Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Speed of Life.

I've always preferred to live life in the bus lane. Not for me the 24/7 and the permanent phone ring. Earn enough to kick back for a while, kick back for a while and when it's running short, earn some more. With, of course, a modest reserve in the bank just in case the 'earn some more' part proves tricky.

Tonight I was lucky enough to flag down the Inverness bus, which doesn't normally stop at the lab, before I froze certain assets worth £200 right off. I had missed the last 'normal' bus. Yes, it was a 60-sample day, there's another one next week and when I came home there were Emails from the publisher too. Next week's samplefest should be the last for a while. Good. It's started snowing, which is ideal weather for staying home and editing a book.

The pace doesn't let up though. Tomorrow there's a meeting about the C. difficile work which is progressing everywhere except Aberdeen for reasons of administrative idiocy. When Aberdeen has the only C. difficile problem in the country, we'll call on them again but the price will have risen somewhat.

So late home tonight, early start tomorrow, late finish tomorrow and hardly time to manage my Government mandated 21 units a day. I can't even binge at the weekend because the next set will be here on Tuesday so it's going to be a hyper-turnaround. I'm going to be in a lot of trouble with the Drink People because Scotland's overall alcohol consumption will drop below the level of 'something must be done'. They will be furious.

Anyhow, no time to rip into this Email tipoff properly. Take your blood pressure tablets before clicking the link.

No time also to look in detail at another Email tip, which looks like it could be fun.

Maybe tomorrow. Depends if I can wind down enough to get sufficient sleep tonight. I have a red wine all the way from Chile, called 'Chilano'. It's a cheap wine but it's not bad at all. 12.5% in 750 ml is about 9 units, I think. Hardly enough to induce a daze, normally, but coupled with overall knackeredness it might work.

I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do when this is over. I might have to suck those injection swabs again.

They taste like nurses.

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