Wednesday, 5 October 2011

For future use.

For the next general election. And don't think it'll be all anti-Tory either. No more two for one offers on beer, no more smoking anywhere, not even in places where the small-minded never visit, charging for plastic bags, the list includes every single one of them.

Malcolm Bruce, the local Lib Dem, has seen his majority shrink in recent years. He was one of those who voted against even discussing any amendment to the smoking ban. There are lots of smokers here, Mal, and you and your party hate every one of them. It's only fair that they are made aware of that.

When you have no salt in your diet, you die. When you have no fat in your diet, you die. If you believe these things are inherently evil and that the experts are telling you the truth, then you're better off dead because you have already lost the capacity for thought anyway. So I don't care about changing your mind and I am not concerned about who you vote for at the next election because you won't survive long enough to see it.

There is much wailing among the indoctrinated dimwits about 'costing the NHS money'. This government's policies are going to cost the NHS a hell of a lot more than any number of smokers and drinkers and they are doing it to 'solve a problem'.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, and all your greasy little hypocritical, lying, self-absorbed little toads, you cannot solve this or any other problem.

You ARE the problem.


subrosa said...

Perfect graphic. They're all at it - the banning. the divide between the rich and the poor is sure to widen within a couple of years, once the poor realise just how poor they are, even after working a lifetime and paying their taxes.

Woman on a Raft said...

It's only fair that they are made aware of that.

The strange thing was, Labour activists told the government exactly how badly the smoking ban had gone and that it had hurt them on the doorstep with people wanting to abuse them or have an argument and refusing to turn out for them.

For some unfathomable reason the Tories, who spent 13 years in the wilderness for making the mistake of not reading the electorate correctly, continue to make the same mistake.

Ivan D said...

Never before has the word liberal been more abused than it is at present by the autocratic social extremists who claim to be Liberal Democrats. A sickening bunch who are neither liberal nor democratic.

And yes, the other two parties are no better.

Any article that even mentions costs of x to the NHS is not fit for any use other than the obvious.


Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - many of those poor will be those who fully supported each successive ban.

WOAR - the politicians have lost the ability to listen. Maybe the voters haven't.

Ivan D - I believe such articles hang on the wall in NHS toilets...

banned said...

This fat tax was the inevitable result of allowing far liberal extremists into the Government.

When will Tesco stand up for itself and put up large in-store posters
"No more BOGOFS thanks to Cameron and the Lib Dems, no more cheap lager either. Tesco, every little used to help".

Yes Prime Minister 3 mins discussion between Jim and Sir Humphrey from twenty years ago, forsaw the hypocracy of the tobacco ban; how we laughed.

Smokers, drinkers, drivers, dog owners and concerned parents are now joined by eaters; who is left for them to hate?

Barnacle Bill said...

You can be sure our political elite will ensure they have access to duty free sugar and fats when they ban it for our good.

Bill Sticker said...

Maybe they think they're being clever. "Starve the peons so they'll be too weak and unhealthy to revolt - then strip the rest of their assets . What's really funny is that we're telling the morons it's for their own good, bwahahahaha...."

Surely not, eh?

Anonymous said...

Right, I've got the coffee and tea plants growing, I've bought an enormous book on herbal medicine,so technical I can't understand a word.
I have learn't how to make mead and cider from scratch.

Now it seems that I need to take up bee keeping for the sugar and find space for a cow.

I don't have hobbies any more, I have defensive strategies.


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it.

Herbal remedies banned as new EU rules take effect
Sunday 1 May 2011

"New EU rules came into force at the weekend banning hundreds of herbal remedies. The laws are aimed at protecting consumers from potentially damaging "traditional" medicines."

"Remedies already on sale will be allowed to stay on the shelves until their expiry date"

I don't use herbal remedies,but you never know, one day I might want to.


James Higham said...

It's not a great option but it seems to me we need to vote Independent or small party next time - anyone but the Big 2.5. That will not create a democracy but will put sufficient in to hold a PM to his word. It's the only way I can see that this sort of thing will be reversed.

Antony said...


It's not that the Tories can do anything - it's been shouted a thousand times the smoking ban has come, via the EU, from the WHO / UN Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

To repeal the smoking ban means disobeying their real masters.

And that will never happen.

Leg-iron said...

Banned - the laughable part is that the ban on BOGOF is only in Scotland. If we order booze from a depot in England we can still get the deals. For now.

Watch out for UKBA booze confiscators at Gretna Green in the near future.

Leg-iron said...

Barnacle Bill - as far as I am aware, the smoking ban still doesn't apply within the EU buildings.

I hope they burn themselves down.

Leg-iron said...

Bill Sticker - well, once the drones have cut everything out of their diets, they'll no longer be capable of thinking at all.

Most weren't to start with, mind.

Leg-iron said...

Rose - look into sugar-beet. Less painful than bees but takes more work to refine it.

Although I've had bees in my compost bin for the last two summers so I just need the protective gear. They calm down if you blow smoke at them, I hear.

Leg-iron said...

Rose - the herbal remedies have long been examined scientifically and some have been shown to have actual activity.

Wintergreen contains the main component of aspirin, for example, and wintergreen has long been used as a headache remedy.

Some are just placebos but some are genuine free (if you grow them) competition for the pharma drug-pushers.

Just as smoking is competition for nicotine patches. They're just wiping out alternatives.

Leg-iron said...

James H - the problem is convincing the drones that a 'wasted vote' is voting for more of the same.

They cannot grasp the logic that if enough of them vote for an independent/unknown, he/she will win and then it's not a wasted vote.

So they stick to tribal lines and we keep getting the same old crap.

The best thing that could happen in that the tribals get so pissed off that they don't vote at all. Then those of us who actually want change can start moving non-tribal candidates up the lists.

Junican said...

I am working my way around to the idea of not voting at all.

It is interesting to think about that idea.

If less than 50% of people vote, what mandate does ANY Government have? The argument that: "If people are too lazy to vote, that is their problem" does not hold water. If less than 50% of the people vote, for whatever reason, then democracy is dying - political parties are irrelevant in those circumstances.

Anonymous said...

"They calm down if you blow smoke at them, I hear."

Funny you should mention that LI.

I caught this one shortly before it disappeared.

Use of tobacco smoke against parasitic mite syndrome

"The pathological condition that has appeared in Iraqi apiaries recently has caused large losses in honeybee colonies, dwindling populations and decreasing honey production.
It is perhaps similar to the condition described by Dr Shimanuki as The Parasitic Mite Syndrome'.

A trial has been carried out on two apiaries, one with 50 colonies and the other with 30 colonies using tobacco leaves burned in the smokers."


"We believe now that the immune system of the bees is in some way diminished.
By using tobacco smoke we are either hitting the primary target, or we might be curing a secondary pathogen.

In either case we are helping our bees to get better!"

The local bees have been very willing participants in my animal studies on the tobacco plant over the past six years.

I heard about the prospective ban on herbal medicine at the same time that I discovered that the smoking bans were really going to happen.
Knowing the history of tobacco as a herbal medicine, the conclusion was obvious.

If Scottish bees are as clever as Yorkshire bees, which I don't doubt, on a sunny day, look on the underside of the largest leaves, where you may well find bees clutching the midrib tightly against their bodies.

I think that could be why neonicotinoid pesticides appear to be killing them, they may have mistaken the systemic pesticide for the real thing.

What puzzles me, is how did British bees know?


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