Monday, 27 December 2010


I have here a boxed set of every episode of Steptoe and Son, plus the two Christmas specials. Not the film, fortunately, because that wasn't very good. Thirteen discs, all eight series. From the same person who gave me the entire set of Laurel and Hardy last Christmas. I have a feeling she's trying to keep me out of her way.

So if I seem slow to post or respond over the next few days, that'll be why. I haven't been rounded up and carted off, I'm just watching a dirty old man in black and white and laughing till it hurts.

The one with the snooker table (Pot Black, series 6) I could watch over and over and over.


JJ said...

You dirty old man! Great series Leggy, I might have missed all of 3episodes from the entire Steptoe series. Did you notice how many budding British actors appeared with them?

Anyway, just before Christmas Amazon delivered for me: Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Out of the Past. Film noir from the thirties and forties…great viewing…hic, hic…oops nearly fell over there Legs. What’s that doing in the corner of my room, hic…never seen that before.

Well, enjoy your DVDs I’m certainly enjoying mine, hic burp…whoa!...ZZZzzzzz.

Oldrightie said...

Sounds a great way to forget the rubbish dished up these days.

Jeff Wood said...

I was young when Steptoe was broadcast, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yet, I cannot watch it now, or Fawlty Towers.

Some change in me obviously - both shows were works of comic genius. Somehow, they feel too close to the bone now.

It's a relief that the series survive; a lot of good stuff was dumped by the BBC so that the videotape could be reused. Presumably it was very expensive then.

Pete said...

I got these too off my son & also the complete Tony Hancock from my daughter.

Just as well you will be posting less often as I think I may well be reading less often !

you dirty old man... said...

Always felt sorry for Harold. He kept trying to tap off with the gorgeous bird but Father would spoil the show. The trip to Spain was funny. Eating the lobster and getting food poisoning. In colour aswell I think.

Anonymous said...

@JJ -Ah, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity...

Might I add "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and the entire "Mystery and Imagination" series (I know, wrong genre - but scarey!).

I enjoyed "The Good Life" but now that it's being recycled in these indoctrinating times with Coren and Sue Thingy, it's lost its appeal.

Please, God - can 2011 be the year without reality/reconstruction shows?


Amusing Bunni said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy your Holiday Week, LI.

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