Thursday, 7 October 2010

'I don't like the smell...'

Off to the lab (the working day gets shifted around by crazy sample times) but I just had to laugh at this one -

Oh, the smell. Take them away!

There's no mention of smokers this time. Just segregation by odour. I wonder how many of those drivers and ferry passengers are antismokers?

Right. Work first, rant later.


Dave H. said...

As I recall, his Lordship also doesn't bother to buy train tickets if it means queuing at the ticket office alongside the sweaty masses.

I can't remember if he was fined. I can only hope so.

Leg-iron said...

He can't be fined. That would force him to associate with the law of the plebs and that would be against his superhuman rights, innit?

Cruises don't matter to me. A holiday which costs a fortune and on which I can't relax with a smoke? It's a Spock moment.

(That is illogical, Captain.)

banned said...

I'm all for segregating lorries into a seperate terminal.

Me and me mate Terry were headed for Spain on our motorbikes; the matelots at Dover slapped a sticker "CAL" on our 'bikes, made us wait till last to board on a very cold March evening. It was only when we got to the cafeteria and found the menu was in some sort of Scandinavian that we discovered that the ferry was commercial only and headed for Bergan. Now I have nothing against Norway but on 'bikes in winter? No thanks.

We only just managed to pursuade the purser that it was "all their fault" and get the bow lowered to disembark.

Leg-iron said...

Ah, the wonders of our super-efficient border controls.

They're too busy watching for smokers bringing their stash home to worry about getting anything else right.

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