Friday, 5 February 2010

She shoots, she scores.... her own team's goal.

Margaret Hodge, the Monster for Culture, has decided that the best way to defeat the BNP is to steal all their policies. She now plans to steal their best known one - immigrants.

She wants immigrants to have to earn their benefits. Well, the Mail's readership is not fooled for a moment. Labour have a record of pre-election promises after all - Lisbon referendum, a smoking ban that left smokers some indoor venues, and so on. She is lying. She won't do a damn thing once the election is over. None of them will. Since a court ruled that we have no right to expect manifesto pledges to be honoured, I won't be wasting my time reading any party's manifesto. They have no basis in reality and are not in any way binding on the party who wins. Waste of paper. No politican's word can be trusted now, and their right to lie to us is supported by legal precedent.

Maggie's constituency has a high immigrant population and the BNP are set to do very well there. They came close to beating the Tories last time, it seems. She isn't going to win those BNP votes back now. Too many lies, too many broken promises and far too much spin.

Those immigrants were Labour's imported vote. They'd keep voting Labour to keep the benefits coming. Now Labour say they won't get those benefits under a Labour government. Mrs. Hodge, someone just made a blunder. I won't say who, but it's someone you know very well. Oh, and look, here's another one -

We need to have an honest conversation about what's going on in our working class communities. The very mention of immigration causes controversy and the whole debate is often seen through the prism of racism.

Yeees, and how did that come about? The dozy bint imagines we have all forgotten how any mention of the word 'immigration' in any context was immediately howled out by the 'Racist' cries. We have not forgotten, nor have we forgotten who did that. Even for a Labour monster, this woman is remarkable. She has managed to alienate everyone other than her Borg collective of socialist drones. If she keeps this up she'll push them away too. It's the political equivalent of standing on railway tracks and attempting to stop an express train with your head.

Immigrants won't vote BNP. There are a lot of votes up for grabs in Mrs. Hodge's constituency. Get canvassing, people. Remember, you don't even have to keep your promises any more. Labour have broken that rule for you too.


Kevyn Bodman said...

As you so rightly say:

'She is lying.'

'No politician's word can be trusted...'

These are truths; sad truths, but truths nonetheless.

And it goes across every policy area, not just the immigration issue.

JuliaM said...

"The dozy bint imagines we have all forgotten how any mention of the word 'immigration' in any context was immediately howled out by the 'Racist' cries."

Enough of them will, though.

Or will vote Labour 'because me grandad did, innit?'

I am Stan said...

They'd keep voting Labour to keep the benefits coming.

Yeah thats right because all immigrants are scroungers and will always vote Labour

Leg-iron said...

I am Stan - you're right to pull me up on that one. It was lazy writing.

My own family were immigrants and still see benefits as a shameful failure. Many immigrants become part of the productive population, but an increasing number come for benefits.

It's no accident. Labour invited them. When they arrived, Labour went to considerable effort to ensure they didn't need to learn English or integrate. They deliberately set up a dependent voter base.

Their benefits trap did the same to the indigenous - take a minimum wage job, try to be independent and you'll be worse off.

I remember the interviews with those waiting at Calais. They weren't coming to work - they could have done that in France or in any of the countries they'd already crossed. They were clear that they wanted to get to the UK for free housing, free money and no need to work.

Labour called them from all over the world to build up a collection of pets. Now they can't afford to keep their pets and like those Christmas puppies, they'll be dumped in favour of vote-grabbing.

It's difficult still to make a cear differentiation in text between the immigrant who runs a 24-hour shop despite Labour's best efforts to destroy small business, and the immigrant who comes for the Abu Hamza-style easy income.

There should really be different terminology.

Dave H said...

Ms Hodge reminds me of a 24 year-old yob with an appalling record of offending from the age of about 11, who has just been found guilty of yet another vicious assault.

Immediately before sentencing (on May 6?) his lawyer says in mitigation:

'He has expressed remorse and promised to mend his ways'

In the hope that the judge (electorate) will give them one more chance.

Re. immigration. There is a huge variation in the success/contribution of different groups. Unfortunately for Britain, the largest growth over the past ten years or so has been in the communities that contribute the least and/or cause the most problems (particularly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Somali).

In this connection, the principle behind immigration from Commonwealth countries is that they should have knowledge of the language, culture etc. This fatally this overlooks the massive sense of grievance towards Britain which many have (of course, not without reason).

This means Britain is set for a lot of trouble.

I didn't watch the infamous Question Time, but it was widely reported that when Jack Straw was asked something like 'Do you think the Government's immigration polices may have contributed to the rise of the BNP?'

He answered 'No.'

It's rare to get such an unequivocal statement from a politician. He must have known it's a howling lie. Probably, immigration policy is the main reason for the rise of the BNP, even if not, it's certainly a significant one. And Mr Straw been one of the longest serving senior cabinet members. And he's the Justice Secretary.

Liars lying to us from the very heart of our Government for the last 13 years. Again, this means Britain is set for a lot of trouble.

I am Stan said...

Leg-iron...thanks for responding to my comment,I admire your writing and respect your insights and opinions...immigration! its a minefield.

Keep up the good work.

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