Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Coupon time.

Lulu.com, the printer I use for my self-published deranged ramblings, has a 15% off offer at the moment. All you do is look for the little box hidden away at the bottom of the order page (they don't make it easy) and insert -


...and you get 15% off your order. This works until 7th October but it's always worth joining up at Lulu because they do this a lot. I'm not sure if this one only works in the UK. If so, there are probably regional equivalents everywhere.

So if you're looking for some interesting reads and want them 15% cheaper, here's a recommendation. It's confusing because they are currently turning their PDF downloads into proper Ebooks so the prices are a bit variable. Print is safe enough though.

Then again, if you prefer to read for free, try these -

A little knowledge...

The Colony Man

Claiming Number Eight

Or just search the blog for 'Entertainment Time'.

Oh, and sleep well. Dreams are good for you, even the ones with blood in them. An expert told me that studies have shown, so it must be true.

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