Saturday, 9 October 2010

Smoky-drinky time.

When the weather is cold and grey and the air is full of miserable drizzle, it's good to have somewhere to go for a smoke and a drink and a chat.

There used to be places called 'pubs' that catered for such evenings, but now Smoky-Drinky is the only option available. So I'm off to one, with those printouts.

One of the Smoky-Drinkers had a birthday this week so I'm taking along a bottle of something better than the usual gulping whisky. Glenfiddich Rich Oak, 14 year-old.

Back later, assuming I can still see the correct number of fingers.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Have a good 'un, L-I. Given the circumstances, I'm anticipating a YouTube video post here later on ;-)

I'm saving my good bottle for Christmas. Drunk at Winterval - double Righteous annoyance.

The Cowboy Online said...

You'd think these would be truths we'd hold to be self evident. I don't smoke, never have done, but it seems pretty obvious that if smokers can't enjoy a smoke with their drink indoors, on licensed premises, they're either going to stay at home, or visit a smoky-drinky.

And yet this blindingly obvious connection seems to escape so many members of society today. Oh well, as long as they don't come after my vice, eh? What? They're already targeting drinkers.

What a somnolent population we have.

Anonymous said...

Untill that glorious dawn when
English Taverns are truly free.
not one drop of Pictish dew shall pass my lips.
Could be a long wait, I've never
supped the pheasant piss in any case.
Give me the mead ,conceived in
Englands earth,matured in Saxon
oak and supped by worthy knaves.

So there

Athelstains Squire

Ipmilat said...

I agree with the cowboy. I don't smoke and never have, as I take no pleasure in the activity, but so many people obviously do take pleasure in it, so I see no reason to persecute them. As an enthusiastic boozer I am increasingly aware of the censoriouness of the medical profession and of the irritating piety of booze producers: 'please enjoy responsibly' and it pisses me off, big time.

Holl said...

When the weather is cold and grey and the air is full of drizzle
It's good to have somewhere to go, for a smoke, a drink and a pizzle.

Sorry but your opening lines seemed to almost be a poem. So I wrote one.

Mind you I'm pissed enough not to be able to think of a rhyming for drizzle.

Have a good night. I am!

wassname said...

Interesting LI how many read your blog who don't smoke but defend your right to do so (me included). Could it be that your and our vitriol needs to be directed at the few rather than the many, and if so who are the few? Just asking. My birthday next week but I'll be struggling with an expensive red. (there's a joke there somewhere)

banned said...

@holl Why would you want a bulls cock? On second thoughts...

Oh yes, Cowboy Online, Vilges Suola and Wassname; booze is the next target and they will be (are) using precisely the same tactics ("First they came for the Jews &etc.").

I had breakfast in my local Wetherspoons today (rather better than most as Tim Martin lives nearby and pays spot visits). I got around to reading his Sept/Oct in- house magazine editorial.

In it he berates the coalition government for being just as bad as the socialists for the damage they are doing to the pub trade and why so many pubs are closing (though Wetherspoons are doing well, natch).

He blames taxes, non-taxes on supermarkets, entrapment tactics by Police who send in supervised minors who "accidentally" get served by his staff.

Not once in two glossy pages does he mention the Smoking Ban which is why I'm sitting here getting merrily pissed in the company of my internet friends rather than being down the local as I should be.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Like Vilges, since my particular poison is in the shape of a bottle, I think it unfair of me to slag off those whose pleasures are cigarette shaped.

I've really got to get myself organised and start making my own beer/wine. If only to annoy the taxman.

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