Monday, 24 October 2011

New booze name.

Dick Puddlecote has found a new booze name. Drunkorexia is a world coined by a bunch of self-important idiots and allegedly describes the act of saving calories on food in order to use them on booze.

I used to be a student, long ago. In more recent years, I have recoiled at the 9 am Friday lecture when faced with a class full of agricultural students. Thursday night was booze night for those students. The wave of exhaled alcohol could knock you over. They all passed the unit I taught and I do not do political correctness. They passed on merit, every one of them. I spoke to them as agricultural students, I told them they were a bunch of idle fuckers more than once, I described my idea of having failures' heads on poles at the doorways to encourage attention, I used all my old English teacher's tricks including the one where I could make someone twice my size cower, and was in the head of department's office more often than I was in the headmaster's office at school. That's pretty often.

Still, they all left with genuine passes and I don't work there any more.

Some students can booze all night and still be at lectures in the morning. Those that can't should not be boozing all night. It's not complicated. Students can live on food that would make we oldies have heart attacks and can drink to levels we can only remember fondly.

Drunkorexia is a ridiculous term. We did not hold back on food in order to drink for calorie reasons. We ate tripe, we made pig's head brawn (we could get a whole head for 20 pence and make three days of food out of it in rabbit-shaped jelly moulds and stuck the eyes to the outside of the front door and left the skull out for the ants to clean - twenty pence could get a lot of fun in those days), we had trotters and faggots (not the American kind) and crab and pigeon and rabbit and all manner of cheap but nutritious food. Calories? Those only applied in chemistry class.

We held back on the money for food, not the food. We were not anorexic. To compare the saving of money by buying cheap and natural rather than boxed and processed food to real anorexia is beyond insulting to those who suffer from a real anorexic issue.

Frankly,. those who coined this term 'drunkorexia' are disgusting. Students save money, not calories, when opting for cheap food so they'll have enough for a few overpriced drinks. Anorexics have a genuine problem which is life-threatening.

To attempt to conflate the two, as the University of Missouri has done, is simply appalling.


TheFatBigot said...

Do you think students these days know how to make brawn, press a tongue, create the best meal of the week using one slice of middle neck of lamb per person or cook trotters?

Somehow I doubt it, and it's a shame.

Brawn is something I really miss, an absolutely delicious food I can taste as I write about it.

I know a number of late teens and early twenty-ists who can cook nothing more complicated than toast and have no idea how to sew on a button.

OK, so this is little to do with the Missourian madness. Just thought I'd throw it in.

Leg-iron said...

There were students in my day who couldn't boil an egg. Hopefully there are still some who set snares on the waste ground beside their halls and who throw bread to pigeons while holding a cricket bat at the ready.

Maybe fewer than before though.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Forget the cricket bat bit, most kids nowadays would faint at the very thought of it. Even towards a flying rat.

Ta for the link. :)

David Davis said...

I've invented a word too. GramscoFabiaNazis. Some years ago: it's slowly gaining traction.

smokervoter said...

Be Merry, Drink and Eat - for tomorrow we shall be overqualified and underemployed. It's just a matter of priorities. These Missouri eggheads want to impose theirs on the students. Good luck idiots.

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