Friday, 21 October 2011

Making stuff up for money.

Apologies to those caught in the Spam filter (except to the ones that really were spam). I must check in there more often.

Anyhow, just before I go out, a quick note on the writing side of business, since the science side is currently on hold while the Stuff goes through independent testing. In a nutshell, it's building up slowly but far too slowly. I don't write fast enough to pump out pot-boilers and I'm hampered by scientific training that forces me to check facts even when writing fiction. I actually have to restrain myself from putting a list of references in the back.

Reviews are generally very good, even on the free books on Smashwords, and there's another review out today (after my own babblings as a guest on there) which is also good. So I'm getting something right. That does not translate into sales immediately because there aren't yet enough books with my name on them for people to buy.

The free books help a little. Smashwords allows me to see pageviews as well as sales, and every free book produces a peak in pageviews on the other books I have on there. Not sales, not yet, but more and more people have at least now seen the name and next time they see it, they might think 'I've heard of him'.

I can't say if this affects how Jessica's Trap is doing until I get the next quarterly report. The Amazon price is irritating because it's a few pennies over that £10 psychological barrier - and I can match Amazon's price, including UK postage, for signed copies even though I have to order them from the US. 

In the meantime, income is poor. I have an Email inviting me to take on advertising but I am wary because of Pat Nurse's experiences with such things. I don't want to see antismoker, antidrinker, antifattie ads appearing here. I certainly don't want to see the Cameroid, the Clegg or the Moribund gurning out of my blog with 'Vote for me, peasant' next to them. Yet it is income and all income must be considered. Although some principles are not for sale. I'll have to find out whether there is any control over the ads.

Anyway, no work tonight. Out for Smoky-Drinky. Then, I thnk, I should try to work up a short tale of terror in time for Halloween.

Which has the advantage of being both indoors and cheap. There isn't a public venue of any kind left that can make that claim.


Ed P said...

Why not add a donate button? I've bought and read your fiction - it's too cheap! - so would be happy to chuck a few quid in just for those stories. Also I'd do the same now & then for the pleasure your blogs give, as I'm sure would many others.

Petr said...

I agree. Your blog gives enormous pleasure (the fiction not so much!) so why not give a donate button a go?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr H I bought Jessica's Trap for holiday reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I don't read fiction. Even though I don't believe in any of that stuff. I do believe in you and your blog turns me into one of those nodding dogs that you used to see in the back of Austin Maxis. Keep it up Kev.

Leg-iron said...

I'll consider a tips jar. I'm really not too keen on the advertising idea, especially after Pat's experience.

Zaphod said...

Anonymous is right, I read this blog like a nodding dog, too.

Take the adverts, Leggy. We all know how to mentally blank adverts. And it would be really funny to see some of the righteous paying you, for adverts. They're not likely to get any converts here!

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