Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The hate builds.

An antismoker frenzy today.

An American hospital actually believes that the mere smell of smoke will make newborn babies all lumpy and deformed. Yes, these are alleged health professionals and they don't have the first clue about biology, toxicology, or much of anything at all. If you decide to go to Christus St Frances Cabrini hospital in Louisiana then you are in the hands of morons with not a clue what they're doing. Best of luck.

If you're an antismoker, then it's the best hospital in the world and I encourage you to use it exclusively. Because I don't like you.

We smokers can't get lung cancer or heart attacks because we're now all going to die of strokes. I hope when I get a stroke, it's not from this highly-trained health professional. Oh, aren't they all such upstanding and noble figures to look up to? Antismokers, you must trust the medical profession implicitly. Because you're worth it.

Meanwhile the antismokers have stepped up their game a notch. They will now take photos of patients dying of cancer (smoking related or not, it doesn't matter, the truth has never been a factor in their calculations) and put them on those cigarette packets. They don't appear on the plants I'm growing so those plants must be safe. I've also noticed that the green beans, tomatoes, chillis etc don't seem to have developed 'best before' dates. There are people out there who won't eat them for that reason alone, you know. Usually the same drones who believe all the antismoker rubbish.

Tobacco smoke is smoke from a little bit of dried leaf. That's all it is. It is nothing compared to a bonfire or a chimenea or a coal fire or even a gas cooker ring. It contains nothing that isn't present in all plant material, including fossil-fuels like coal or oil or petrol or diesel. The only difference is the amount: the cigarette is much, much smaller.

So we have hospitals actually believing that patient care hinges on a little bit of burning leaf, and never mind the neglect and the bacteria. We now have almost every disease apart from dandruff blamed exclusively on smoking so nobody is researching any other causes because 'the science is settled'. We have blatant lies on cigarette packets and we have an army of drones believing it all because it suits their petty little prejudices. Medical advance has ended. We'd be better off with alchemy now.

The antismokers think this is all wonderful. I encourage them to continue and to trust absolutely in what they are told.

Because I want them to suffer.


Anonymous said...

Oh Christ, it will be here soon...

"Ideally Cabrini hospital policymakers would like to see all employees quit tobacco products for good, Ms Lauve said.

‘Plans are in place to provide cessation support and services to those patients and associates who are ready to quit,’ she wrote on Town Talk."

Thats great, so instead of cessation courses etc, how about you just give me the money I might have spent on fags, but didn't because I'm a good little boy?


Thought so, fuck you then.

Anonymous said...

That Mail article is right on the money.

My Grandmother was taken from us by successive,multiple stokes at the tender age of 95.

She never smoked a cigarette in her life,

I am ashamed that my mother and myself, and her late husband selfishly smoked around her causing her untimely demise.

nisakiman said...

"We now have almost every disease apart from dandruff blamed exclusively on smoking..."




View from the Solent said...

LI, you never learn, do you?

Anonymous said...

"We now have almost every disease apart from dandruff blamed exclusively on smoking"

In the article: “Dandruff and Smoking”, the System 12 Smoke Free Web site explains how the connection between dandruff and smoking comes from the dehydrating factor of the smoking habit.


Leg-iron said...

nisakiman - Oh, for Pete's sake. How about leprosy? Are we causing that one yet?

Mick Turatian said...

But all plant material IS dangerous. See here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/sep/30/e-coli-outbreak-secrecy?newsfeed=true

Leeks are the new killer vegetable. Experts have established that somthing which has been grown, eaten and enjoyed by humans for centuries in fields containing soil and where feather-footed voles do their business is dangerous.

We are doomed. For my part I shall consume all of my substantial crop of leeks barring the fattest and firmest one which I shall take to my MP, Anne Milton, who has ministerial responsibility for the competing official nannying food alarmists.

I should have liked to have grown the variety King Richard so that she could experience the leek in a way similar to that in which the second Plantagenet to bear that name is said to have met his end.

Mr A said...

Anon @ 2:42.

Good luck to them on getting nurses to stop. At the Uni I work at probably two-thirds of the Nursing cohort smoke. Generally, nurses have their heads screwed on. Most Doctors, too. It's the sort of unskilled, brain-dead drones who rise through the ranks to become "Professor in Public Health" who are the ones to blame. Them and the shrill jobsworth harpies and simpletons who have no skills other than being "a manager" (ie having meetings, drafting memos and developing "policies" so they can justify their own existence and show that they have actually done SOMETHING for their 100k a year).

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