Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In a Broken Green.

Okay, really obscure reference in the title there. Anyone old enough to know it?

The 10:10 video has certainly publicised their cause. Blowing up people who disagree and calling it 'funny' has gone down a storm in America and in Russia, where they have also experienced real-life blowing up of people who didn't agree with some other people who believed they had the Only True Way. In fact, most of the world has experienced something similar. I wonder how it's received in Madrid or Baghdad? I'd like to dare Richard Curtis to travel to anywhere that's been bombed in living memory and declare that callously blowing up people who don't agree with him is 'funny'. Not even Bin Laden, who has made a name for himself doing the same thing, would call it 'funny'.

The whole world is now thinking 'So that's what these greenies are really like. Nastier, colder and more vicious than any terrorist group'. What a PR coup for Green October, the latest and most unremittingly evil terror to stalk the world since a young Vlad the Impaler had an argument with his neighbour over the positioning of his runner-bean canes.

You'd think that other greenie gangs would look at the result and think 'Hmm, threatening to kill them and their children is not a good approach. They don't seem to like that idea at all, for some reason.' You'd think they'd go away and consider an entirely different approach, wouldn't you?

And yet it is a recurring theme. It seems it's the only approach they have.

Climate change is now a massive gravy train for a lot of people. It's changed all right. It used to be 'the new ice age', then it was 'global warming' and when that didn't happen it became the much more generic 'climate change'. That way they can switch between warming and cooling in line with the earth's natural cycles and claim both effects are caused by the same thing. All of them target children because children haven't yet become cynical enough to realise that not every earnest nutcase is working for their good.

There are a lot of people making a lot of money out of the impressionable youth and out of a lot of gullible adults too. Those people will fight to keep their easy income and their personal empire of acolytes and adoring fans. In the process they have made science into a joke and glorified terrorism but none of that matters to them. They just want their own Lear jet. Their acolytes never question the huge houses and flight patterns of their masters. Never.

When you look closely at the measures involved you'll find they make no sense. Take the eco-bulbs, which are full of mercury vapour and release this toxic vapour if broken. A few years back, mercury thermometers were withdrawn from laboratories in case they broke. A little of the mercury might vapourise and it would be almost as bad as having fillings in your teeth. In an eco-bulb, it's all vapour, and it's all in the air as soon as it breaks. One is banned and the other encouraged.

Unlike the glass-and-metal filament bulbs, these eco-bulbs consist of a huge hunk of additional plastic (which is made from oil, eco-kids) containing the starter circuitry. Sure, they use less electricity, but their production and disposal blasts any 'carbon savings' from that right out of the water. While filament bulbs could be made without using oil, the eco-bulbs are made of oil. Without oil there can be no eco-bulbs, but there could still be filament bulbs. They aren't about saving the planet. They are about making money for eco-bulb producers and those they sponsor.

They don't really last as long as advertised either. They might still produce some light after a few years but the light output declines to the point where the bulb is worthless long before the day it fails to light at all. You'll throw them out before they're finished but you can't call in that 'ten year guarantee' because they haven't failed to light.

Oh, and getting rid of them isn't so easy. They are far too dangerous to be put in the bin. Rather like those who promote their use. With the old bulbs, the metal would rot back into oxides and the glass would be gradually worn down naturally into the sand it came from, releasing nothing toxic on the way. The new eco-bulbs have the potential to devastate an ecosystem with plastic and mercury. Very green, eh, eco-kids?

Those solar cells would have been utterly useless here for the entire summer. Even the solar-powered lights in my garden have barely lit up this year. There hasn't been a cloudless or rainless day since early June.

The windmills are anchored with a huge block of concrete, they are made of steel, they contain motors and circuitry that have to be built and maintained and they cannot work in either no-wind or too-much-wind. Oh, and if it's sunny and still, they have to be rotated so the blades don't warp - which means they use power. They will never recoup the carbon emissions produced in their own creation and maintenance, never mind offsetting anything else. They are expensive and worthless lawn ornaments. In the future, the phrase 'white elephant' will be replaced with 'white windmill' and it will be even more relevant.

Yet children are taught to simply believe it all. Anyone disagreeing is taught that 'deniers' are equivalent to that filthiest of society's lepers, the smoker. Using exactly the same methods. Now they are told that if they disagree (not actively fight back, merely disagree), Green Jihad will blow them into mince and the Greens will laugh about it. Why would they resort to that?

Are the children, like the adults, looking out at the coldest wettest summer I can remember in my fifty years and starting to think 'hang on a minute...'?

If so, it could get interesting.


Smig said...

The title reference isn't remotely obscure. Python Lee Jackson is slightly less well-known, but I bet the song gets played every day. They don't make them like they used to.

Good post; fair points, well made.

Twisted Root said...

" The whole world is now thinking 'So that's what these greenies are really like. Nastier, colder and more vicious than any terrorist group'."

Just so. I think that public perception had already changed prior to 'no pressure' being released. Previously they were seen as harmless cranks. It's just that they were so self absorbed that they didn't notice.

The New Statesman's list of people who matter has Steve McIntyre at number 32. They can't resist a poke at him by saying, 'The influence might not be positive...' Check out the comments, over 500 mostly ripping into them for that jibe. Scroll through the other 49 'people who matter' you won't find one in double figures.

Here's the link:-


Leg-iron said...

Smig - not obscure to me, or you, but I'm now at the age where I make references that draw many blank looks.

Once I sent an Email to an ex-student with the title 'Parsley sage, rosemary and thyme?'

We met at a conference, she asked what the hell the Email was about. I said I was simply asking if she was going to the conference we were now at.

We were in Scarborough.

Sometimes I'm not as transparent as I think I am.

Leg-iron said...

Twisted Root - the Frenzied are out in force whenever one of theirs is even remotely criticised these days.

There were many in the Grauniad stating that anyone who found the 10:10 AlGoreFest unfunny were insecure and probably in need of mental floss to clean out their prejudices.

It does look very much like desperation.

Roue le Jour said...

Got it right off, Leggy, harder one next time, please.

Of course it was funny, they were only blowing up white children. The Tenten Macoute were very careful not to blow up any little black boys or little girls in headscarves. I notice that the actors in the "Go green or puppies will die" film were also white. Call me a paranoid old bastard, but I'm beginning to suspect that, like racism, eco crimes can only be committed by white people.

banned said...
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banned said...

^deleted for ammendment

I'm not so sure about the 'impressionalble youth' thing.

I'm sure we all got to see the Don't Smoke, Don't Drink, Safe Sex and how to handle fireworks films when at school (they didn't do ElfinSafety then) but it won't havre been just me and my mates who went on to do precisely the opposite of what we were being hectored about.

They closed down the entire barometer making industry for the same reason Leg-Iron, it was small but perfectly formed. Of course, no-one could actually identify a case of mercury poisoning due to barometer breakage.

Any half inteligent child holidaying in my neck of the woods might question Global Warming on the basis of 4 crap summers in a row.

View from the Solent said...

on a point of pedantry, it's "Tonton" - meaning uncle

Henry North London 2.0 said...


Theres a band called that

On a lighter note I found a 150W lightbulb in perfect condtion in my storeroom the other day.

Roue le Jour said...

Yes, well done, View from the Solent, I have Google too. Would you like another go? No pressure.

microdave said...

Python Lee Jackson - "In a broken dream":


I was interested in the comment by the guy who posted it. He has speeded it up very slightly to avoid auto detection software from picking it up, and flagging it for a DCMA takedown notice!

Anonymous said...

Rod Stewart did the voice work on a version I have somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest proclamation from the smoking police? Apparently smoking should be banned in our homes and cars... Daily Mail has full article. Anyway, the fucker who came up with this blood boiling comment is contactable below. I might send a letter politely telling him to mid his own fucking business. I feel the anger brought on by this article has done far more damage than my 15 a day habit...

You can contact the Chief Medical Officer by e-mail via cmooffice@wales.gsi.gov.uk or by post at:

Dr. Tony Jewell
Chief Medical Officer Wales
Second floor
Cathays Park (1)
CF10 3NQ

Anonymous said...

Anyone else seen this.Perhaps they hate smokers for living longer.

g1lgam3sh said...

Here's a great version for you LI :-)


banned said...

Ah yes, the smoking chimp, Radio 2 presenters had a little chuckle when they mentioned that, while an autopsy had yet to determine the cause of his death, he had outlived most other chimps by 10 years.

Leg-iron said...

I wonder if the smoking chimp had to go outside the zoo to smoke?

If he did, what on earth made him come back inside? A trail of banana-flavoured Electrofags?

I have the Rod Stewrt vocals with Python lee Jackson playing. A great version.

Fascist Hippy said...

I have a theory, maybe not backed up by too many facts but it is my opinion all the same. In the fifties a lot of people smoked I remember people coming to our non-smoking household and being allowed to smoke, there were even cigarettes in a box in the drinks cabinet for those who may run out whilst they were our guests.
Trains were smoky, as were buses, shops, the underground, offices and so on, the list is endless nearly everyone smoked. I cannot recollect when the lung cancer scare started proper or became an issue but I think it was about early sixties, it was only a murmur then, but it has now grown into the fascist state bans and such like of today,
Now imagine, going back to that time, many thousands of ex soldiers, miners, industrial workers, agricultural workers and so on, as they got older, all turning up at the GP’s with so called lung problems, more and more as time went on. As the list of these people, most of whom were probably smokers, grew, concerns could have been raised about the gas attacks that soldiers had suffered in the past two wars, the DDT and other chemicals agricultural workers had used, the dust and gasses miners had been subjected to, the paint and chemicals industrial workers had used, all of these individuals doing so without adequate protection. Additionally there was of course the smog problems caused by power stations and industry in all the major cities in the UK at the same time as this. It might therefore have been a concern that perhaps some sort of disability payment/compensation/blame might be due from, or pointed toward the state or employers as a result of these workers conditions.
Answers were needed, so the government employ some learned gentlemen to come up with a reason why these people are all suffering from lung disorders (I think we have people like these doing research for the government now regarding climate bollocks, smoking etc.), of course the real brief was, find a way out for the government, the MOD, agriculture ministry and big business in all of this, we do not want to be seen to be liable.
Oh, that’s easy, replied the learned gentlemen, most of the sufferers smoke and most work places are smoky, so that is the reason, and as they do that of their own free will it is their fault entirely not yours, can we have a our fee now please? This farce continues to this day and the reason lung cancer cases have declined is the fact that the people in the occupations mentioned above are so much more protected when they work in dangerous environments or use chemicals etc, additionally a lot of toxic substances are no longer used/produced, it is not because not so many people smoke or smoke around others.

I will not be paranoid until they do get me, I promise.

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