Sunday, 5 December 2010

Random News.

I notice the spam filter has been at work again. Blogger sends me the comments even if it's locked them away in the spam vault, so I don't realise it's stealing comments until I find they are not on the post or I look inside that spam vault. I'll have to check in there more often.

In Tesco last night, the bread and milk aisles were fully stocked. I'll bet our local stores are disappointed that the 'panic-buy' advertising technique isn't working here. Bread and milk? Who the hell stocks up with bread and milk? Freezers are better off stocked with meat, vegetables and fruit and cupboards with canned and dried food. Man cannot live by bread and milk alone, you know. Not a lot of vitamins in there.

And now the weather.

It's simultaneously melting and freezing so the icicles are becoming really quite spectacular. My front step is encased in ice from dripping icicles, there's nothing I can do about it tonight but I'll have to take a crowbar to it tomorrow, before some wandering compo-seeker spots it and decides to 'ask for directions'.

My outside security light has grown shiny fangs of ice. That should keep the cats away.

I hope Homebase has a good supply of gutters and drainpipes in the spring. I have a feeling there might be quite a run on them.


jack frost said...

I've not cleared my path yet as I read that if you clear your path then you're recognising that you're liable to keep it clear and if a postie slips on it and breaks something you're liable. That's what I told her indoors and it seems to have worked.
Someone died due to falling ice and snow from a roof tonight so your warning earlier was right leggie.
I went to clear my gutterings today and it was just solid ice in there so gods knows how I'm suppose to clear it. Have to wait until January when the thaw is due.

banned said...

At the start of the New Year Freeze denizens of the local wooded hills decended upon Tesco like ravening wolves stripping the shelves bare of milk and bread. Then they moved onto the larger convenience storea and by nightfall even the small corner shops had been located and emptied.

wv blakise, yes indeed!

Frank Davis said...

Well, here in Devon in the south of England, we got about an inch of snow on Wednesday night. But I was told that they had a full 2 inches in a nearby town.

Today it rained, and the snow has all gone.

Leg-iron said...

Jack - January? The thaw might happen in May.

Banned - let them have the milk and bread. Stock up on canned stuff, rice and pasta. That way, if it's not the apocalypse this time, you don't look stupid.

If it is, you have the right kind of stocks.

Leg-iron said...

Frank - it's in feet here. Inches didn't even get a mention in the old days of common sense.

It rained here too today and the snow is now ice. Not really a big deal unless you're trying to sell us global warming...

Colonel Privet said...

We've had about two feet here in North Derbyshire. They were almost fighting over bread in Tesco on Wednesday morning - exactly how much of the stuff do you need?

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