Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Great British Journalist.

A Government spokesman, listening.
(Picture enticed with the promise of expenses from here).

Interesting how quickly Winston Smith works these days, and how inefficiently. At the moment, the Telegraph report on the riots in Leicester is still titled thus:

Violence flares at English Defence League protest in Leicester

And subheaded thus:

A number of police and members of the public have been injured as protesters from the English Defence League and a rival organisation gathered in Leicester.

That's how it read last night (too, um, 'tired' to type last night). It read as if the EDL were the only ones there, apart from some other folk from a mysterious rival group. If you didn't know any better you could be forgiven for assuming that the 'rivals' were some group who wanted the same things as the EDL but in a slightly different way. Rather like those rivals of Labour, the Coagulation.

Last night, the identity of the mystery rivals was not revealed until the last line of the story. Today it appears earlier. It is, of course, the UAF. There are no photos of what the UAF were doing. There are many mentions of missiles being thrown but no actual mention of who was doing the throwing. Once more we see that 'far right' label which has come to mean nothing more than 'they just won't do as they are told'.

The UAF, we can only assume, are doing exactly as they are told.

The Daily Howl has many more pictures. All of the EDL with not a single UAF member in sight. Don't those people show up on film or something? There were seven hundred of them, we are told, and no press photographer could find a single photogenic one? Perhaps they couldn't find one being non-violent.

It's almost as if our thoughts were being subtly manipulated, but that's insane, surely? I mean, Sky News were there too, and they wouldn't lie.

All the newshounds were there, naturally, since there was certain to be trouble. If the authorities seriously didn't want trouble then the two demonstrations would not have been separated by a metal fence. They would have been separated by half the city. But then, how would the UAF get at their targets? How would the newspapers and television fill the minds of the gullible with one side of the story? If the UAF were the innocent victims in all this then why are they not pictured at all?

And why is the only one bleeding in that Mail story an EDL member? This is the same Daily Wail that has spent the last week telling us that all the meat in the UK is Halal and we're all going to grow beards, wear bedsheets and develop an obsession with domes and spiky towers as a result of eating it. This is the paper that has done more to whip up anti-Muslim feeling than the EDL could ever manage, and the EDL aren't trying to do that. They are specifically anti-Sharia. Not anti-Muslim, just anti-Sharia. Something many Muslims don't want either. Yet even the Mail fall into line with the 'only show the EDL' edict that's come from somewhere.

I'm not an EDL supporter although I'll be accused of it. Go ahead, I've been called worse. I can't support them. It's the shaven heads. They stir memories of some people I really, really didn't get along with in the seventies and eighties despite being whiter than most of them ( I don't tan. I become Captain Lobster then Mr. Flaky if I'm left in the sun too long). So I'd never join.

Tiny Blur might. He's recently been warning us about radical Islam.

However, I don't want Sharia law either. It's even worse than Labour law, which we still have despite voting for 'change'. I don't want to see public hangings and stonings for 'crimes' that I consider not to be actual crimes at all. I don't want to have to pray five times a day on pain of being beaten. I really cannot fast for a month. I'd end up eating the neighbours. I can't even grow a beard. I tried once and looked like a cat with advanced mange. No, Sharia is not for me.

It is odd, though. Why were the two protests allowed to be right alongside each other? Even a politician could see what was bound to happen. Why not separate them by streets instead of one flimsy fence? Why are the Coagulation, with their caps on immigrants (you don't get in unless you have a cap on) so determined to continue Labour's portrayal of anyone concerned about mass immigration as deranged far-right racists?

It's nothing to do with tolerance and diversity and multiculturalism even though the drones believe it is. No, it's control and money. Control of the population by making even the mention of certain words punishable, even when nobody hears them. The word of an informer is enough. Control by the threat of terrorists under the bed. Control by fear - fear of 'the enemy' and fear of the authorities who claim to be protecting us from this enemy.

The money comes in trade. Trade comes after bargains between countries. Well, it used to be that way. Now the EU does the bargaining and we're just told to go along with it. It's tucked away in little clauses where nobody will notice - but the Man who Fell to Earth has noticed. This guy shrugs off plane crashes. He's not to be messed with.

So we have to accept conditions for trade but we aren't allowed to know what those conditions are because we might not agree with them. Tough. We won't be the ones getting the money so they're not going to let us mess up their gravy train. If your quiet suburban street becomes a Karachi market, too bad. Object and you're a xenophobe. It's against the law to interfere with the money flow.

Those immigrants aren't getting the money either. This isn't their fault. They don't get to decide the conditions of the deal any more than we do. They think they're coming to a land where the streets are paved with gold and end up on the cold wet island at the edge of Europe where the streets are all too often rivers. Where the winter kills people who have had all their lives to adapt to it. Where there is no death sentence but the police can lawfully kill you. Where the Righteous will make pets of immigrants and prevent them integrating.

They think they're here for a better life. They are here to take the blame.

The coagulation's much trumpeted 'cap on immigration' cannot apply to EU citizens and now the EU is to tell them it can't apply to India either. Well, hooray for national government, or should that be notional? Cameroid is going to lose the EU rebate too. Hooray for the Cameroid and his cast iron guarantee. Or was it a fast lying guarantee? Maybe he was misheard.

What exactly do we pay our politicians for? They have no control over anything important. if they did, they wouldn't spend all their time piddling around with how traumatised kids will be at the sight of a cigarette packet and how many holes should be in the top of a salt shaker. These are not the concerns of a government busy with the running of a nation. They are the concerns of a band of wasters with nothing to do. If our politicians were really concerned with the running of the country they would tell the likes of ASH and the BMA to go away and stop bothering them. Instead, they welcome the pressure groups because it gives them something to talk about in front of the newspapers.

The newspapers have to get the stories in order to sell copy. They can't publish what the EU are doing because that would change the mood of this and many other nations from 'simmering fury' to 'pitchforks and fiery brands', so they need those minutiae. They need the silly little pronouncements on 'carbon footprints' and 'Halal meat' and 'deadly smoke from a little bit of leaf' and 'drinking too much makes you drunk' and 'eating too much makes you fat' and all those other pearls of wisdom we have to wonder how we ever managed without before.

The newspapers can no longer investigate politics because politics won't let them. It hasn't been really possible for a long time and now the journalists have become accustomed to simply repeating press releases, so they are dependent on being told what to write instead of going out and finding the serious stories for themselves.

That makes the newspapers dependent on the politicians and that means, with no bloody coup or paramilitary force at all, the politicians can dictate what the newspapers can print. They don't need burly enforcers. The news machine depends on its sources. Print something that annoys the source and out they go.

So we don't see the UAF throwing missiles or charging Sky TV vans. Instead we see the EDL standing around, or sitting around and bleeding. The EDL were not throwing anything or there would definitely have been at least one picture of that. If they raise their arms for whatever reason, it's a Hitler salute. If missiles were thrown, the wording is such that the EDL is implicated but it's never stated that 'the EDL threw things'. Weasel words - but what else can you expect from weasels?

Andrew Marr, one such weasel, complains that bloggers are less than journalists and proves this with a list of insults in true modern-politics style. The same childish abuse meted out by blog trolls everywhere. 'Nyah, you live with your mum, nyah, you have no friends, nyah, you're spotty, nyah'. That is what passes for journalistic writing now. Marr is one of the top ones, he says. If that's true, the rest of them won't have managed to read this far.

I don't have any sources in Parliament, no seedy little men tip me a story for a slyly passed tenner, for the most part all I have is the information available to anyone. What I write is what I think of that information and the conclusions I draw from analysing it. I might be wrong but what I write here is what I think. Not what I'm told to think by some grey suit who threatens to stop the flow of trivia if the content is not to his liking.

I write what I think of the information available. Marr might like to try that for himself. He might find that there are real stories behind the veil of nonsense that's held over the eyes of modern news.

He might find it more rewarding than smugly declaring 'Your mum' at those he disapproves of.

Then again, maybe that's really all he has.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

The "far right" label has - in recent years - always (almost) amused me, as from what I gather, the bulk of organisations such as the EDL come from towns and cities that have historically voted left. We're to believe that at some time during the Big Spending Splurge of the last decade they all went from dedicated socialists to anarcho-capitalists. If only they believed what was said of them on the telly.

It is an interesting point you mention - the fact we were more or less told the EDL were the sole perpetrators of all the violence yet we were shown lots of photos of white shaven-headed men with cuts. The Daily Wail being amongst the biggest culprits and biggest daubers of the "far right" label anywhere in the media (in order to exonerate themselves from their own visual shit-stirring).

Why don't the Wail just send some of their people to meet some of the Beeb's people and have a big old hug at a private venue in leafy East Sussex?

V4V said...

The police hold you in a tight pen and will not let you leave until they say so, usually quite some time. They are all facing you with the press behind them, somehow the UAF manage to come in from nowhere and lob a few things which rile the EDL and hey presto it's happy slappy time.

Leg-iron said...

CS - 'far right' is all there is now. there is no more 'right', only 'far right'.

Somewhere I read about someone referring to the 'ultra-right'.

That must mean there's an 'infra-left' at the other end of the spectrum then?

It's getting to the point where we'll be hearing about the 'X-ray' and 'gamma-ray' right and the 'microwave' and 'radio' left.

At least they have the colours the right way round.

Anonymous said...

Although I think that Islam is totally incompatible with everything, and everybody else on planet earth, I've no great support for the way that the EDL are going about protesting. However, time and time again, I read swivel eyed one sided reports from Andrew Marr and his superior MSM "Journalists", condemning the EDL as Neo Nazis per se, but then just happen to come across Alternative views such as this one.

No wonder Marr and his BBC sycophants don't like the blogosphere. How dare people contradict the MSM/UAFs version of events?

Leg-iron said...

RFB - the whole thing sounds designed to cause, rather than prevent trouble.

Entertainment for the masses. Trouble is, the entertainers haven't worked out that those they pen in are the masses.

They also haven't worked out which side is really in the minority in the fight they're starting.

banned said...

Likewise I picked up on the "a rival organisation" and in particular the use of the word 'rival' which as you say means same-side competitor rather than opposition.
That same Telegraph report put the Police manpower (from 5 forces) as at the same strengrh of the two demonstrations combined.

On the subject of State control I was chatting with a woman on her way home from the Childrens Centre, she was being trained in how to benefit her bay with "baby massage" which apparantly invoves manipulting ones offspring in way to 'chill it out'.
She agreed when I suggested that her grandmother would have known how to do this as passed down from her ancestors. Seems the State has to do this now.

I saw Marrs nonsense eleswhere this morning but I tick only one of his boxes.

banned said...

Sept 25, Place De La Bastille

proper race riot. anyone know about this? (from a comment at Holbys).


JuliaM said...

"... some other folk from a mysterious rival group."


* Rioters of no appearance

joe said...

I pretty much expressed the same concerns a while back at my old home LI.

Twisted Root said...

Yes. It's the classic dialectic trap LI, which the authorities, media and certain 'key' leaders of the EDL and UAF go to an awful lot of trouble to set up.

Complex analysis like yours is what truely terrifies them, hence Mr Marr's effort to corral the masses back into the fold.

Did anyone else spot the irony of that whore of the televisual medium making his juvenile outburst at a literary festival?

Chuckles said...

You cannot hope
to bribe or twist,
thank God! the
British journalist.
But, seeing what
the man will do
unbribed, there's
no occasion to.

I am Stan said...

Yo Leg-iron,

I had the pleasure of an EDL/UAF visit last xmas here in Nottingham.

The EDL arrived uninvited with the aim solving a muslim crisis which they claimed we have here,they spent the day shouting abuse a xmas shoppers,pissing in the street and assaulting anyone with long hair or had a lefty look.

The UAF spent their day shouting abuse at anyone with a skin head or wearing Burberry.

I think they all enjoyed their day in Nottingham.

Anonymous said...

Very good rant LI. Marr could do with reading this and then having a think about his comments on the Blogosphere. Arrogant fucker he is.

I am Stan said...

Mmmm looking through those photos I have a few questions to ask any EDL UAF ers reading,

1 What do you think you are going to achieve by roaming the country getting all jiggy with the locals?

2 Are skin heads compulsory?

3 Whats with the Nazi salutes?

4 "No surrender to Al Q",Why not join the army then or just fly Ryan Air to Shitistan and get jiggy over there ?

5 You show aggression and then complain when aggression is show to you why?

6 Could you and your UAF heroes not just go to a large field out of the way and sort out your differences,therefore letting other people get on with their day without having to pay for you or be inconvenienced by you?

7 Are you being used as patsy`s in the on going Indian Sikh, Pakistan Muslim conflict?

Anonymous said...

In June there was a protest in Barking by muslim 'extremists'. They were protesting against British troops in Afghanistan. We were told that this was to be a 'peaceful' protest.
A popular young soldier of 19 from the area had not long been buried nearby and I decided to go to Barking to support his memory and colleagues.
I am an elderly lady and have no allegiance to the EDL. There were nby like me plus families paying respects to our soldiers.
Then groups of what I can only describe as left wing agitators arrived and were very violent in their behavior. One young girl near me on the pavement was hit by a missile thrown by the people calling themselves UAF

Anonymous said...

I am not an expert on Asian history, but some thoughts occurred to me after recent viewings of history dramas shown on local Asian TV, a series from Japan 6 months back & another current one from Korea.

In the Japanese histo-drama, it is about the 230 year end of Samurai rule under the Tokagawa Shogunate that ran from mid 1600's into the late 1800's.

I realized a similar series of events happening in the Korean histo-drama about the 1920's thru 1930's in Korea, after threats by the Japanese Imperials, at the same time Japan intended to invade Manchuria.

The Shogunate in Japan was a more peaceful way of life after the various clans had been brought together. They had open trade with the Dutch. But in the 1860's, the US acting as proxy for US & UK trading interests wanted Japan opened up - so threatened force if they did not. US backed Japan’s Emperor's government, which had been only symbolic under Shogunate. This forced the ruling class to back the Emperor - of which the higher classes split in two but those backing the Emperor were the ones to "win" - as they received entitlements of power.

In Korea, was a similar affair, when Japan threatened & to avoid conflict the Korean upper class began backing the Japanese forces - and that point I have to wait for next week’s episode.

The parallel was in both instances, a stronger power came from outside, threatened to take the countries by force, traitorship to the status quo was backed by foreigners - and the ruling class, realized it must assimilate - caved in - and propaganda was generated only to support the "new order”.

This seems to be similar to both UK and US, where the political class is happily supporting everything contrary to what were sovereign principles formerly in place - and in the Japanese Meiji period, anyone who did not go along with the imposed one-sided propaganda and force, were eventually the ones labeled the "traitors" - while the ruling classes came out squeaky clean, once the “new order” was established.

In UK and US currently, there seems to be an obscure power, internationalist, that has the attention of the ruling class - and the propaganda & actions of government are assisting the newer, stronger power - and in both the case of Japan & Korea - it was the imposed “new order” that won.

Those time periods in Asia also ushered in military regimes that resulted in world war.

In Japan, they removed all the swords from the Samarai, for fear of rebellion, like gun control.

In Korea, anarchist groups worked behind the scenes but I believe they are seen as true patriots later in history, present time looking back.

But when one power, greater, threatens force - military or economic – and backs forces opposite to sovereignty - then the ruling class eventually acquiesces to the foreigners - become "traitors" in reality - but later on, then they become the new ruling class again - redefined as "patriots" thru propaganda. The people lose sovereign rights - but the ruling class does it to preserve their high authority.

I would say leftist forces are being highly funded and propagandized to their favor only, in UK & US both, in order to bring about some internationalist power that already exists (EU?) and is putting pressure on the ruling class, which is abiding.

These so-called "journalists" who produce the propaganda passing as "news" - they are tools for a new power source that is kept secret from the masses, for fear of rebellion. It takes a lot of coordination to bring off a coup - politicians and media need to comply & the political class has become traitorous.

Leg-iron said...

Considerable food for thought here. As I've often said, the Righteous tend to use the same methods over and over and over.

They also revel in telling us openly what the methods are, in terms most people miss.

Something is gelling, sparked by Anon there.

A little brain lubrication might help. As the Marrman said, we blog best when we've had a few and wear a cauliflower on our noses.

Unfortunately my mother has no basement and lives 600 miles away. Just think how I could do if I had access to all of the Marrman's magic concoction!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Actually I am a mild EDL supporter in a detached sort of way. I don't see them as threatening my settled way of life in any way, I rather see them as defenders of it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

Tangentially relevant, may I draw this to your attention, hot from Mr Frog’s blog:

Those nice people in the EU even want your opinion – links provided in the post.


WV - redism - how do you do that?

Leg-iron said...

DP - The Clegg once asked for our opinion. It didn't agree with his so he deleted ours.

His masters will do the same. Meanwhile, man with a van will flourish, just as he did during US Prohibition.

And the speakeasies are now called smoky-drinky.

They cannot win. They keep trying but they cannot win. It's a sad thing to watch really.

As Bowie put it, many years back, 'Please trip them gently, they don't like to fall'.

Or as I would put it, 'Cut them off at the knee and stand them in a bucket of salt'.

Bowie has me beat when it comes to diplomacy. Then again, so does Vlad the Impaler.

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