Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I learn it from a book...

Apparently the Coagulation have noticed that doctors who can't speak English are not really much use in a country where English is (for now) the primary language. I marvel at their percipience, I really do.

So they are going to demand that doctors can speak English.

As to their ability to do any actual doctoring, well, they'll leave that part to the next administration.

My friend's father had lung cancer (nonsmokers both) and it was spotted by an Indian doctor by looking at his fingernails. now they can;t spot it with scans and X-rays. Well, that's progress for you.


Anonymous said...

Well they all speak Latin don't they LI?

Leg-iron said...

Not any more. Most of them speak Puritan now.

Blogger dropped the video clip. I've put it back now.

Chalcedon said...
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Chalcedon said...

I can look at you and diagnose high cholesterol (or not). The eyes have it!

My sadly departed dad once splashed conc sulphuric into his face (left cheek). He developed an ulcer there which was unpleasant but over the years got worse. An Indian doc suggested it was a rodent ulcer and required radiation treatment. UK trained docs will probably never see one of these. Anyways, the treatment worked and it was obliterated, apart from a scar which wasn't too bad at all.

Now I bet the nail thing was to do with ridges and the half moon

Ed P said...

Back when doctors were taught to diagnose (rather than send one for blood tests after a cursory check), they'd look at your nails, tongue, throat, ears & eyes, especially the inner surface of the lower eyelids. A few pertinent questions and a good doctor would need little else to know the ailment.
They don't teach any of that anymore.

Leg-iron said...

The fingernail thing involved them curling over at the ends so he couldn't cut them properly. That's what he went to the doctor about.

Apparently the doctor diagnosed lung cancer as soon as he saw them. So it was dealt with sharpish and he's all clear now.

Amusing Bunni said...

Basil was ahead of his time.
Doctors are mostly useless, they just collect your money and send you out for endless tests to cover their asses so you won''t sue them.

Your friends father was lucky he actually got a smart one.

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