Sunday, 31 October 2010

Win by relaxation.

Found this at Old Holborn's place.

I have a slightly different, though similar, approach. I buy most of my baccy from Man with a Van. When he's not available or if I miss his round, I am forced to visit the supermarket but there, I have noticed a rapid rise in baccy prices. Perhaps because my visits have been infrequent, I notice it more than regular customers. What does it mean to me? It means that when I next see Man with a Van, I will stock up harder.

I work until I have enough. Enough is well below higher rate tax. I could work harder and earn a hell of a lot more but why? I'm only going to be working for half pay and Mr. Potato Head is going to give it all to Herbie Remploy-van or ASH or the paramilitary wing of the RSPCA or Don Shenker and his Puritan Ensemble or any one of a hundred or more wastes of skin dressed in fancy suits who are so deluded and dim they really think they aren't utter morons.

Apathy is the way to go. You don't need a whole new kitchen or a leather suite or a TV so huge you have to sit in the garden and watch it through the window. You do not need HDTV or 3-D. It shows the same crap anyway. Fix what breaks and keep it going. My grill broke. It cost me £35 for a new element and a few whiskies to get some friends round to help me move the thing. Many would just buy a whole new cooker. Don't. Do not spend what does not need to be spent and do not earn what you don't need to have.

In January, VAT rises to 20%. I will stock my business before the end of the year with everything non-perishable and with long shelf lives. I will stock up on Electrofag stuff too. As of January, I become meaner than Scrooge on a tight budget. I will buy no non-essentials. Food, clothes and books are VAT free so far but that will change (hopefully not before April or I'd be forced to advise you not to buy my book!).

If you want a car, buy Ford or Skoda. Don't buy Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Great cars but the Skoda does 70 easily and that is the maximum allowed anyway. Why pay for the Audi when the CV2 can reach the speed limit?

Do you really need new carpets or do they just need a clean? Do you really need a new suite? Do you really need that new computer? Mine is eight years old and all I really do with it is type and spreadsheet. I've replaced bits and yes, it's slow at times but it still does what I need. Why buy a new one?

Minimise income tax by earning only what you need. Minimise stealth tax by only buying what you need. Grow your own tobacco and brew your own booze. Stock up on salt. Learn to set snares for rabbits and how to catch pigeons with a bag of breadcrumbs and a cricket bat. The sensitive will be shocked but in a few years, they'll be grabbing for those crumbs and feeling the bite of the bat. We are only as civilised as the world allows us to be, remember. When it breaks, and it will, we'll eat each other.

If the government falls it will not be immediate paradise for the rest of us. It will be messy and dangerous. So why do it? Well, because government is messy and dangerous anyway. They tell us that without them, hooded yobs will stalk the streets and cause mayhem while being unpunished. That doesn't happen now? They tell us we will be wide open to terrorist attack. Like we aren't? Things can only get better? They would have a hard time getting worse.

Do not fear anarchy. Effectively, we already have it.

The only real difference is that we are paying for it.

Stop paying your own tormentors.


Captain Ranty said...

The very best thing about this, Leggy, is that anarchyland (Greg), is just 20 years old. Hopefully he will inspire his own peer group to rebel.

It's all very well us old farts banging on, but unless the younglings seek change, we will never get anywhere.

A great video, and a great post by you too.


Old Holborn said...

There are many students out there demanding to know why they will receive a State debt of tens of thousands to acquire the skills that will see them handing over most of their life earnings to the State.

just wait.....

Curmudgeon said...

Totally see the point. Can't say I take it that far, but I still have a CRT television and a mobile that doesn't do much more than calls and txts. And by deliberately opting out of the status race, you gain more control, and more leverage.

B Manning said...

All very well.... if you're not on PAYE.

Wonder if this kid is on benefits? If so, my taxes are supporting him. No doubt his mum and dad provide a safety net.

The biggest shackle is debt. We are actively encouraged to borrow. Best way to keep us under control.

MU said...

I'm on student loans and grants, I'm afraid. Something I dislike is the state monopoly crowding out student loans and regulating universities. Doing away with the state in education would mean lower prices and better quality all round. A life on benefit post-university is not the one for me - I plan on moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project (Apart from family and university friends who will invariably go their seperate ways, there's little keeping me here, especially with all the hoop-jumping for new businesses).

"If the government falls it will not be immediate paradise for the rest of us. It will be messy and dangerous. So why do it? Well, because government is messy and dangerous anyway"

Bloody well said.

Thanks for the embed. I've been mulling over ideas of English secession since the video and I think I can put an idea into the works similar to the FSP. Will keep everyone posted.

Anarchyland x

westcoast2 said...

Food, clothes and books are VAT free so far

Some foods do carry vat - check your receipt - suprised me.

Childrens clothes are vat free and so are boots for industrial use and motorcycle helmets. Adult clothes carry vat though as a business not sure if you can claim it back depending on usage.

Books are zero rated as are newspapers and magazines.

Leg-iron said...

Westcoast - interesting news.I will have to work a bit harder to dodge that VAT.

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