Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stranger than fiction.

A much milder day, and the familiar rain is back in all its splashy splendour. Today, also, I found what is possibly the only disadvantage of never watching TV. Apparently there has been a season of Dr. Who and I didn't even know about it until today - which was the day of the final episode. It's the only thing worth watching. Fortunately they are all still on iPlayer so I've had a marathon session and watched them all. It actually makes it a lot easier to follow the story.

The last one of the series had that familiar Dr. Who theme where time is all messed up and it's all the Doctor's fault. The world is full of weirdness and when the programme is finished you can't help thinking 'Phew, good thing it's just a story'.

Then you look at the news and realise that no matter how bizarre any work of fiction gets, real life is always madder.

The EU-loving Little Nicky Clegg is telling us that he will stop the EU's plan to tax all financial institutions until they leave the UK. Well, no, that's not what he said. He said this:

NICK CLEGG has warned that the Government will strongly oppose EU demands for Britain to pay billions in banking taxes.

Strongly oppose. Which means, in Coagulation-speak, "No, no, no, oh all right then". So that's a done deal. The days of London as a financial centre are all but over.

We are also about to pay out benefits to everyone in Europe. All they'll have to do is visit the UK, claim the benefits, then they can move to another country and keep claiming UK benefits. That's if (when) the EU get the UK government to roll over so they can rub its tummy. Not long now.

There are only two possible explanations for the lunacy now pouring from the EU. Either they are confident that the Cleggeron Coagulation are such pushovers that they will accept any old crap, or they are trying to force us to leave.

I hope it's the latter. But I suspect it's the former.

 UPDATE: Oooh, look. They're going to talk about whether they'll allow us a referendum or not. The Mail headline is a little premature: all that's happening is a debate in Parliament and the outcome is not binding on the government.

Still, it's a start.

Further update: It's off. Less than a day later, David Cameron, our lord and master, has declared that he will not give us a referendum no matter what we want. The Parliamentary debate will be a futile showpiece just to appease the masses. It will serve no purpose other than to let 650 wasters claim another day's expenses.

101 comments on that article at the moment and I couldn't find a single one agreeing with him. Not one. So much for 'cast-iron Dave'. Why no referendum, Dave, if you believe the majority want to stay in? You'd win, surely?

The Tory party lost a hell of a lot of voters today. Let's just hope they all vote UKIP in future.


JuliaM said...

"Today, also, I found what is possibly the only disadvantage of never watching TV. Apparently there has been a season of Dr. Who and I didn't even know about it until today ..."

Good job you're not also on Twitter then! ;)

Rob F said...

Counting Cats and The Appalling Strangeness are both great blogs, and will keep you up to speed as to when the Doc's on.

Zaphod said...

I firmly reject all conspiracy theories, on general principle.

But what the hell is this this pro-EU hysteria among politicians all about? There has to be an agenda we don't know about. They can't all be in denial or insane?

They've got to up to something big. I'm not gonna like it, am I?

Anonymous said...

Up to something big I think not Its HUGE.And no you're not going to like it.

Anonymous said...

If you want old Dr Who episodes, try torrenting:

george said...

They're only debating the possibility of an EU referendum because of the 100,000 signature petition. There's no chance of a referendum because they all support the EU.
In Switzerland a 100,000 sig petition forces out a law that isn't liked by the people. No debate required.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX In Switzerland a 100,000 sig petition forces out a law that isn't liked by the people. No debate required. XX

Not quite. That is what they need to force a referendum. Even then, after a referendum, Parliament CAN overturn the decission.

Elby the Beserk said...

Good lord! A blog with black text on a white background! Hallelujah. I thought the new standard was pale grey on a white background, thereby rendering the blog unreadable to anyone with any degree of ageing eyes.

There is a reason books are printed in black and white!

Zaphod - because there are cracking good jobs and pensions waiting for them, witness Lord Kuntnock - once, implacably opposed to the EU and the House of Lords. Now - it's the family business, and he will get to retire, I believe, with four pensions paid for by you and I.

Didn't someone once say - Off with their heads?

Anonymous said...


What’s most worrying is that all those easily brushed-aside “EU conspiracy theorists” of yesteryear that we all chuckled about are now being proved to have been absolutely spot-on from the start. Which begs the question: if that conspiracy theory – which seemed so outlandish as little as 10 years ago – was correct, how many of the other, more bizarre ones of today may prove to be right in another 10 years’ time?

If nothing else, the unpleasantly unfolding truth of the real EU “project” has given me pause for thought. These days I’m much less willing to laugh off what sounds like “wacky” theories just because today they seem unthinkable, because I now know that tomorrow they might suddenly not be so unthinkable after all ...

Anonymous said...


Books in black and white? My books are all dark grey on some kind of yellow!

Chalcedon said...

My vote will be for UKIP. I'm totally disillusiond with the Cons and don't ever get me started on the other party of traitors!

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