Friday, 21 October 2011

Gadfly squished.

Gadfly, the man who oppressed his people and terrorised them with things like dragging them out and executing them without trial has been... dragged out and executed without trial. There's a collection of grisly pictures at Barking Spider's place and, unlike the Omightbe Bin Laden episode, it does look very much like the Gadfly in the pictures.

On the one hand, he did deserve it. It's no more than he did to an awful lot of people.

On the other hand, it makes those who did it no better than him. You can't object to torture and summary execution by using torture and summary execution. So it looks like no change in Libya after all.

It's a particular shame because if he had gone on trial, there'd have been a few self-important people sweating about what he might say, what deals he might reveal. So perhaps it wasn't just a heat-of-the-moment thing.

Anyway, The Cameroid has his 'I am somebody important' hat on to tell us all of this momentous happening. Then he is going to ignore the will of his people, tax them into little icebergs this winter, continue funding all those who want to force us to live their way, continue adding to the petty regulations and trivial offences with huge fines attached, and carry on letting the EU take control.

He might want to look again at those photos. So might Don Shenker, the Dreadful Arnott and the BMA, among others.

They'll scoff and say 'It'll never happen to us'. They'll laugh and declare that the people they torment will never fight back. Because, in their minds, the Gadffly never scoffed or laughed or said those things.

And neither did any of the other dictators.


subrosa said...

Barky's site crashes my computer for some reason.

You're right though LI, those who executed him are no better. I can't see Libya being a better place to live for the masses either but that's another story.

Blair, Brown et al will be mightily relieved.

It's Dr Jim Swire I feel most sorry for as he'll never learn who killed his daughter now.

Bill Sticker said...

Subrosa, if you actually knew Dr Swire you wouldn't say that. He's not a very pleasant person in real life. Some years ago I had the mispleasure of having dealings with him, just prior to Lockerbie.

Suffice it to say his behaviour at the time towards myself and my family has left me with no sympathy for him.

TheFatBigot said...

There is a distinct benefit in these vicious dictators being disposed of by their own people, namely that a line is drawn under the old regime without the risk of the deposed tyrant being a leader-in-exile in a foreign jail.

That the new regime is brutal and corrupt goes without saying, you don't need torture and summary execution to establish that.

banned said...

What was good enough for Mussolini and Ceacescu was good enough for Gaddafi; their successor regimes, while far from perfect, were a great improvement.

A show trial of the colonel would have been lengthy and divisive but with luck they will capture a junior Gadaffi intact and extract embarrasing factoids about our own former bosses.

banned said...

@Subrosa, Barking Spider has "too many" gizmos and used to crash my comp too until I upgraded, now BS just takes forever to load.

Delphius1 said...

Leg Iron, I've always said we live in a de-facto one-party state: after all, if you can't separate the political parties by a fag paper then essentially they are one party.

If those same parties then decide to deny the public a democratic vote by telling their members to vote against a vote in Parliament on (say) leaving the EU, does that not sound like a dictatorship?

Doesn't the fact that we essentially live in a dictatorship legitimise the use of force to overthrow it?

Anonymous said...

If the word "squished" salves your conscience, good but just remember it was cold blooded, cruel, murder which is outlawed in most grown up countries.
Next you'll be calling the operatives of NATO and the Libyan "rebels", "heroes"

Xen347 said...

Anon, there's being a cunt and then there's being an ignorant, arrogant cunt.

Guess which one you are.

You are hereby awarded the Muammar Medal for being a prize dick.

Barking Spider said...

Cheers, Leggy, thanks for the link, mate. ;-)

What a huge surprise that Tony B.Liar has been let off the hook - again!

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - someone recommended NoScript to me a while back, and since installing it I see very few add-on gadgets. It takes a little training because it starts by blocking everything but once it settles in, it's very good.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 11:45 - zero marks for reading comprehension. Full marks for strawman construction and Righteous faux indignation.

You still get the pointy hat and the corner chair though.

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