Sunday, 16 October 2011

Another free tale.

Oops, I did it again...

Another free one on the Smashwords site. They convert into most electronic formats, some more successfully than others.

I think putting out short stories this way is better than putting them into online magazines. They pay a one-off of beer money if they pay at all, so giving the stories away free is no loss.

Plus I have enough control over the format to put ads for the full books in the back.

For those who prefer print, these will be in future collections. I tried putting individual ones in print but the postage and print costs on such little books is just nasty. Think of these as 'singles' put out before the 'album'.

And now, back to proper writing.


Anonymous said...

Well, your improper writing seems to be going down a storm - now four rave reviews for "Jessica's Trap" on Amazon!


winston said...

Thanks for the story. Will get the pdf file and read it later.

Anonymous said...

Very good, but scary. Very scary. And creepy. But good. I wish the smoker hadn't died in the end but I guess it couldn't be avoided.

winston said...

Well written story. Wish it was longer though with the spooky bits stretched out more.
I remember visiting a museum when I was a kid and they had a display of coffins with the scratch marks showing where people had tried to fight their way out after waking up in their burial plot. Gave me nightmares thinking about it. Wealthy people had a bell fitted to their coffins in case of waking up and poor people used to insist on getting their wrists cut to drain off their blood before burial.

Supi said...

Scary! I loved it.

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