Friday 1 October 2010

Extreme Righteousness.

For me, it went beyond the bounds of sanity when, as the sole occupant of my workspace, I was not allowed to smoke in it - and further, the people I rent from are not allowed to let me smoke in it. I cannot make that choice and neither can they, yet nobody is harmed if I smoke in here. In fact, you antismokers wouldn't even see me smoking but you will if I'm outside.

Now it has surpassed Salvador Dali's drunkest nightmares. The Righteous were always exceptionally vicious in their death throes and this time will be no different.

If you are overweight (and that does not mean obese, it means a waist size over 33 inches) you will soon be unemployable. Note the idiot American who thinks it's a good idea because he's young and slim and doesn't believe his waist will be subject to the forces of gravity and a slowing metabolism when he's 40. He will support the introduction of this measure in the US, and similarly slim youth will support it here in the UK.

Oh, you might have a 28-inch waist now but wait until middle age sets in and you have a desk job. The day of your manager having to let you go because he'll be fined because you have a bloated 34-inch waist will come. Then who will help you? Smokers? Already gone. Actually overweight folk? Long since disposed of. Drinkers? You really think they'll be around? Your younger, slimmer co-workers will look at your 34-inch waist with disgust and pity. You will be ostracised and eventually deleted. A slimmer, younger version will say the things you're saying now while you pack up your desk and head for Denormalised Town. See you there.

I don't care. I have a 36-inch waist at the moment but I'm self-employed. Besides, I'm a smoker and already unemployable so what more can you do to me? Yet I will oppose this because it is one more step into the void of total lunacy.

If you want to see further inside that void, there are two tips from Anon in the comments to this post which takes you to Green Heaven, where those who disagree with the Green God are pureed at the touch of a button. These are the people who claim the EDL are violent, keep that in mind while watching.

Smokers - ostracised and despised, unemployable and it's okay to call for our deaths.

Fat people - ostracised and despised, soon to be unemployable and the death calls are but a BBC morning programme away.

Those who do not follow Climatology - they've gone straight in with the death threats.

Apply any of that to travellers and see what happens to you. Try it on muslims and see how far you get. Smokers, fat people and non-Greens are already being prepped for the camps. Don't bother asking who will be next.

It's you.


JuliaM said...

I think, when we see policies like these advanced, we are in the End Times.

Is it too late to repent of my sins?

Turning word: rejec Indeed I do!

Richard said...

Just watched the 10:10 film you mention. I'm utterly horrified and have pinched it for my blog, as the perfect illustration of the totalitarian nature of Righteous thinking. Here, if you are interested. Thanks for the heads-up.

RantinRab said...

Leggy, I watched a Southpark episode last night called 'Butt Out'. It was a fantastic dig at the righteous health fascists.

If you ever get the chance have a watch. In the meantime, have a look at this.

subrosa said...

Good link Rab. Thanks.

Fascist Hippy said... is the email for the warmist idiots if you want to give them some stick.

Fascist Hippy said...

Sorry, email is:

Anonymous said...

Butt Out is brilliant. The South Park guys are non-smokers (so presumably aren't as well-versed with anti-"thinking" as we are) but they get the likes of ASH and the fact that they are essentially evil, fascistic people hiding behind platitudes of health and fairness and unharmed cheeeldren, down perfectly.

Pogo said...

Hmmm... 10:10 have taken the video down.


Danny said...

reminds me a little of that movie 'logan's run' but instead of being terminated once you reach the age of 30, in modern day great britain plc you'll be done away with if your waist band exceeds 30 inches...

Zaphod Camden said...

OK, so according to these people rugby league players and heavyweight boxers (who probably have *thigh* measurements of over 33") are "obese" now are they?

I wouldn't like to be the one sent to tell them. You'd be dropkicked into orbit in very short order. Rightly so.

BTW, kudos to Danny for the mention of "Logan's Run" which should be played at every 30th birthday party, ever. Ironically, Michael York was 34 when he starred in that…

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