Friday, 15 October 2010


Some water passing under a bridge.

No lab work today, I'm working out what this contract means and whether it includes my soul. It's not very long so I should have it on its way back by tomorrow. Must remember to sign it.

Therefore I am procrastinating and wandering the wires in between bouts of concentration. It came as a surprise to find there is a 'blog action day' and I read it carefully in case it involved exercise. It doesn't. We're all supposed write about a particular thing and as Irish Grandad says, apparently that's supposed to make something happen.

This blog action day is about water. Well, there's a lot of it around here because it's been dropping out of the sky every day since June. It's forecast to continue dropping out of the sky for some time yet although soon it will be dropping as snow and hail instead. The season will shift from 'wet' to 'cold and wet'. Not really an improvement. At least when it's just 'wet' you don't have to shovel it away.

I think I'll leave discussion of water to others. It's not on my tipple list. Besides, if I say too much I'll probably just make it rain harder.


Katabasis said...

Sorry O/T, but I think you might really want to read this

hangemall said...

Why can't we have a constitution day to remind ourselves that we actually have one?

Oops. Sorry. The government would never allow the proles to know.

SW1A would look like an old-fashioned butcher's shop with all those corpses hanging from meat hooks if those in the know reached a critical mass.

Bucko said...

I'll have to say, when we start "shoveling it away" and all the salt bins are empty again, I will be selling salt for £2 per kilo.
I've been stockpiling it all summer. Sainsburys sell it for 30p per kilo in the dry season.

Leg-iron said...

Katabasis - I saw that one. There is really nothing they won't blame on smoking now.

Oh, and since the buses have banned smoking for years, they're getting itchy for something new to attack.

Longrider has the story.

Leg-iron said...

Hangemall - I still meet people who don't believe Magna Carta applies these days.

Leg-iron said...

Bucko - you're not the only one ;)

Don't forget to get a few bags of coarse sand while they're still cheap.

Simon Cooke said...

What was it WC Fields said about water? Never touch the stuff - fish fuck in it

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