the total absence of any harm to society. Seriously.

The best thing ash could do is have a chat with the Legalise Cannabis people. Just bring fags and skins and they'll tell you your future.

Shaun Pilkington said...

Maybe I meant Forrest. The pro-smoking mob, anyway. I can't keep up with Scrabble-Acronyms!

phil jone's ghost said...

Norwich. Isn't that where the AGW climate scientists cancelled science ?

Anonymous said...

Labour Crumble. Is that like apple crumble but tastes of fail?

Leg-iron said...

Shaun - it goes way back beyond that. Smoking is just the most recent of the obvious ones, it's the one most people are aware of so it's a useful benchmark.

Dr. Jones (isn't there a song with that title?) - it does seem to be a focus of the crazies at the moment. Anyone living there had better take care.

Anon - Labour crumble is apple crumble with no sugar or sweetener, using the most bitter Bramleys available. It's very expensive too.

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