Saturday, 30 October 2010

Not fade away.

There has been a bout of blog-stopping going around lately. Some of the finest are leaving the fray. Some of them will be back, others won't. New ones will appear, inevitably.

I can't imagine a day, certainly not within my allegedly booze-salt-and-smoke shortened lifespan, when I'll be able to say 'That's it. Everything is fine now'. Certainly not as long as the country is run by Mr Potato Head without the optional brain-pack and his sidekick, the Secret Smoker with his 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude to legislation.

Not while the boss of BA can rail against the ridiculous levels of airport security and then, conveniently, bombs are found within days. On cargo planes. So all the airport security, the ban on bottles of water, the porno-audition screens and the removal of everything but your hat before you go through the arch would have done precisely nothing at all to prevent these bombs.

The bombs don't even make sense, as Corrugated Soundbite and Fraser point out. Who is going to install and use a random printer cartridge for which they might not even have a printer? Aren't American synagogues likely to be a bit suspicious of an unsolicited printer cartridge from Yemen? Surely they'd source their printer cartridges locally? Even if they actually did install an unsolicited cartridge with mysterious wires poking out of it, what makes it go off? Printing the word 'Zion', perhaps?

We're told the cartridges had 'SIM cards' but no mention of batteries or a receiver. If they are to be triggered by phone, how will the caller know when they've arrived? It's also rather an expensive phone call. It would have been cheaper and more effective to use all these 'sleepers' we are told are all over Europe and the US, surely? Some might even be postmen. If they exist at all.

As for the targets - synagogues? Are Yemeni terrorist cells really that bothered about American synagogues? That's not where the troops are coming from. That's not where foreign policy is decided. If they were going to target synagogues, surely they'd send their printer parts to Israel, to synagogues used by Israeli politicians. If sending them to America, they would more likely target the offices of the arms trade, the military or the government. Places that might not think twice about receiving a printer cartridge. And lastly, if these terrorists have even one brain cell, they will know that any package postmarked 'Yemen' is going to be particularly carefully inspected. So they wouldn't post it from there. The whole thing defies logic.

Oh, wait, the story has changed again.

Another saga that makes little sense is the frequent scaremongering concerning asteroids. One is going to hit the Earth one day, yes. It's happened before and it'll happen again. There is nothing we can do about it. It's not going to pause for a scanner nor empty its pockets for inspection. It's a rock. There are loads of rocks floating about up there and they don't file flight plans or carry lights. We can't see them all.

There is no point going through life worrying about space rocks because the chances of one arriving during anyone's lifetime are small and if it does happen, there's nothing we can do. We might as well check under the house for developing volcanoes and watch the skies for signs of cracks that lead to other dimensions. Or, my personal preference, simply not worry about things that have only a small chance of happening and that can't be controlled if they do. Why all the sudden scaremongering reports about asteroid strikes? Perhaps there's a clue in this one.

Rusty Schweickart is a former Apollo 9 astronaut and now head of the European Sapce Agency's committee on near-earth objects (NEOs): " What we need to do is bring the world together, recognise that this is a global threat. This is not Germany or the United States or ESA or anybody else. This is a global threat."

Were we supposed to clamour for world government in response to global warming? Well, that didn't work. How about world government in response to global recession? Nope. Most people realise that governments cause recessions so they're not likely to ask for another one. World government to cope with the global terror threat? Nope. Nothing seems to work.

Ah, here's one. An asteroid. They can't blame that on governments and they can't deny that the effects will be global and devastating. Best of all, it's nobody's fault. Where do we get one? Oh, we don't actually need one. Just the threat of one. Then we pretend we can do something about it and save them from it if they'll only agree to live as we say.

First, of course, there has to be a report. With a meeting and freebies. Don't worry about flying in the delegates, the global warming scam is falling apart anyway.

The report will recommend how to react to an impact threat

Here's my recommendation. If the warning comes, there won't be much time. Drink all the booze you can find and smoke everything. You're about to die anyway so fry up all the bacon and burgers and scoff the lot. Then, when it hits, you'll be completely oblivious to it. You'll be dead, possibly in a lot of pieces if you're close to the impact, but the bit with your face on it will be smiling.

I predict their recommendation will be to do as you are told and obey in an orderly fashion. It's the same one they recommend for everything else. Oh, and give up smoking and drinking and eating and talking because otherwise you might die before the asteroid mashes you to pulp.

In other words, the threat of imminent asteroid strike makes a total nonsense of every health fascist's pronouncement, ever. It doesn't matter how healthy you are if a big rock drops out of the sky.

When there is so much nonsense to rip apart, how can I stop? It's not as if I can get it out of my system by discussing it in the pub. The Righteous have barred me from there. No, this is the only outlet for the burning fury and those flames have so much to feed on they can never fade away. More fuel arrives every day. More than I can use.

Hideous Harman made it illegal to upset someone with words even if they didn't hear what you said and it wasn't directed at them. Then she is filmed calling Danny 'Red' Alexander a 'ginger rodent'. Is she arrested and charged under her own law? Hell, no. A lackey comes out and says 'She said sorry. I heard her' and that's that. You try getting out of trouble so easily.

She directed her comment at a human being (well, a politician, but they are related to humans. One of her own species, anyway). She also referred to Lib Dems as 'mutants'. Compare that with Clarkson's referring to a car as 'special needs'. Which is genuinely offensive?

I'll keep writing this blog even if nobody ever reads it. It gets the rage out, it lets me analyse and sort my thoughts and it keeps me as close to sane as I'm ever likely to get.

There'll be no goodbye post here.


Holl said...

'There'll be no goodbye post here.'

Thank god for that.

I'm seriously disturbed (no, really) that so many bloggers appear to think that now the one-eyed snot gobbler has gone that their 'work' has finished.

They can't be seriously suggesting that Mt. Forehead and Smeg Head have anything other than the most tenuous grasp of reality surely?

If any of those that have called it a day believe that the present incumbents have any solutions other than fucking us up ever more I'd like them to produce the evidence.

I'd start myself but it would just degenerate into a rambling, incoherent, wine fuelled swear fest.

Ah, who am I kidding? It'd be that way from the off.

If you ever give it up I'm gonna run amok with a shotgun.

Old Holborn said...

My blogging has slowed not due to my acceptance of the regime but my devotion to (in the real world) of finding a way out of it.

Despite being a top 10 blogger, my voice is unheard. I am not on Question Time, Daily Politics or Radio 4. I have no guest column in the Guardian.

If there was ever a reason to be an anonymous blogger, it's right now.

They HATE it

Leg-iron said...

Holl - if that wine fuelled rant is aimed at Mr. Potato Head and Smeeeg heed, go for it.

OH- the MSM dismiss us as irrelevant and vote one of their message relayers as 'best blog'. Good. Let them ignore the coming avalanche.

It's coming anyway.

joe said...

Thanks for the link...again, L.I.I cant see how people can keep believing the shit the state keeps feeding them.

Manu said...

Great post LI. Particularly enjoyed reading the latest revelations that - based on next to no cited evidence - the plane could have been targeting the UK, 'hundreds could have died', etc, etc.

Did you see that the Telegraph editorial this morning is that security should be the primary duty of the Government...? I feel a lot safer already...

Keep up the good work!

shurely shome mistake said...

The BBC reported today that the parcels sent to the US had a return address and phone number of the lady in Yemen who posted them. Very puzzling.

microdave said...

"There'll be no goodbye post here."

I'm always suspicious when I read claims that nothing is going to change - after a company is taken over, for instance.
Invariably within a short time the firm is wound up.

I do hope, in your case, that I'm wrong.

Katabasis said...

"There'll be no goodbye post here."

Very pleased to hear that LI.

Regarding the asteroid issue however, it is a "threat" that at least is more rational than the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmism.

I've often been fascinated by seeing the Little Green Men try to justify their positions by using a variations of both i) the precautionary principle and ii) Pascal's Wager.

Both styles of argument are much more appropriate to impending asteroid doom, especially given as it is a certainty it will happen at some point.

The biggest problem they will have with selling this for global governance however is that the probability of a major asteroid hitting is the same tomorrow as it is in a million years (excepting of course the possibility the Solar system is disturbed somehow, such as a large gravitational body passing by the Oort cloud etc).

Chief_Sceptic said...

With you on the "bomb" crap ...

Announcements of 'explosive material' and SIM card' might seem convincing to some - not to me - I was deeply sceptical from the beginning ...

A bomb needs :-

1} Explosive (detonatable)
2} A viable detonator
3} Trigger or ignitor

If it's not 'cabled' to an electrical source, it'll need batteries and an ignition signal

None of the above mentioned anywhere (other thatn a claim from Dubai about the explosive type)

How stupid do these people think we are ?

As for me, time to buy an old land Rover, fill it with Diesel and Beans and find a cave in the mountains !

ReefKnot said...

"I'll keep writing this blog even if nobody ever reads it".

I read it.

No longer anonymous said...

Thanks for another good post - the FUD promoted by the UK/US government & eagerly publicised by the media is overdue - there always seems to be a terrorist scare just before a (US mainly) public holiday.

Only one thing that I disagree with, Clarkson calling a car 'special needs' possibly is more offensive to those with SN than Hatesmen calling Lib Dems 'mutants'. Both are probably meant light-heartedly, but IMO more Top Gear watchers are likely to adopt the SN insult than viewers/attendees of a political event the 'mutant' one.

George Speller said...

"I'll keep writing this blog even if nobody ever reads it".

I'm not reading it :-)

(no, I am really - long may it continue)

hangemall said...

L-I, Concerning the bombs, whatreallyhappened a news-gathering site and my main source of international news has several interesting links. Here are a couple:



Suspicious Package to U.S. not from Yemen; Yemenia Air Cargo Director

There are further refutations to the official line as the story changes, or "developes" as they say, but there are too many to quote in my "condition."

George, or:

"I'll keep writing this blog even if nobody ever reads it".

I'll drink to that!

The Postie From Old Holborn said...

....It would have been cheaper and more effective to use all these 'sleepers' we are told are all over Europe and the US, surely? Some might even be postmen....

Sleepers? Postmen? Oi!

You know who I am. ;)

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