Tuesday, 5 October 2010


via the Zanzibar Cat Counter...

...it seems Sony have decided that the Jihad of the Green God is a little more than they can bear.

Well, Dick Curtis, still think it was funny? When jumping sharks, it's best to avoid the teeth.


Smoking Hot said...

Boris has a lot to answer for!

banned said...

10:10 have deleted the Sony Disassociation page from their site and put up an error message in its place.

Their only remaining corporate sponsor is O2.

Leg-iron said...

Smoking Hot - if Boris had gone to work in his 4x4, none of this would have happened and 10:10 would still be alive.

So maybe his intervention was okay after all.

Banned - the taxpayer is still contributing. What the Cameroid does next will be most interesting.

I don't have an O2 connection. I'm still on Poserphone.

Longrider said...

340.org have jumped ship as well.

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