Saturday, 23 October 2010

An excerpt

Here's a little teaser or two -

“Where does the corridor go?” Jessica could hear defeat and resignation in her own voice.
“This is the circle. The trap will be within.” Phenex grinned up at her. “It has to hold a Golab, remember. Your little circle was just a play-pen for small magic. We need something much bigger to contain the power you wish to ensnare.”
“So this corridor is one big circle?” Jessica stared along the glass wall. “How big?”
“One thousand yards in diameter. The triangle will be within the house. We don't really need it, but Malphas insisted. He won't do slipshod work, he says.”
A scurrying in the long grass outside interrupted Jessica's amazement. Something moved, fast and low, leaving a channel in its wake. She strained her eyes but could not make out its shape.
“That will be Bifrons.” Phenex’s eyes glittered with some secret amusement. “I don't think you're ready to meet Bifrons.”

But she does...

Jessica grabbed the horse’s mane. It turned its head and snickered at her.
“Loosen your grip. He will not let you fall.” Seere climbed up behind her, lifting Bifrons as he did so. He placed Bifrons in front of Jessica. She immediately released the horse's mane and pressed herself back into Seere. Bifrons leered up at her, waggling his eyebrows. He reached out one thin leg and lifted her skirt.
Biting her lip, Jessica pressed her skirt down. Bifrons withdrew his leg and pouted.
“Bifrons. Behave yourself.” Seere's chuckle shook him, overwhelming the tremble in Jessica's body. A strong arm encircled her waist once more. “You need not fear Bifrons. His lusty manner is an empty threat. He no longer has the equipment to carry it through.”

I like Bifrons. He pays no heed to any authority and he's a dirty little bugger too.


banned said...

Good stuff, are Amazon likely to stock it?

Rob F said...

I'm thcared!

Pat Nurse MA said...

Can you do a smoky drinky book launch?

Leg-iron said...

Rob F - scared? Those are the nice guys.

banned - Amazon should have it, at author-penalising discount. It'll also be an Ebook. I don't think anyone makes money from books. Stephen King, Clive Barker and the like are rich because of film spinoffs and the resulting toys. So when it's a film, then I can buy that suite of labs with a small flat attached.

Pat - that is an absolutely brilliant idea! Consider it done.

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