Friday, 1 October 2010

That was quick. Suspiciously quick.

The EcoNazis have taken down their call for the deaths of all those who deny the Cult of the Green God. It's still on YouTube as a private video so those erstwhile gas-chamber operators can still masturbate themselves into a frenzy over the possibility of future State-sanctioned murder.

Their pretend apology includes a few lines that make their mindset even clearer than the video. They persist in the assertion that since it was written by Richard Curtis it is, by definition, a Good Film. I'm glad I didn't write it, it would be terrible to have them constantly remind people of that, and to deflect the blame onto the writer.

As a result of these concerns we've taken it off our website. We won't be making any attempt to censor or remove other versions currently in circulation on the internet.

No need to keep it on the website. Job done. The message of hate and death is out there, which was the idea. They have, however, made the YouTube version private, presumably because of the comments it was attracting. So they are not censoring the copies they released but they are censoring comment on them. Fortunately some of those comments are preserved here.

At 10:10 we're all about trying new and creative ways of getting people to take action on climate change. Unfortunately in this instance we missed the mark. Oh well, we live and learn.

You live, yes. Something you seek to deny those who disagree with you. So will you be bombing the Royal Society next?

It's funny to blow people up who don't agree with you. Just as it's funny to steal from smokers in the street or to deny employment to anyone who doesn't fit the Standard Human shape. Soon it will be funny to load all those who don't agree with the Socialist agenda onto cattle trucks, funnier still to send them into the showers and absolutely hilarious to turn on the taps. Watch their faces when they realise that it's gas, not water, coming through the pipes. Oh, those socialists will be rolling about the floor laughing. Like last time.

This is a new Righteous method for the Internet age. Release a sick video, make sure it's been copied and then delete their own copy and issue an 'apology'. Then they can claim that the copies in circulation are nothing to do with them.

Eventually they will claim that the video was never theirs, that the ones now circulating are fakes created by the 'far right' to discredit them. The original was full of fluffy bunnies and eiderdowns, not the gore-fest and the street muggings portrayed in these 'far right' videos. They would show the original video but it has been deleted by 'far right' hackers and they no longer have a copy.

Your false apology is most definitely not accepted, 10:10. When pensioners are dying this winter, you will be responsible. Those actors who gave their time for free to threaten us will be responsible. The children who were happy to be blown up to 'save the planet' will be responsible. Richard Curtis, yes, you will be responsible. Your doctrine of hate is once more distributed so you can delete yours and pretend you meant no harm. Yet you did it deliberately, and I say that because you have now used the same technique at least twice and will soon use it again.

Can they live with it? Probably. They will doublethink it into 'evil pensioner-killing capitalism' even as they rip the cigarette from a shivering pensioner's mouth, beat them for being overweight and then turn off their gas and electricity to 'save the planet'.

That is the mind of Socialism. That is what they pretend is the 'far right' but there is no 'far right'. There never was.

It was them all along.

(I'm off for a Smoky-Drinky. Back later.)

(Quick update before I go - someone's posted another copy to YouTube. The Green Men said they would take no action to censor other copies. I wonder.)


David C said...

Great post Legiron thanks.

The Filthy Engineer said...

There's more than one copy.

Zaphod Camden said...

Memory hole…1984…Winston Smith…etc, etc.

Not to worry, we are still at war with Eastasia. We're winning though, that's why they bumped up the chocolate ration from 30 to 25 grams last week.

Seriously, these people should google the term "streisand effect". Well, now they won't have to. They've been made fully aware of it.

microdave said...

"There's more than one copy." - Indeed there are now lots of them! And I can confirm that these copies are exactly the same as the original....

Thanks to Stop CP at Holby's this page gives details of their "partners":

Anonymous said...

banned said...


430 comments from 2,000 views.

Loki said...

Here is their email address. I have already fired one off (that's me on their 'list' for retribution).

Utter cunts

Chuckles said...

Their apology is the standard 'we are sorry we got caught.' Very similar to the J Ross/R Brand affair, both in execution and resultant 'apology.'
They have this unquenchable, burning conviction that they are right about everything that matters to them in their wretched, twisted lives, and yes they have learned from their mistakes.
Clearly, because as per Peter Cook, they can repeat them exactly.

blame boris said...

I blame Boris Johnson...

Twisted Root said...

Sure they are going for maximum publicity by being controvertial and getting the kudos of getting the film 'banned'. But I think they have miscalculated.

Fascist Hippy said...

Still fucking furious 36 hours after first seeing that crap, something needs to be done.

eco allah said...

Praise be to Ali but this is a better version of the vid..

View from the Solent said...

" a modest ... puts it in traditional terms.

Leg-iron said...

blame boris - what was he thinking?

View from the Solent - one small issue. The 'population reduction' he ascribes to deniers is in fact the policy of the Climatologists.

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