Monday, 24 October 2011

Drinking and thinking.

Things that rhyme go naturally together. We should maybe rename smoking as 'sminking' because it's in there too.  If the tepid drones want to call it 'stinking' that's okay. I don't care any more. They do none of these things.

I've been thinking as well as. This is where most of the odd stories come from - booze dreams and there have been amazing ones - but waking thinking is different.

Today the Cameroid, the Clog and the Moribund will direct their MPs to pretend that nobody wants a referendum on the EU. Some will say, and have said, that with the country skint we should not spend money on a referendum. Instead we should continue to hand over billions to the EU for no benefit. Let the drooling ones speak because every idiot is allowed a say. Even an MP.

What I have pondered on is why. Why do all the main party leaders want to keep the EU? It has demonstrably done nothing to enhance this country and has done much to destroy it. So why keep it?

I think they're scared.

None of them want to actually do anything. None of them want the real responsibility of running a country. Look at the Cameroid, Prime Monster, dealing personally with the issue of carrier bags in supermarkets. That's his level. That is the extent of his expertise. That's all he has. Running a whole country is beyond him. Far easier to let the wrinkly multi-chinned demons of the EU take control, and leave him to sort out fat tax and salt restrictions.

The Cameroid is not a Prime Monster and was never likely to be one. He is a middle manager in a low-end business and that is all he will ever be.

Thanks to him and to the Blur and the Gorgon before him, the UK is a low-end business now.  As long as he is there, that's all we will ever be.

I'm trying to think of a word beyond 'useless' here. Where Cameron is concerned, we need a whole new dictionary of useless.


TheFatBigot said...

It's not only things that rhyme that go together, the same applies to anagrams.

Cricket fans won't be surprised to learn that umpire is an anagram of impure, gynaecologists know that uterus is an anagram of suture and those of us with somewhat more sagging flesh than the average look in the mirror and see an explanation for nudity being an anagram of untidy.

Anonymous said...

Scared they are but the question I ask is what changes after they get power? Is it simple short termism, cowardice or something more sinister? Are they nobbled? If so who pulls their strings?

Anonymous said...

They are,nt scared you will have no referendum and what will the British people do? Nothing that,s what.
Your next chance to show your opposition to this is in 4 years time and seeing that the other main parties are of the same opinion that,s all folks.

Anonymous said...

Conscripts during the 1st World War coined the phrase "Lions led by Donkeys".

Bang on the money, 95 years on.

Anonymous said...

Hell, if they had to actually run the country they might have to work. They remind me of people who think they're working if they walk around corridors carrying files.


gliding down the greasy gilded slope said...

i think 'useless' is a bit harsh - it would be fairer to describe cameron as 'single-use', like those cheap tesco's carrier bags which just about hold long enough to get your shopping home, if you're lucky. of course, with so much bent bullingdon baggage on board, plastic-cameron's already split wide-open and the fox's mince is spilled all over the floor - naturally, we're assured that the prime minister is bio-degradable and will decompose within five years, but if not, bear-in-mind that the ripped version could well be encountered blowing aimlessly around a desolate british high street near you, for quite some time.

it's odd, nay fucking queer, to be living in a country where the entire electorate fully recognizes that the governing establishment (including at least half the cabinet, not-to-mention the defence, security and intelligence services) has been infiltrated and criminally commandeered by a gang of rogue cia-stroke-mossad agents, yet where no-one has the appetite for a general election because the only choice on offer is between 'value' baked-beanz in brown-baby-blood and hi-tech baked-beanz in brown-baby-blood, both manufactured by the same barbed-wire outfit of brash-headed bomb-boys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

Instead we should continue to hand over billions to the EU for no benefit.

If only that were true, we would be far better off. We actually hand over billions to the EU so they can use it to destroy our country.

A masterly analysis with more than a grain of truth. What a delightful position to be in; to have all the trappings of power without actually having to do anything at all. I wouldn’t mind a jobbe like that. I’d only charge half what that nice Mr Cameron costs in actual cash money, and skip the quadrillions that he costs in selling our country to foreigners, by generously allowing us to keep it.

Vote for me ...


Super Sam said...

Would we be any better off in terms of the economy now had we not joined the EU?

Probably not, we seemed to rack up huge public & private debts quite well by selling houses to each other for ever increasing prices, complete of course with the "must have" granite worktops, something arguably nothing at all to do with membership of the EU.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

@Super Sam

I suspect that our beloved leaders of all hue (since really there is only one) have deliberately crashed our economy along with their systematic trashing of all our institutions and smashing our constitution, reducing us to the level of livestock in the EU's Animal Farm.

Had we been outside the EU, would we have fared better? Left to our own devices, yes. If our leaders had been suborned by the EU and were secretly working to get us in, we might actually be worse off since to get us in, they would have had to destroy us more completely.

I find it sad that I have actually written this. If we had even half a backbone I never would have had to; nor would I have had to join UKIP, stand for parliament or the district council.

We do not have a Conservative Party, nor Labour, nor Liberal Democrat. We have a single party with three brands: red, yellow and blue.


Zaphod said...

I really hate conspiracy theories, but it's becoming very clear that the politicians can't all really be this stupid.

Obviously, (to me), there is an undeclared agenda. Why would all three major parties be so keen to yield their power irrevocably? There has to be something very good on offer.

It has to involve trashing the economy to the point that we'll accept whatever they're planning. But what the hell is it?

They must realise they're taking a risk, that we'll continue to swallow this scam without serious protest. So what is their payoff?

If you don't think I'm being paranoid, then you probably are too. But WTF is going on? No, don't tell me. I'd just tell you you're crazy.

One day, historians will look back and laugh at our gullibility.

Super Sam said...

@Anon 21:24

I don't think it was deliberate, don't underestimate the power of herd thinking or bubble mentality, it infects all levels of society including those in power.

Don't forget that some EU countries did not have a debt binge so I stand by my point that the UK would still been here regardless of EU membership. Also consider that some EU countries experienced a UK exported real estate debt binge (e.g Spain, last numbers I looked at were AFAIK 20% foreign ownership, not all UK of course but fairly sure many people cashed out of the UK for a better & cheapr life there).

Leg-iron said...

Super Sam - we might well have still been here due to reckless lending and spending (which wasn't the EU's fault) but we wouldn't also be paying for bailouts and haemorraging money into EU coffers on top of the recession.

This recession would have happened but EU membership is making it worse for us, not better.

Having a government that simply defers important decisions upstairs is making it worse still.

We need to stop spending, but first we need to stop giving money away.

Super Sam said...

@LI, I agree we need to stop giving away dosh (e.g. foriegn aid) but those numbers are quite small cf the total deficit in spending domestically.

Anyway, I think it'll take a decade more of stupidity before any effective change happens. Secular bear markets usually last 18-20 years, IMO this one started in 2000 after the tech stock crash. The housing boom in between was simply a low interest rate diversion/delay/kick the can down the road.

Leg-iron said...

I think we might see the collapse of the current fiat money system in our lifetimes. It was never sustainable and it's going to fall down eventually.

We'll be back to bartering goats and chickens before long.

Anonymous said...

Has no-one considered that Mandlebum and Kinnock bothe worked for the EU and now both recieve generous pensions. No doubt many others in Westminster also receive pensions and perks. If they speak one word against the EU, the pensions are stopped.
Now ask yourself, why are these people so pro-EU?

Also- any local authority or organisation that receives money from the EU must fly the EU flag from their buildings. If they step out of line, the payments cease.

It all makes sense now.

Anonymous said...
if the eu can do this so can we

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