Saturday, 22 October 2011

Home and laughing.

Considering where I've been tonight, this story had me rolling about with laughter.

Naturally I looked to see how many Puritans were in the worst rated comments, and at the moment there are none. Not one red arrowed comment. Not one saying 'I think this is a good idea'. Then again, they won't be awake at the moment if they're following orders like good little drones.

I wonder, is there anyone left who does not now see this as incremental prohibition? Limits per week, limits per session, three days off, then four, then...

Time to get brewing.


Martin said...

I admire your ability to read and digest such articles at such a late hour! I will have to give it a proper read later as I'm halfway down my second bottle of wine. I did notice that the new reccommendations (please check for too many 'c's and 'm's) are 4 units a day, so I still have 2 and a half bottles to get through before I go to bed.

I'm also puffing my way through my Marlboro 'pocket size' cigs that I found on my last visit to Greece. They're the same size as fags used to be before King Size became the norm. When I was in Greece last month I inadvertently converted a few smokers to the smaller size because they have a marvelous habit of lighting up and putting the cig in the nearest ashtray then going off to chat to someone where they'll light up another fag, so with the smaller, cheaper ones there's less waste! It's my small part in helping out with their economy. No need to thank me. It's what I do.

manwiddicombe said...

When did the 'units per week' guidelines drop to 21/14? In 1987 they were definitely 28/21. This rewriting of history is very reminiscent of something I've read ......... Stupid lying puritan cocks.

If you need any help brewing Leg-iron I know a bloody good commercial brewer ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yes the creeping prohibition is getting worse cigs, booze, food, fatties etc etc

BTW have you also noticed how they are starting to denormalise the elderly. There are booze limits, but they are lower for older people. Older people are hoarding bedrooms and should move or pay more tax. They cost the NHS too much. The young are having to pay their pensions. The elderly had it good and spent all the money that the young have to pay back. Baby boomer bastards.

There's even a fake charity for this now. See the cake propaganda story -

Logan's Run?

Brew Wales said...

Time to get brewing? They will be banning that next. Well sodium met as a steriliser gets banned from next year.

English Pensioner said...

I prefer the reply in one episode of Inspector Morse. When asked by a doctor how many units of alcohol he drunk, the reply was "I don't drink bloody units, I drink Pints".
I'm still waiting for the chance to try this out on my GP, but he knows me too well and is unlikely to fall for it!

Waste of Space said...

We can probably more than 7 days of weekly respite from alcohol if we offset our alcohol carbon credits with an appropriate fee based on c2h5oh of ethanol and combine that with the ABV of our drink of choice. We can they buy carbon credits to assure our alcohol consumption is below the proper limit.

Anonymous said...

Loved this comment under the article:

"It would be interesting to compare deaths due to drinking in GB with France, for example, where drinking on a daily basis with a meal is part of the culture. Many doctors recommend a glass of red wine PER DAY and I'll continue to follow their advice thankyou!"
- kate, french west indies, 22/10/2011 0:24

Said without a modicum of understanding of her silliness.


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