Friday, 12 February 2010

No peeking.

Muslim clerics are incensed by the new body scanners. They say it is against their religion to be seen naked.

It's true. There is little point insisting that women are covered from head to foot if they can be gawped at in all their nakedness by an operative in pebble glasses and a dirty mac who is so repellent they have to hide him in a little room of his own. With washable walls.

Likewise, it is true that Islam forbids the viewing of male nakedness by women.

Those are religious rules and I have no problem with them. I don't want to go through a scanner and hear giggling from an adjoining room either. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be seen naked. It's not fundamentalist. It's just plain old embarrassment. It's actually, you know, quite British to be embarrassed at such things.

It's going to make flying difficult for Muslims though. If they refuse to be scanned they'll be sent away. It's not really discriminatory. Anyone refusing gets sent home. Muslims have been ordered to refuse by their clerics, so don't try pinning this one on Whitey.

Will they be refused travel? This is, after all, the land of the politically correct appeasement brigade. So will they decide that Muslims will get a free pass and escape the scanners that the rest of us will still have to go through? I can see it happening, and I can see the PC loons saying how wonderful such a measure would be because they are all too dim to see the point.

In the current climate, such a move would render the scanners absolutely and totally pointless.

But then, they always were, really.


Anonymous said...

Women only scanners for Muzzie women and men only for the others?

Leg-iron said...

That will only work if the operator can be seen to be male or female as appropriate. And Muslim, of course.

The scanners don't really work anyway. Best to just scrap them.

ninja turtles will have to be strip searched instead said...

I read that passengers would be offered the option of a cavity search if they refused the body scanner check.
These scanners have been brought in without telling us enough about them.
The claim that they can't store your picture must be false. Why bother taking a photo if you can't reproduce it when an incident occurs on an aircraft ?
And the machine must have a hard drive in order to boot up every morning. Maybe the delete is like a PC delete where it's still on the hard drive but the memory can be overwritten.
And what about the radiation levels ? This isn't a pair of X ray specs out of The Hotspur. These fuckers can see through your bollox and ringpiece in fine detail. Must be some kind of radiation.
Yes more explanations would be appreciated.

JuliaM said...

"It's going to make flying difficult for Muslims though."


So, they do work after all, just not the way originally envisioned?

Mrs Rigby said...

"If they refuse to be scanned they'll be sent away. Anyone refusing gets sent home."

But they won't get sent away on an aeroplane, it'll be a taxi, a bus or a train because they get to stay in the country they're in - which is likely to be either USA or Britain.

The scanners are before you get to the exit gates, not the gates that let you in.

Angry Exile said...

I'm with the Muslims. We're not terrorists and very few of them are either. We should all be protesting this pointless security theatre and refusing to be scanned. If the Israelis can get passengers from the car park to the boarding gate in half an hour instead of three and still not get blown up then why the fuck can't the rest of us? I suspect a lot of it is because we have softcocks for politicians and scare mongerers for journalists and a lot of companies popping up promising a technological solution involving a very large number with a $ sign on the front. Someone's making a lot of money of the misery and tedium we get put through at airports.

Rob said...

Here's how it will work:

They will demand to be exempted. Ministers will loudly and publicly say that no-one will be exempted.
Ministers will privately instruct that they be exempted.
Members of the public insist that Muslims have been exempted, to which Ministers respond by calling them liars and racists, with the press enthuisastically joining in.
Six months later clear evidence emerges that they are exempted, Ministers say that "lessons will be learned".

ninja turtles said...

Dear dear such cynicism. Time for you to be re educated. We will have to put you through ' the common purpose machine'.
Or make you sit through Newsnight Review on a Friday night with Pat Kane and Kirsty Wark...

Anonymous said...

If muslims can't get on the plane, then doesn't this completely eliminate the risk of suicide bombers on a plane ?

Expat Canadian

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