Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hey Jode.

Wheelie boy, who is making considerable mileage out of his claim of having his wheels taken from him by the police, might not be all he seems.

I visited his blog (since his profession, according to the slavering idiots who were once described as 'press' is 'blogger') and found him wailing about how hard it is to get into a tube train.

It's not easy for me either. Worse, as a smoker, I am barred entirely from tube trains, plain trains, platforms, stations, buses and their diesel-scented waiting areas, all bus stops, all taxis, and soon my own home. I pay more for the NHS than nonsmokers but I will not be permitted to use that either. And wheel boy thinks he is discriminated against?

How much, Jodie, do you pay in extra revenue to cover this discrimination against you? Think, if you can.

I left a comment there. It's in moderation, we shall see, but just in case, it's here too.

As a smoker, I question your ‘equality’ requirements.

You say it’s hard to get on trains. I am not allowed on trains. You can demand access to pubs I’m not allowed into. You can require cafes to accommodate you. I cannot. You have buses that dip to the kerb to allow you access. They don’t let me on.

Don’t ask for pity from those you regard as filth. Don’t ask for taxes from those you despise as worthless. I will not voluntarily pay for an education system designed to teach children I am there for their cruel amusement and no more.

You, Jody, claim the ‘victim’ but you have never experienced it. Not really. You have not been excluded and demonised for the amusement of others. You have many supporters here who feel oh-so-bad about the way you were treated once. I have no supporters about the way I am treated daily. You have laws that guarantee you access to all social venues. I have laws that deny me access to all the same venues.

You, Jody, and your socialist lunatics wanted to make me evil. Well, wheel boy, you succeeded. Use your weasel words to the best of your ability, which isn’t much. Try to make me feel guilty while pretending I am not the monster you made.

You drew attention to yourself with your antics. I see you now. You will not see me. You will not hear me. I am the animal that is less equal than you. I am the iron-legged smoker, and smoker overbears all else in that regard. Skin colour, gender, religion, bodily completeness, irrelevant. I said ‘Smoker’ and all you Socialists saw only ‘Juden’, didn’t you?

Try to grasp this. We do not care what the police do to you. Twenty percent of the population – the smokers – care only what the police will do to them next. Twenty percent of the population absolutely alienated from your cause and for what? What have you gained? More pubs?

You did not want us in the NHS even though we pay more than you for it. You threw us out of pubs you never visited anyway. You forced us to endure ‘shelters’ that were 45% illegal if applied to farm livestock. And now you want us to say ‘Oooh, isn’t it awful how they treated that guy?’

It is far less awful, Jodie, than your preferred government and indeed the current shower of shit have treated me. Do try to grasp this.

You might have been treated badly for a few minutes.

For smokers, that happens all day, every day.

Now talk about equality.

In the unlikely event that Jodie or his socialist pals visit and have the brain power to get this far, they might be interested to learn that I am not interested in their bleats and protestations. I'm a smoker. I'm evil. You, Jodyites, made me what I am and it's far too late to make a fuss about it now. I am what you told everyone I was. You chose this. I'm just living up to your expectations.

So come on, wheel boy. I wanna play a game.


JuliaM said...

I wouldn't hold your breath - it's probably not going to make it out of moderation, ever.

Ed P said...

See Guido for some background info on this fellow.

PT Barnum said...

You forgot the death threats, L-I, and the encouragement given to the NuLab fodder to give full rein to imagining a world without we smokers - through any means. There are laws against calling for the death of those with disabilities, but not smokers with or without disabilities.

Zaphod said...

I saw him on TV, and was touched by his plight, impressed by his bravery. Then I looked at his blog. Now I feel like a fool.

His "victim" pose on TV was utterly fraudulent. He's just another a spoilt brat, having fun at my expense. I commented too, but I haven't been back.

Dioclese said...

I left this comment :

The thing is, old son, if you can get out of your wheelchair and by your own admission walk up 18 flights of stairs then you are clearly a scrounger who is claiming disability benefit under false pretenses and should be prosecuted.

The police did you a favour by moving you out of harm's way and it is clear this was a mistake. They should have left you there. This would undoubtedly have suited you fine as when you got injured you could have bleated even louder.

May I also suggest that you are not very bright if you write the stuff you do in your blog. You give real bloggers a bad name.

Old Nick said...

Also just been nominated for a good burning!

Anyone else want to add some more comments before I publish?

I am Stan said...

Whats he moaning about Legy,he`s as much right to be assaulted by the cops than anyone else, it`s called equality!,if he`d been ignored and left unmolested as he rammed the police lines...well that would have been discrimination no!

Angry Exile said...

Perhaps he's doing it as part of a campaign to get everyone to realise that the disabled and other minorities can be annoying bastards just like anyone else, all in the name of being treated equally of course. So we can tell him to fuck off just like we would anyone else.

Mark Wadsworth said...

LI, that is poetry! How can he not publish it?

Also what I am Stan says. It's a bit like feminism - if women want to be treated as equal, they can take the occasional punch in the face.

gladiolys said...

Hmmm. While not being able to comment upon his integrity, wisdom, or politics I have to say your argument is moronic in the extreme. He did not choose to have cerebral palsy. You have chosen to smoke. You can still use public transport and all the other facilities available to all members of the public - you can't however smoke at the same time. That's ok. You often face other restrictions - eating, urinating, playing with yourself or drinking alcohol. All very reasonable restrictions. This man faces restrictions because of a condition about which he has no choice. He can't still get on a train and not have cerebral palsy whereas you can go a couple of hours without a fag, I would hope, for the sake of a train journey. I would have thought he should be applauded for being so active despite those restrictions and despite his lack of choice, even if his approach and tactics can be questioned. Your adoption of victimhood is somewhat shallow in comparison.

Mr A said...

@ Gladiolys

Yes and no. You're right of course that Leggy is allowed on public transport as a smoker, he just isn't allowed to smoke. Fair enough.

However, Leggy can also be turned down from a job, sacked from an existing job, be refused to let a house (those ads, perfectly legally, say "No smokers", not "No smoking") and cannot foster children in many parts of the country because he is a smoker. And it's all quite legal, with zero comeback. Try doing all that to someone who is disabled, and giving that as the reason. And may I remind you, these examples are to do with "being a smoker" nothing to do with "the act of smoking."

Indeed, the kid in the blog says "Imagine a wotld where it says "No Disabled."" You see, the difference is.... we don't have to imagine. It's actually illegal for many places NOT to display such signs. (And yes - these signs do say "No Smoking" rather than "No Smokers", but they are just laying the groundwork... Great Ormond Street has already been exposed on the blogs for having "No Smoker" signs in its waiting rooms. And just look at the property listings for rental homes, and see if it says "smoking" or "smokers.")

So who needs protection again?

JuliaM said...

Also, gladiolys, don't forget the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would ensue should the NHS publish proposals to stop treating the disabled, no matter how much tax they paid INTO its coffers.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Even the Indy are hosting this deluded individual's rantings now.’s-apathetic-now/

Blimey, I just want to wheel this fella of the biggest hill.

eckie said...

I think you're taking this obsession with smoking a bit far leggy.
Comparing being stuck in a wheelchair to enjoying a ciggie is ridiculous. Smoking is a non addictive ( according to you) pleasure that a minority of the population enjoy. I avoided pubs for about 20 years due to the smoke but now frequent pubs. I think pubs should have seperate rooms for smokers though.
Smoking is a personal choice that gives enjoyment to smokers . Being born with cerebral palsy isn't. It's a cruel fate that limits people's life choices.
To compare the two is ridiculous.
There are tons of rights for disabled people but they're generally ignored by employers who go through the motions of interviewing the poor bastards with no intention of employing them. Just one of Harriets boxes to be ticked. It's simple to say you don't smoke to get a job but impossible to fake being able bodied when you walk with sticks and shake like shakin stevens.
I think the mistake you're making is that you assume that all the disabled legislation actually adds up to a bag of beans when it really means just a few signs, some hand holds and a ramp to the special toilet.

gladiolys said...

Mr A and Julia M:

I do not believe smokers should face discrimination in employment, housing or health treatment. Where someone can choose to refrain from smoking while at work or in their home, I believe it is wrong to discriminate. Also, I think it's wrong to deny health treatment - where would you draw the line? Stop treating broken legs incurred during sports? Stop treating HIV because someone had unsafe sex? Stop treating alcohol related disease? No. Of course not. And I believe Mr Leg Iron has every right to campaign on these issues and to feel aggrieved. But he can refrain from smoking where it is in his best interests. It cannot compare to being disabled which is never under one's control - except to the degree which one accepts they are limited by it. I just don't see the comparison with Jody and I believe Mr LI diminishes his own case(s) by making it.

Anonymous said...

Gladiolys - I can see where you're coming from but can you imagine being a smoker looking for rented accommodation and facing the choice of homelessness or not being able to smoke in your home (for which, BTW, tenants usually pay through the nose) or living in fear of eviction if you do smoke, in breach of a tenancy agreement? Such smokers are frightened to smoke in their own homes! They go for a job interview and then have to lie about being a smoker and live in fear that their contract will be terminated or face unemployment.

And, the whole point is that the generation of these fears and the consequent ill health is deliberately encouraged by the tobacco control lobby, sanctioned by government and considered acceptable by society. There'd be an outcry if any other group were treated in this way.

Zaphod said...

Gladiolys, you are among militant smokers, and we're a bit touchy.

Backtracking a bit, the criticism isn't of the disabled. It's him.

He exploited his condition and acted like a victim on TV.
But he actually considers himself a warrior.

We're all giving him a lot of help already. If he expected more sympathy, he could try being a bit grateful. But he's not. Fair enough. No sympathy. Let the best man win.

He and us, we're beyond saying please. We're angry and militant. So is he. But his TV whining was dishonest.
We're criticising him, not them.

Leg-iron said...

My response, as always, grew too long for a comment box. So I've put it up as another post.

In essence, Zaphod is right. The comparison is not smoking vs. disability, but perceived discrimination vs. real discrimination.

Mr A said...


As Zaphod says, many here are bruised and angry at being lied at, harangued and demonised for far too long now - and all at the behest of organisations whose very existence comes from tax money that we have no choice in paying. Leggy clarifies his points in the next post.

But can I just say what a pleasure it is to get a reasoned, courteous reply to a posting. You see, we are so used to anti-smokers throwing tantrums, wishing painful deaths on us or gloating in the misery they have created for millions of bar owners, elderly and infirm who no longer go out etc, that many of us have forgotten what it's like to have a difference of opinion with a real human being who actually counters argument with a well thought-out opinion, rather than the vile, odious, unempathic toddlers we normally end up arguing with.

My God, that's refreshing!

Anonymous said...

I haven't bothered reading any of wheelie-boys rantings (I get the gist from here), but reminded me of something I read years back, a bloke in an wheelchair was acting the cunt outside a nightclub because the bouncers refused to let him in as they had no disabled access and couldn't guarantee him an egress in case of a fire.

So he held up the queue for so long some bloke whacked him in the puss and said "see the person, not the disability".

Actually it may have been Viz, but sums up my attitude, a prick is prick is a prick, even in an iron lung.

Found A Voice said...

As non-smoker, you opened up my eyes and changed my mind...

Keep on keeping on...


gladiolys said...

Mr. A: thanks for the compliment. I like a bit of a debate, so hopefully there will be some more exchanges!

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