Saturday, 23 October 2010

Smoky Satan.

This one has already been hit by Richard of the Puddlcotes and by F2C Seeyoujimmy. They have pretty much covered it all.

Dave Atherton's comments on the article have debunked it faster and more comprehensively than any UFO report or Trotsky badger uprising with placards saying 'Badger badger badger'. There is not much more to say. Indeed, the lying toads of ASH have nothing more to say. So I can't add anything.

Other than... well, you know, if you want totally evil, I can do that. I chose once to try cartoons and sold some. I decided to be a microbiologist with unslit wrists and here I am. I stopped working before I reach 40% tax and still do. I am now an independent rogue scientist and still paying the bills. I thought it would be fun to be a novelist and now I am.

So, ASH want me to be as evil as The Joker just because I like a smoke. Okay. I can do that too. I know how to fade into the underworld. Been there. I could go back if I had to.

Denormalise me, ASH. Despise me, Dreadful Arnott. Hate me, antismokers. Burn me, witch-hunters but watch out for the fumes. In my last breath I keeel you.

Do it.

You can't. You don't have the guts.

None of them call for a ban on the sale of tobacco. Their existence would be threatened by such a ban. They couldn't even convince a half-wit like Vinnie the Wire that an illegal substance must be banned. Tobacco will not be banned.

Neither will salt or fat or cars or anything else. They won't be banned.

They will merely be restricted to five miles offshore.

Mr.Godwin, you need a new law. This one is long past its sneer-by date.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Richard of the Puddlecotes. Darn it! I wish I'd called the blog that now. :)

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

It's like big kid in the playground, using lots of big words and threats, just to make you the short-arse in the corner shake in your drawers.

I'm convinced it's to keep us under the thumb of the state, so they can keep control. It's a pity for them that some of us see right through it.

One thing I can't understand though, how do they hope to keep up the amounts of tax they make out of us smokers, drinkers etc? If they succeed in making us all give up, their revenue goes down.

david said...

They claim 50% of smokers are killed/harmed by the habit. That means 50% are not. It therefore follows that 50% of all those claimed successes (long term) are still a 100% waste of money. On the other hand, the 'healthy' 50% are extremely cost effective in terms of extra revenue for HMRC (c£1500pa for 20/day smoker). This is, of course, clear profit.

Foreign entity said...

...the end....

Leg-iron said...

Foreign entity, that last line is a killer.

Clegg chooses tracks by David Bowie, Shakira and Prince, and selects "a stash of cigarettes" as his one permitted desert island luxury.

He can have all the cigarettes he wants. If I was delivering them, they'd be dipped in the sea before landing.

The two-faced, spiteful bastard.

Leg-iron said...

Sixtypoundsaweekcleaner and David - they are losing revenue at an increasing rate because Man with a Van is undercutting their prices. When we can't even see them in the shops any more, his business will expand.

He might well be funding criminals. Why would smokers care? We're already treated worse than criminals anyway.

And if we pay the duty... who are we funding?

Leg-iron said...

Dick - it would have been a hell of a long URL.

david said...

Agreed LI, duty evasion is a major self inflicted problem for them. Ironically, this makes smoking cessation programmes even less cost effective, given that a fair %age of those who sign up are on UK duty frees anyway. If I were a taxpaying anti, I'd be even more rabid if I found that my money was being wasted on tax evading weak willed smokers. Indeed, as taxpayer I'm furious anyway - There's much better uses for my money in the NHS than this fraud. The dreadful reality is that TC must be responsible for increased death and illness by diverting valuable resources for political purposes.

Slugger O'Tool said...

Do they get a percentage of the numbers of smokers in the UK on the amount of tobacco sold?
If not, how do they get their figures?

timbone said...

@Slugger ... as far as I know yes. This is why I am pretty sure that the true percentage of smokers in the UK is nearer 30%

Leg-iron said...

Slugger -as far as I can tell, the only way they get figures is from duty paid.

So the fewer smokers paying duty, the fewer are noticed.

As Timbone says, there are more of us than the government knows about.

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