Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Boxed set.

I don't see many miniatures on sale although at this time of year, they sometimes appear for Christmas (as if a bottle that size would get you anything more than "What's this? Children's portions?" in response). Usually it's just the 'standard' ones, Famous Grouse, Jack Daniels and the like. Once in a while there are malts.

I called in at Tesco on the way home. I can't hit the booze yet, there's more requirement of steady hand and clear head tomorrow, but tomorrow night there is a small Smoky-Drinky at my house. So I thought I'd better get a bottle of something and try to resist 'testing' it too hard tonight. The bottle is something called 'Monkey Shoulder', a blend of three Speyside malts. I haven't tried it before but any minute now... Well, I can't offer guests something I haven't tested, can I? Interesting bottle, with three metal monkeys bonded to it.

There was also a little box called 'The Single Malt Whisky Flavour Experience'. Far too much packaging. inside are four miniatures, one each of the Singleton, the Dalwhinnie, the Glenkinchie and the Talisker. (Pouring a double Singleton always tickles me).

It costs a tenner. I thought about it for a while, and reasoned that these 50 ml bottles were, in effect, £2.50 a double. For single malts that's well below pub prices, almost half, and with the snow already making a comeback, there's also the matter of having to go outside to consider. So I bought it. The packaging is insane, the empty box feels heavier than the contents, and the bottles are plastic but the Glenkinchie, at least, has not picked up a plasticiser taste.

I might pick up another.

So, while the Bank of England announces a 'sober decade', I have to announce that I will not be participating.

I have other plans. Sorry, Merv.

Update - the Dalwhinnie doesn't taste of plastic either. So far, so good. There are no warnings on these bottles which improves the flavour enormously. The 'drink responsibly' nonsense (come on, four miniatures?) is on the box but they're not in the box any more so that rule no longer applies. Let the ex-box games begin!


Jayce Kay said...

Sounds like a good evening in.


Leg-iron said...

I'd rather have a good night out. Unfortunately the pubs don't want me.

Still, I'm getting used to it, and tomorrow will be a bit like the pub but in my house and smoky.

Jayce Kay said...

Fuck the pubs, of late the experience has become vastly overrated anyway.

Organising your own evenings entertainment with people of your own choosing is likely to be a more rewarding social experience in terms of striking up a good conversation, even with people of different worldviews and background.

"Dahn south" if you tried that your likely get "yoo fukkin talkin to me?" or a glass in the face. Genuine socialising is most definitely a endangered species.

Shame really, but there we have it.

Erm, sorry to go on.

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