Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oi, Climate changers!

This is not what I was promised. Global Warming was to mean I'd have palm trees and grape vines in my garden. I can barely keep grass alive in that lot. There has been so little sunshine this summer that even with the help of a greenhouse, my crop of chillis is already almost exhausted. Peppers and tomatoes are long since done and as for aubergines, I managed to grow one. Just as well, since I have discovered I don't like aubergines. That plant was also a fungus magnet. It won't be back next year.

Climate change? There is well over a foot of climate here at the moment and the only change I see is that we're back to those 1980s winters where nobody can clear the snow because there's nowhere left to put it. The Met office are going to pretend that this was the second warmest year on record. Which is true, if records go back two years.

Can someone slap a little sense into that hoon Huhne? All that warming - it really is not happening. Putting up energy bills will not save the planet. It will only save on the pension bill.

Which, I am beginning to sincerely believe, is the only thing it's supposed to achieve.

History books might well refer to this Huhne character as a central figure in the Great Green Genocide. Camps and gas chambers? Old hat. The new Green Genocide can kill you in your own home and charge you for the privilege. With full Government approval.

At least the Nazis were honest about it.


Dioclese said...

Just got Mrs D's £250 winter fuel payment - something to be gained from being married to an older woman!

So fuck it - turn the heating up!

Anonymous said...

You have an habit of hitting the nail on the head...

Long may you continue

Anonymous said...

The nutters are even trying to sell rationing to the terminally stupid (corrupt).
Scary, the terminally stupid (corrupt)might just buy it.

Then tax us for the privelage.
It's no good ,they just have to go.

banned said...

" I see is that we're back to those 1980s " Wrong! According to the Met Office we have the deepest snow since 1965.

Plus also, Huhne is clearly a Hoon.

Leg-iron said...

Dioclese - don't turn it up too far, they're cranking up the cost to use up those winter fuel payments faster.

Anonymous said...

Come on boys and girls! Let's all sing together! You all know how the chorus goes, by now:

Climate is not weather
Unless it's abnormal
In which case
It definitely is.

-- R. J. Harrabin (aged 17 1/4)

Leg-iron said...

Banned - well, I was only little in 1965. All I remember from those days was the time my father decided to deal with the weeds in the front lawn.

I don't know what he used but the privet hedge died and the lawn was bare earth for the next six months.

No weeds though. He won that one.

banned said...

L-I, I was only little too, in small town in north Derbyshire that got cut off by snow most winters; didn't stop me going to school, mum going shopping or dad going to work.
We've turned into a nation of pansies.

Anonymous said...

I was another little one then. In fact year after year I remember deep snow drifts and ice everywhere. Unfortunately the schools never closed and everybody just plodded on.

JuliaM said...

"Unfortunately the schools never closed and everybody just plodded on."

Back then, if you dropped in to your local solicitors and asked them to sue someone because you fell over/couldn't get to work/was called a bad name and would they please take their fees out of your winnings, they'd have laughed you out the door.

That's what has changed.

Katabasis said...

Folks, I'd HIGHLY recommend you save this presentation by Ross Mckitrick and invest 5-10 minutes of your time going through it.

He attacks both the climate "science" and the reporting of it by asking a series of devastating questions and pointing out a handful of simple facts. It is nothing short of brilliant.

Loki said...

I have to scrape 2" of global warming off my windscreen this morning.

All I had was a Tesco Club Card; it only took 10% off.

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